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Book the Best NYC Proposal Photographer and Capture Love in one of the Most Iconic Cities in the World. We love to do engagement shoots that are individual, else, and SEXY to you guys as a couple, so your session will be memorable every time you see those photos!

NYC Engagement Photographer

Whether you’re looking for a romantic Bow Bridge Central Park engagement shoot, a moody photoshoot in Brooklyn Bridge, or a classy engagement photoshoot in The Met, our candid engagement photographers have you covered to give you beautiful engagement photographs to treasure forever.

NYC Engagement Photographer

Our wedding photographers are skilled at capturing couples in love in the most flattering way possible. The way they handle light makes you look good—whether that’s the soft NYC morning light coming into Grand Central Terminal, the late-afternoon light in Central Park, or the golden hour sun setting over the Hudson River. We do not employ individuals who do not have experience and make you look unsettled or unflattering in all photos.

NYC Engagement Photographer

Our NYC engagement sessions are not just about capturing pretty pictures. They are the start of an extraordinary journey, from the grand architecture of the Metropolitan Museum to the peaceful greens of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It’s still early enough to start thinking about save-the-dates. Still, more importantly, it’s about capturing moments that you can treasure and revisit for a lifetime, emphasizing the lasting value of our service.

We do our best to make wedding photos that show your emotions and capture the spirit of the love that surrounds you. We continue this in our stress-free engagement sessions to help you feel easy to look and feel sassy. We also show you how to trust your wedding photographers so you can relax and know that if it is for the brief moments you do want. Our hearts long to grab hold of the beautiful love story you two are here in one of the old cities of all time.

NYC Engagement Photo Gallery

NYC Engagement Photographer

Engagement photos in NYC are more than just pictures; they’re a unique experience. Our New York City gallery is a testament to this, a collection of love stories—joyful, vibrant, and full of promise, capturing couples at the very start of their shared journey. Stars, as they say, are just like us: they may have an easier time getting a table at a restaurant, but beyond that, they’re just a couple enjoying a park, strolling along Broadway, or sharing a kiss in the heart of Rockefeller Center.

NYC Engagement Photographer

No matter the distance a camera can bridge, these photos, each unique in location and time, all freeze the exact moment, a chapter in the love story that forms the backdrop to a different love story, that of the city itself.

NYC Engagement Photographer

Explore the NYC Engagement Pictures Gallery, filled with stunning New York City engagement photos. Picture a young couple kissing among some cherry blossoms while lying on the great lawn in Central Park as pink petals slowly fall around them. Another image captures the vibrant energy of Times Square, their love radiating as brightly as the neon lights.

NYC Engagement Photographer

We painstakingly curate each photo in our gallery to capture and reflect the unique allure and character of New York City—not just the Brooklyn Bridge in all its splendor but also the Hudson Yards in their most refined state.

NYC Engagement Photographer

When it comes to your engagement photography session, we tell your love story in a way that feels like you and less like us. We get to know you, your vision, and your style, and we make sure every photo represents that unique connection.

NYC Engagement Photographer

From a peaceful instant amidst the verdant tranquility of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to a spirited moment in an urban nest like the East Village, our photographers know precisely where to uncover the right combination of location and feeling for you.

NYC Engagement Photographer

We invite you to peruse our recent NYC engagement sessions gallery and allow the photos to infuse your innovative photography ideas for your NYC engagement session. Every photograph is the eternal gift of the story of your love.

NYC Engagement Photographer

What are Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are a visual testament to your love and your passion, which illuminate the joy and closeness that epitomize your collaboration. Looking at your wedding invite, engagement photographs can be more than a mere prologue to the D-day; they can be the story that you and your loved ones can read and re-read, making pictures out of emotions that reflect a journey of two together. But displayed on save-the-date cards, on your wedding website, or in an album wherein they never yellow from age, they tell a story of your love that words alone never could.

NYC Engagement Photographer

These moments provide a beautiful reminder of the love and excitement for what is to come, turning your engagement season into a treasured part of your story. Your engagement photographs are not only sentimental and illustrative of your relationship but also work to magnify the excitement of your upcoming wedding day, offering you something tangible and lasting to look back on of the moments the love of your life companioned you before you became husband and wife.   

Why should you hire Kiss Me in New York as your NYC Engagement Photographer?

NYC Engagement Photographer

At Kiss Me in New York, we have unique and beautiful photos that showcase such romance as a reality. You can choose your specialized engagement photographer who is an expert in the field of professional documentary, black and white style photography.

We know all the best spots, how the light is just right, and the perfect blending of cityscapes with greenery that will make your engagement photos genuinely memorable. When you hire Kiss Me in New York, you are trusting a team that knows the hidden depths and the endless magic of this city. We love catching those stolen glances and smiles that illustrate your love story better than anything else.

Whether we are heading to the romantic backdrops of Central Park, the scenic idyllic townhouses of West Village, or the stunning landscape from Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center, we treat every engagement session with our best effort and creativity. Release the hounds, our photographers, whose job is literally to keep you relaxed and looking good in front of the lens.

But this helps create the best photographs and starts forming a trust layer, too, which will make your transition to the wedding day on the photography side all the smoother. Our method is personalized according to your individual likes and dislikes. We do this by taking the time to get to know you as a couple—your story, your dynamics, and what makes your special connection unique.

This helps us build a picture of your story that is unique to you. We take great pride in our attention to detail and excellence so that every moment and every photo resonates with your love; we want you to be able to cherish the memories forever. When you choose Kiss Me in New York, you are enlisting a photographic event more than snapshots, investing in your story in a style as remarkable as your romance.

Why engagement photos are always a good idea

NYC Engagement Photographer personal style empire state building

Engagement photo sessions offer unique benefits that are invaluable to your wedding journey. Here are some compelling reasons why they should be a part of your wedding preparations:                       

Relax Your Nerves

Your engagement session is likely for a good purpose and use of money, without any burden of a wedding day and stress. The relaxed, casual environment prepares you to be photographed so that it is a fun, stress-free process.

It can be the first professional photo shoot that a lot of couples have ever done, so feeling a little nervous is a given! But shooting with your wedding photographer for your engagement session lets you unwind and welcome the experience of being in front of the camera.

NYC Engagement Photographer

Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera

By getting engagement photos taken, you are able to learn your best angles and how to pose generally so that your wedding day photos are flawless. It’s weird going from the kind of camera that needs you to physically snap yourself to hearing the camera click and then having someone directing you from behind the lens. However, all of this will be second nature to you by the end of the session if you have an excellent photographer for your wedding. It will be more of a natural process, and your photos are going to look more natural as well.         

Find Your Best Angles          

With engagement photos, you get a practice round to learn your best angles and how to pose more organically, which in turn leads to your best photos from the wedding. This step is crucial to helping you learn to relax and feel comfortable in your wedding photos. It also helps the photographer know what your best looks are, meaning that they can save time, and you will be leaving with gorgeous pictures to take with you on your wedding day.

Build Trust & Connection with Your Wedding Photographer       

One of my favorite things about having your wedding photographer shoot your engagement photos is having some quality “hang time” with them. A session where you discover more about their work style and who they are as a person opens the door to a greater sense of trust and rapport. Doing so lets your photographer get to know the two of you as a couple—and, just as importantly, the dynamic between you.

They will be able to adapt their approach to your liking, eliminating any awkward moments on your wedding day. This will also be reflected in your wedding photos—you will look more comfortable with them and just happier with your photographer.           

Your Wedding Day will be Easy               

With the experience gained from your engagement session, your wedding day photography will be seamless and stress-free. Not only will you find it more comfortable, but you’ll also be familiar with the process and photographer beforehand, ensuring you are relaxed and clicking unique portraits.

That relaxed ease, knowing you have a good relationship with your photographer, allows you to be in the moment and truly celebrate your day. Having been photographed before, the photographer will already know your good sides and will also know how to make you feel comfortable, which will convert into great, however natural, wedding photos.

Best Time of Year for Your Engagement Photos in New York City

New York City has something charming to offer for engagement photos every season. Learn the benefits of spring’s budding beauty, summer’s verdant green, or fall’s bright colors for the perfect setting to tell your love story.                    


Spring in New York | New York Seasons | New York Weather - upper east side      

In New York City, blooming flowers naturally make their beds below cherry blossoms, creating a picture-perfect setting for engagement photography. And with Central Park, and because it won’t be as cold as winter or summer, you have a vibrant palette of colors for a perfect engagement shoot. Cherry blossom season occurs from late April to early May and provides breathtaking scenery. The display is, unfortunately, short: it only lasts about two weeks, so schedule your session accordingly.


NYC Summer Wallpapers - engagement photographer

Summer days can be hot, sticky, and humid, but they also bring lush greenery and nearly endless sunshine, earning their spot as one of the most popular choices for engagement photos. There is no better time to photograph the lazy summer days than the early morning when it’s not too hot yet, the light is beautiful, New Yorkers head to the beach, and the streets are (mostly) empty. Also, come on—no summer sunset along the Hudson River is complete without engagement photos you’ll want to put into your wedding album.


25 beautiful photos of fall in NYC - nyc engagement photographer

Nowhere in New York City do locals and tourists fill up Instagram feeds with photos of the fall colors, which turn the city into a leafy shade of bright red, orange, and yellow, standing out against the iconic architecture. It’s time to wear this cute little sweater that fits my denim and sundress!

Central Park in October is especially otherworldly with all of those leaves, colors, and scenery. These fall engagement photos are sure to elicit that same cozy, warm feeling and also show off the quintessential backdrop that New York City can be.

Favorite Engagement Photo Locations in NYC

NYC Engagement Photographer destination weddings

Selecting the right place for your engagement photos in New York City can help you make the love story more exciting:                            

Central Park

nyc engagement photographer upper west side

Central Park is a classic place for engagement photos—a timeless and romantic spot! They are include Bethesda Fountain and Terrace, Bow Bridge, Shakespeare Garden, and Bethesda Terrace. The best place to stain your promise as a matter of choice is the cherry blossoms and colored leaves, which mark a footprint, your love tale, or any to pass through the chapter ahead.       

West Village

1,800+ West Village Nyc Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock | Greenwich village, Soho, Brooklyn bridge

Based on the city’s history, the West Village is one of them, with cobblestone streets still existing and making for a charming backdrop to your engagement photos. The High Line is a short stroll away and provides additional photo opportunities that highlight the city’s more recent facelift.

Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center

Top of the Rock Tickets – The Rockefeller Center Observation Deck in New  York - NYC engagement photographer

Aside from being one of the most standout cinematic engagement venues, there are two other reasons we put Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center on top. Skateboarders gravitate towards this arts nonprofit so-hidden-it-is-obscure, Bend an Arrow, during weeknights and weekends.

Even though half the city will be here getting the exact photo you want to take, thanks to the skyline of NYC and the distance on both sides, come early, and you can get your sunrise shots with just a fraction of the crowd, a bit of a transformation of chaos into beauty it maybe.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka The Met)

Census concept photographed in a city building - nyc engagement photograher

The Met’s awe-inspiring stoops and handsome facade provide an artistic and high-class backdrop for anything wedding photo, from engagement photos to City Hall portraits. Getting there before first light can let you take the steps all to yourselves for fantastic shots.           

New York City Public Library

Interior design beautiful castle - nyc engagement photographer

The New York City Public Library, with its majestic steps and classical architecture, provides a timeless and elegant backdrop for your engagement photos. Indoor photos require a permit, and the exterior offers beautiful archways and details reminiscent of Paris.

Brooklyn Heights

Manhattan bridge overlooking New York - engagement photos

Locals love shooting the incredible, wide-open Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge at Brooklyn Heights. The brownstones, carriage houses, and hidden gems on almost every block are the ideal urban setting for some low-key, camera-friendly kind of action.

Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park - engagement photographer, early evening 

Gramercy Park, a beautifully lush and quaint little nook, would be the perfect romantic engagement photo location. With some of the loveliest ivy walls, gardens, and charming shops, this neighborhood provides excellent backgrounds. If you rent at Hidden Springs, you get to shoot in the lovely private park!

NYC engagement photography is more than pictures; it’s your love story that is photographed in one of the most amazing cities in the world. Kiss Me in New York guarantees that you will get unique pictures that capture this connection and the fantastic city of New York. Take to the cobblestone streets of the West Village and enjoy the stunning panoramics from the Top of the Rock. Book your engagement session now. Please fill out our contact form, and let’s get started making your vision come to life!


Our unique offering is due to our team of skilled photographers who are passionate about the romance and connection shared between couples. They know how to use natural light and urban landmarks to craft gorgeous, artful engagement photos. Our photographers know where to take and when to shoot so you will look your best and remember your experience.
Our seasoned photographers walk you through the entire process, showing you how to strike a pose and how to look effortlessly best. By the end of our time together, you will feel like a pro in front of the camera, but it starts with a very relaxed, camera awkward-erasing setting. We want you both to look and feel your best, which in turn will help give you some of the best and most genuine photos you have probably ever taken.
Central Park, West Village, Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New York City Public Library, Brooklyn Heights, and Gramercy Park are some of the most commonly chosen places for perfect engagement photos. Each spot has truly unique backdrops that give your photos personality and charm.
Absolutely! Couples are encouraged to select locations that hold special meaning for them. From the place you met for the first time to your favorite hangout, we can offer many solutions to meet your requirements. From here, we guide you with suggestions that align with your aesthetic and vision.