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Say Hello to 2 Master Practitioners in the High Art of the Kiss

For our first "pose" of the day, Cengiz asked us to kiss passionately in front of a striking mural. Ahhh! We must have kissed a million times [we've been together for nine years after all], but displaying intimacy and affection in front of the camera—on command—was a different animal altogether. As part of my engagement […] Read More

How to plan the ultimate destination wedding (in Tuscany)

Over time—and as we attended the weddings of friends—Guillermo and I developed a deep appreciation for those wedding-related elements that would one day shape our own celebration … and collectively embody the special relationship we share. One wedding on Lanai, Hawaii, immediately comes to mind, since it had a pronounced influence over our decision to […] Read More

The secret to effortless engagement photos you’ll love

Time and again, we've emphasized that it's possible to delightfully enhance the joy of your engagement photo session through thoughtful preparation. We also pointed out that for the sake of imagery, you need to get intentional about your results; this essentially means both you and your photographer need to do things most people wouldn't if […] Read More

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