Cabana Pictures

CONTACT: | (917) 575-0102

Say hello to two master practitioners in the high and delicate art of film making: meet Jennifer & Zeus—the founders of Cabana Pictures.

Cabana is the delicious combination of two expert filmmakers who are equally at home producing promotional trailers for HBO as they are at documenting touching love stories for happy couples around the globe.

The company’s instantly recognizable style transcends the cliche and will make your heart melt, evoke tears of joy, and echoes the miracle of love throughout the ages.

Grab some Kleenex, stretch out, kick back, and enjoy a groundbreaking wedding film captured in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Most importantly, Jennifer and Zeus are two of the sweetest people you could possibly surround yourself with on your Big Day. So book them while you can!

CONTACT: | (917) 575-0102

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