Say Hello to 2 Master Practitioners in the High Art of the Kiss

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You impressed as master practitioners in the high and delicate art of the kiss … share the secret!

For our first “pose” of the day, Cengiz asked us to kiss passionately in front of a striking mural. Ahhh! We must have kissed a million times [we’ve been together for nine years after all], but displaying intimacy and affection in front of the camera—on command—was a different animal altogether.

Miami wedding photographer

As part of my engagement session preparation, I read Adagion’s informative wedding blog, including its brilliant From the Bride for the Bride articles … and the best advice was to kiss simply because it’s fun; and the photo would follow …

So here’s what we did: we tuned out the world around us as if only we existed—no camera and no observers … just us [not entirely as you’ll see below ;-]; everything else became white noise. And then we went about our business, stealing delicious kisses.

How to get great engagement session photos

What surprised you most about working with Cengiz?

Cengiz is literally at home behind the lens.

Best miami wedding photographer

With a background in the event planning & entertainment space, I was well aware of Cengiz’s talent from the outset. Many of my clients had used him and, honestly, I’d recommend him in a heartbeat to any couple looking for a uniquely, out-of-the-box photo experience. You, the star of the show, are in for an exciting ride!

It is one thing to see Cengiz’s work [on the web], but to experience it firsthand is quite a different story: he has a vision and executes it masterfully.

He made us feel right at ease, transforming what we had anticipated would be a day full of nerves into one of the most fun and memorable days of your lives.

It’s preciously rare to find a photographer who can capture the candid moments while confidently choreographing an environment in which the couple can naturally connect; he does it all!

So whether you prefer to take the proverbial backseat or influence the creative direction of the shoot, Cengiz will happily oblige with great class.

Which was your favorite prop? Why?

The paint! By far.

great props for the engagement photos

We both love painting as a hobby. So, prior to our shoot, we informed Cengiz that we’re artistic and creative, and wanted one-of-a-kind photographs that reflect our passion.

The before, after, and action shots of the paint are simply priceless … they are so “us.”

Paint for engagement photos


Paint for engagement photographs


PRO TIP: if you plan on doing something similar, I’d recommend a plain white t-shirt and jeans as the canvas for what is sure to be a brilliantly colorful paint battle.

children paint as a prop for engagement photos

This was easily one of the more messy, vibrant, and spontaneous 30 minutes of my life. And I loved every second. #LiveLife

How did you decide on Miami’s Design District?

As already mentioned, we consider ourselves decidedly creative people, and desired something exciting … an environment that would at once jive with our adventurous personalities and bring to light the special relationship we share.

Miami Wynwood Walls engagement photo shoot

Initially, we were intent on splitting our 3-hour engagement photo session between Miami’s Design District and Ocean Drive. However, once we took into account commute, parking, outfit changes, etc., we quickly realized that two geographically disconnected locations would significantly reduce our net photography coverage—one of the key metrics Cengiz likes to emphasize in his consultations.

PRO TIP: pick your favorite location and own it—stay there! Sometimes less is indeed much more … so identify a splendid environment in which your creativity can roam freely and your artist can operate without the boundaries of time [limitations].

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We kicked-off things at the perfect time of day (7:30AM) and consequently had the entire Design District pretty much at our disposal.

Just make sure you and your photographer have your cafe handy when you start as early as we did :-)

Miami engagmeent photo shoot

Favorite wall in Miami’s Design District?

It’s impossible to answer this question. There are simply so many amazing walls to choose from!

Plus, the graffiti art tends to change frequently—notably when new artists surface in the context of Miami’s famous Art Basel.

That said, if I had to choose a wall, I’d go with the abandoned industrial space with the staircase. It made for ultra raw pictures.

Miami Design District engagement photos

Which part of the shoot was most challenging?

Fun props are important—we were after things that would pop, support interaction, and elicit genuine emotions. Importantly, we wanted props that would make our photos sparkle.

Choosing the right props for your engagement photo shoot

So here’s what we came up with:

  • Champagne
  • Non-toxic, washable bright color paint, which is advertised to easily wash out of clothes and come off skin with soap and water
  • 5 oversize red balloons
  • Confetti
  • Funky umbrella
  • 2-liter bottle of Gazillion bubbles

Ironically, the most challenging aspect of our shoot was actually a factor we had little control over—the wind. Let me explain:

It mattered little how we positioned ourselves—left, right, above, under, behind, or in front. We must have tried it all. Yet, the wind invariably blew my hair all over the place, and the soapy bubbles into our eyes, hair, and mouths … I guess we just weren’t feeling the bubbles [in the right way]!

Gazillion Bubbles as prop for engagement shoots

Hey, don’t get me wrong, for we still came up with a few fabulous shots, but compared with the rest of the shoot, this one felt a touch less exciting.

Which part of the engagement photo session was most enjoyable?

If these photos aren’t evidence enough of a ridiculously fun day, the paint was by far the most enjoyable experience. We laughed, we cried [because we got paint in our eyes], got dirty, and were able to document our rawest emotions.

It felt like we were kids all over again … and when you’re a kid, anything goes, right?

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What advice would you give your best friend, planning a similar engagement photo shoot?

While it may sound a touch cliche, HAVE FUN!

Best miami photographer

Planning a wedding can be emotionally draining at times … so make sure that at least your engagement session is all about fun, uplifting connection, and a welcome escape from everyday life.

You are investing time and money into your shoot, and ideally want to come away with memories for a lifetime. Why not let your truest colors shine, and deeply celebrate the unique bond you share as a couple.

Champagne as prop for engagement photos

We really thought long and hard about what we wanted to get out of our engagement session [experience]. It was all about the fun and connection. If there are any inside jokes you share with your partner, use them to your advantage. There should be no limit on your imagination!

Award winning engagement photos

Kimmie brings a big smile to my face because …

… there’s nothing about Kimmie that is “normal.” She is unique, inspiring and intriguingly full of passion. Every day with Kimmie is an adventure. She is a trendsetter, and marches to her own drum beat; she doesn’t take no for an answer. Her laugh [which at times is more of a giggle] makes me laugh and brings a smile to my face. Combine that contagious giggle with her 5 foot 1 inch and 95 pound physique, and her at-all-times positive attitude, and you have a recipe for a permanent ☺ on my face!

Jeff makes my heart sing because …

… he has my heart in his hands. He makes me laugh every day and is the one person I want to share every moment of every day with. He is my best friend and happily accepts me for who I am—the bad, the good, and the even better (just kidding, the ugly). Jeff is brilliantly spontaneous … very much the “let’s wing it and see what happens” kind of guy. I admire that more than he will ever know. This is why we work … and opposites truly attract! Jeff makes me feel completely at ease and no matter what, will put a genuine smile to my face and make my heart sing. All the nerves I had going into our engagement shoot completely disappeared when Jeff assured me that I look beautiful. He is truly my heart and soul.

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P.S. So, Now What?

We’d love to hear from you—which of Kimmie’s engagement photo tips were most helpful?

Hey, and while you’re at it, which is your favorite photo? Why?

And please feel free to share useful insight from your own fun engagement photo session [planning]?

P.P.S. Here’s what I’d like you to do next:

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As always, thank you for your incredible support.


Adagion Studio Principal Photographer

P.P.P.S. (ok … that’s a lot of p’s :-)

Btw, if you’re like the rest of us, you probably want to see even more from Kimmie & Jeff’s colorful Miami engagement photo session … so head on over to Kimmie + Jeff’s gallery now.

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Cengiz is the founder of Adagion Studio and Zero Gravity Learning. His unique creative vision combined with a rare ability to bestow surreal rock star auras on real-life people have led to his recognition as one of the most internationally respected elite wedding photographers working today.

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    Wow. These came out better than we ever dreamed. Cengiz, what a great day. We are so grateful to have shared this with you. Absolutely incredible!!! All our love, Kimmie & Jeff

    • Cengiz

      Thank YOU so much Kimmie. That is exactly the kind of reaction that makes my job so special :-). Absolutely in love with your shoot and can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for your Big Day!

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