“One of America's Top 10 wedding photographers.” ~ Wedding Photo Journalist Association



One of the most influential wedding photographers of his time, Cengiz has documented the weddings of numerous larger-than-life personalities and his work has been featured on CNN, TIME, People, E!, abc News, ET, The Huffington Post and Los Angeles Times.


  • Is Cengiz the perfect photographer for me?

    Cengiz's award-winning work is timeless and synonymous with excellence ... and continues to inspire a new generation of photographers. He is passionate and, above all, compassionate with his couples. When you hire Cengiz, the sky is the limit since you'll have a relaxed, caring, and unobtrusive companion whose interests are in perfect harmony with yours. He'll make you look and feel amazing with a photo experience that flows naturally and is fun.

    But he isn't right for everyone.

    You see, he's not a good fit for you if ...

    • his work does not instantly speak to you;
    • you don't value your photography experience enough to invest time and resources;
    • are ok with cookie-cutter photos.
  • Where is Adagion Studio located?

    Adagion Studio has offices in New York City, Miami, and Paris. In addition, we literally travel around the globe with our clients.

Cengiz has created one of the most dynamic photography studios devoted to empowering brides and peers around the world to demand more from their photography experience.
— Grace Ormonde Wedding Style