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Time and again, we’ve emphasized that it’s possible to delightfully enhance the joy of your engagement photo session through thoughtful preparation.

We also pointed out that for the sake of imagery, you need to get intentional about your results, which essentially means that both you and your photographer need to be prepared to do things most people wouldn’t.

And, if believable photos that transcend the cliché is what you’re after, you and your partner need to truly connect because it’s fun and 100% real.

The secret, then, to effortless engagement photos you’ll love can be summarized by a simple equation that really ought to be taught in school:

Imaginative preparation + Getting intentional + Liberated emotional expression = Engagement photos that matter

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top miami wedding photographer

Let’s see if this sounds familiar. You hired your wedding photographer and were able to negotiate an engagement photo session as part of your collection. You started strong, getting all excited about the vision of a shoot that would make you radiate bliss with photos to be proud of.

But now you can barely remember the name of your artist.

Or perhaps you’re tirelessly updating your engagement session inspiration board every day, but you just can’t seem to get your photographer or partner to care.

Either way, if you desire extraordinary results, both you, the couple, and your wedding photographer need to be prepared to do things most people wouldn’t. We call that “for the sake of imagery,” which is about getting intentional.

Meet Golf and Nolis—two master practitioners in the high art of happiness.

Thoughtful preparation comes naturally to Golf, the charming owner of one of New York’s preeminent luxury floral design and production companies, Tantawan Bloom.

As such, it should come as no surprise that he’d be part of an engagement adventure that melts hearts, evokes tears of joy and echoes the miracle of love throughout the ages.

Best of all, Golf will show you how to prepare for a heart-warming engagement session like a seasoned pro.

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best nyc engagement photos

Your Photographer Decision Matters

There’s nothing more fun than an engagement photo adventure around New York City—especially when the most incredible and creative photographer, Cengiz, from Adagion Studio, is photographing you.

Brad and I knew immediately upon getting engaged that we desired timeless photos of us as a couple around the city we call home.

Best of all, we shared a common vision as to what we wanted from our engagement photo experience—our story told through truly artistic eyes.

In short, we wanted pictures that would make us feel and look amazing.

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Best NYC engagement photos

I Was a Little Nervous Heading Into My NYC Engagement Photo Session

I’m not naturally comfortable in front of the lens … so let’s just say I was a little nervous heading into our New York City engagement session.

That said, Cengiz assured us that if we prepared well and showed up with a playful attitude, he’d do the rest.

Fortunately, Guillermo and I put a ton of thought and planning into our shoot and so we couldn’t wait to kick things off.

We had seen Cengiz’s portfolio and spoken with him on numerous occasions; it was well understood that we’d have to put on our game faces and be fearless to get the images we desired.

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NYC taxi engagement photos

Our Love Story(ies) Told by a Grand Photographer in the Most Beautiful City in the World!

Coming To America …

Giacomo and I—together with our best friends, Laura and Giacomo—finally made our dream of spending Christmas in the Big Apple reality.

But before I share our very special adventure with you, here’s a little context: we had already booked our NYC tickets over the summer and knew we wanted our story documented through the visionary eyes of a creative photographer.

Our expectations for a photo shoot that would at once be loads of fun and result in beautiful images were sky-high.

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