It’s Time to Get Intentional About Your Engagement Photos

Let’s see if this sounds familiar.

You hired your wedding photographer and were able to negotiate an engagement photo session as part of your collection.

You started strong, getting all excited about the vision of a shoot that would make you radiate bliss with photos to be proud of.

Miami Beach engagement session-6

But now you can barely remember the name of your artist.

Or perhaps you’re tirelessly updating your Pinterest engagement session inspiration board every day, but you just can’t seem to get your photographer or partner to care.

Either way, if you desire extraordinary results, both you, the couple, and your wedding photographer need to be prepared to do things most people wouldn’t. We call that “for the sake of imagery,” which is about getting intentional.

Meet Golf and Nolis—two master practitioners in the high art of happiness.

Thoughtful preparation comes naturally to Golf, the charming owner of one of New York’s preeminent luxury floral design and production companies, Tantawan Bloom.

As such, it should come as no surprise that he’d be part of an engagement adventure that melts hearts, evokes tears of joy and echoes the miracle of love throughout the ages.

Best of all, Golf will show you how to prepare for a heart-warming engagement session like a seasoned pro.

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Question to Nolis—complete the sentence: Golf makes my life more special …

Golf makes my life more special through his youthful spirit.

He’s always up for a good time and brightens my day with his smile. Once you see his smile, you’ll know it opens skies; it’s nice to have a warm smile around me even when my day isn’t the brightest. That’s what I needed in my life and it makes every day more special than the one before.

Plus, Golf loves to dance! That’s big for my family and me. He can dance for hours and hours and we really get to connect—its perfect.

Miami Beach engagement session-9

Question to Golf—complete the sentence: Here’s what I love most about Nolis …

What I love most about Nolis is that he always thinks positive.

He makes me laugh and tells me not to fight about silly things, which I need constant reminder of.

Miami Beach engagement session-12

Nolis is smart, caring and loving—he loves dogs, and his family (which now includes me!).

I love everything about him, from his passion for dance to enjoying the beach.

You mentioned you had trouble sleeping the night before your engagement photo shoot and were a little nervous … please tell us more.

We were nervous about being on camera since we’re both very shy.

Hey, we even worried about what we’d wear at each location. Although we planned our attire choices in advance, we started second-guessing ourselves late into the night.

Which part of your Miami engagement adventure surprised you most?

The first location for our sunrise engagement photos surprised us, because we had no idea how beautiful it would be.

When we arrived, we were simply blown away by the scenery.

Miami Beach engagement session photos

And once we scaled the top of the slippery rocks, we realized how intense the shoot would be … and needless to say, we were really excited about it!

Miami Beach engagement session-2

Which part of the engagement adventure was most enjoyable? Why?

By far the most enjoyable part of our engagement adventure was all things Wynwood Walls district.

It was a true experience—from our playful interaction against the most vibrant street and graffiti art anywhere to enjoying a yummy cafe at the ever-so-popular cafe house, Panther Coffee.

Every mural is different, beautiful, and so inspiring … making for the perfect photographic back-drop!

Miami Beach engagement session-16

And who knows, you may even be tempted to imitate the art on the walls, thus becoming part of art yourself :).

If we could do it all over again, which part would we change?

I’d change the photo where I was on top of Nolis so I could look at the camera! I love that photo so much. It was such an amazing set and something funky and rustic and romantic about it.

Logistics and transportation are an important element of any successful engagement photo experience. Why did you choose a taxi as your preferred method of transport? And what transportation solution would you in hindsight recommend to a friend considering a similar shoot?

We opted for a taxi because we didn’t know where our locations were; plus, we figured we could relax and have the taxi drive us.

Speaking of which … it was clear that we didn’t want to drive ourselves in order to avoid falling into the couple road rage (CRR) trap … you know when people get into silly arguments over how the other person is driving.

To all our friends, we’d recommend hiring an SUV with driver—at least if you want to avoid CRR :-).

Miami Beach engagement session-15

Which part of the engagement photo shoot did you find most challenging? Why?

The shoot on top of the train was the most challenging, because we started getting nervous as to how to pose our bodies.

That said, it was super-fun to climb on those trains and be playful in such a rustic setting.

Tell us how you prepared for your destination engagement photo session in Miami?

We packed so many different outfits from New York because we didn’t know what the weather would be like in Miami.

We knew that some days could be fairly chilly and others blistering hot.

As to our fun props, we got them all in Miami since we didn’t want to travel heavy. That said, it was challenging once we arrived in Miami, because we didn’t really know which shops would have the props we were looking for.

In the end, we improvised and were happy with the results.

Which was your favorite prop? Why?

Well we both love flowers … so that makes our gorgeous yellow bouquet the obvious winner.

Our flowers were vibrant with a happy, shiny color that simply popped on camera.

How was it working with Nick and Cengiz? What surprised you (if anything) and how did reality meet expectations?

Nick and Cengiz are very devoted to their work. We were already amazed after the first location, where they lied belly-down on the sandy beach in order to get the perfect shot!

They were full of energy bright and early in the morning—even before sunrise—and our time with them felt professional and fun from the beginning to the end.

They are sweethearts and brilliant artists.

Here are a few words to characterize them: passionate, adventurous, amazing.

Nick and Cengiz made us feel so relaxed. And once we all took a strategic coffee break, and got to know one another a little better, the shoot became even more amazing.

If your best friend were considering a similar engagement session—and you could only provide one helpful tip—what would you tell her?

Remember why you are doing this whole thing, not the shoot, but your wedding.

You’re getting married because you and your partner love each other; he’s your better half—the sun in your sky.

Before every photo, tell yourself “I’m getting married to this crazy man,” and your energy is going to radiate 10,000 times … and everyone’s going to feel it.

It’ll be amazing!

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