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Cengiz is widely considered the pioneer of the modern engagement session and has changed the way brides and his peers think about engagement photos. ~ Grace Ormonde

Before you check out the videos below, here are the answers to your engagement session questions:

  • How to I optimally prepare for my engagement photo session?

    You can and should prepare for your engagement session.

    Couples who prepare well tend to have more fun and achieve better results than couples that don’t.

    They also tend to achieve more net photography coverage, which is one of the primary goals of engagement session preparation.

    It’s about enhancing the flow and fun-factor of your shoot, making the most out of your contracted photography time, and of course getting pictures that make you feel and look amazing.

    So once you book with us, we encourage you to start an inspiration (or so-called mood) board as soon as possible and update it regularly.

    We prefer Pinterest or Facebook as tools to easily share and exchange ideas, but Google Docs, Evernote, or any other method should work just fine.

    At a minimum, you and your photographer need to discuss the following:

    • Date, starting time, and duration of your shoot
    • Locations
    • Logistics
    • Attire & accessories
    • Props
    • The art of how to connect in front of the lens of a relative stranger

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  • How much time should I budget for each location of my engagement photo session?

    As a rule of thumb, we recommend 1 major location per 1 hour of contracted engagement session photography coverage.

    Yet, there are no hard rules when it comes to time management … and it really depends on your preference and the geographic concentration of available photographic backdrops.

    The first important decisions you’ll make after you book with us are to set your date, starting time, and the duration of your engagement session.

    In turn, the contracted duration of your shoot is really what determines the number of locations and, significantly, how much time you can afford to allocate to each setting.

    We believe that less is more when it comes to the quantity of locations … and here’s why:

    Each additional location implies a commute.

    And when you are in transit, you’re not really having your photos taken, which essentially reduces your net photography time.

    Remember that one important goal of engagement session preparation is to maximize your net photography coverage.

    It sometimes simply takes time for you as a couple to warm up to a certain location and for your photographer to become inspired.

    By rushing from one location to the next, you may unintentionally encourage your artist to go for the safe photos with which she’s familiar and comfortable.

    And that means your gallery is more likely to look like everyone else’s.

  • My fiance does not like being photographed ...

    If we made a buck each time a bride tells us that her fiancé does not like being photographed, we could probably retire by now :-)

    But do you want to hear something really crazy?

    It’s rarely the grooms who are shy during our engagement sessions.

    That could have something to do with men’s relative lack of expectations of themselves heading into the photo shoot :-)

    In the end, we’ll all have an incredible time and come away with truly precious memories.

    Adagion Studio’s engagement sessions connect two people deeply in love in a way that will simply blow your mind.

    And here are a few helpful hints to address any reservations your fiancé may harbor:

    • Empower him by letting him in on some of the important engagement session planning decisions. Such a buy-in works miracles.
    • Explain how important the shoot is for you.
    • Drink a glass of Champagne on your way to the shoot!
  • How many photos should I expect from my engagement photo session?

    When it comes to engagement sessions, less is typically much more.

    We’re after infinitely frame-able photos that make you look and feel amazing.

    So expect at least 10 high-quality photographs per contracted hour of engagement session time; each of these photos will receive a tremendous amount of “editing-TLC.”

    In addition, we’ll typically include—as a bonus—a quick-edit version of several thematically similar photos … which essentially increases your photo bounty.

    Now you may be asking yourself if there’s a way to get more photos than the indicated 10 per hour of engagement session coverage?

    Yes, there is. And here are some hints on how to go about it:

    • Prepare well as to maximize net photography coverage
    • Be playful and have a blast
    • Consider locations that are not too far apart or require excessive transit
    • Arrive on time
  • What if we'd like to go longer than our contracted engagement photo session time?

    If you desire more photography coverage, we’ll be happy to extend your shoot by as long as you like (at the contractually agreed hourly rate).

    And because time invariably seems to fly when you’re doing something you truly enjoy, it can be easy to lose track of the clock.

    That’s why we try to give you a gentle courtesy heads-up approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled conclusion of your photo session—at which point you can either ask for an extension or simply wrap up your shoot as planned.

    Here’s what else you should know:

    • We only extend the duration of engagement sessions by full hour increments and not by fractions of an hour
    • It’s not our responsibility to keep track of the clock—hey, we, too, are having fun and our primary concern is to capture incredible photos and enhance your overall experience
    • While we’re almost always on board for more engagement photo coverage, we reserve the right to not extend your session beyond the contacted time
    • It is financially favorable for you to purchase sufficient engagement session photography coverage at the time of booking instead of during your actual shoot, when your rate will be higher since our own (photographer) costs may be higher and our artists may need to improvise their personal schedules on short notice

What time of the day should I kick-off the engagement session in order to achieve the best results? Why does the starting time matter?

How do I choose my engagement session locations and how does my contracted time affect the number of locations?

Careful consideration of your engagement session logistics will increase your net photography coverage while making you feel great for the duration of your shoot.

Formal wear is not required, but style matters. Find out how your attention to attire choice can even affect your net photography coverage.

Props that will spice up your engagement session experience.

The high and delicate art of the kiss and connecting in front of the lens of a relative stranger.

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