GroundLink The Next Generation Car Service—NYC

CONTACT: | (212) 787-7777

Best car transport value in NYC

GroundLink Car Service provides a brilliant transportation experience. When you hire them, it’s all about you and the personalized service you desire and deserve.

It’s ok to have high expectations when you work with GroundLink. Expect best-in-class limousines and SUVs and chauffeurs who actually know the City and will help you maximize your net photography coverage. It almost goes without saying, but your car will look, smell, and feel brand new.

Keep in mind that the logistics of your engagement session is about more than merely getting from point A to B safely. Service matters.

That means your five senses should be catered to in concert with ample refreshments, comfortable temperature, massive space, and soothing acoustics.

As a result, you’ll feel well-rested and ready for loads of photos for the duration of your shoot.

We recommend that you ask for an SUV, which puts an exceptionally spacious vehicle and chauffeur at your disposal for as long as you desire. It holds up to 6 passengers and is the perfect vehicle to comfortably transport you the couple + your photographer + props.

And finally, if he’s available for your date, Menahem Richman at (516) 582-7301 is your guy.

CONTACT: | (212) 787-7777

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