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Here’s the place where you will hear the absolutely essential information you need to know if you’d like a photography experience that will make your heart sing.

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… and if you’ve ever asked yourself “how can I … “:

  • Identify, interview, and book the right photographer for me?
  • Orchestrate a wedding Reveal that is private, real, and unforgettable?
  • Master the 5 essential ingredients of a world-class engagement session?
  • Enjoy a Getting Ready experience that abundantly indulges my five senses?

Or you may simply need a hand in making sense of all that obscure photography jargon …

Well, you’re in the right place here at Adagion Studio. We are here to help.

Wedding planning resourcesHere’s how Adagion benefits you

You’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot of not-so-good wedding advice out there—uninteresting chatter that simply wastes your time.

We’ll be sharing an expertly curated stream of practical tips, how-to-articles, from the bride for the bride interviews, and our first-hand experience on topics that are important and directly help you achieve a more fabulous wedding celebration.

Every piece of content we release is conceived from the real-world needs we see with brides like you each and every weekend.

The Pareto Principle tells you that about 80% of your wedding experience comes down to 20% of your decisions.

Our goal then at Adagion is to inspire, demystify, and help you understand which 20% to focus on.

This is our commitment to you: we promise to always put you above all. Seriously.

But first it’s honesty time

Here’s the deal: you already know weddings are expensive. And according to Martha Stewart Weddings, expect to allocate approximately 10% of your total wedding budget towards photography.

And that’s merely an indication for the average bride who values her photography decision no more than, say, her stationery.

But hey … if you’re still reading this, you’ve already qualified yourself as someone who strives for the ultimate wedding photography experience.

Your photographer will spend more time with you on one of the most important days of your life than anyone else, including your mother, best friend, planner, and even your groom.

Your photographer—for better or worse—wields significant influence over the flow and fun-factor of your wedding and, by extension, your experience.

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That’s an awesome responsibility, isn’t it?

It also means that you need to take your photography investment seriously, and that it must be based on more than a cursory viewing of online photo galleries. Other criteria, such as your photographer’s approach to wedding photography coverage, chemistry, as well as her passion, experience, and even fitness are crucial.

Cengiz has created one of the most dynamic photography studios devoted to empowering brides around the world to demand more from their photography experience. ~ Grace Ormonde

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