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The magic of your wedding cannot be captured for the first time again, and the only way to relieve it is by hiring the best NYC videographer; this will be more than a choice; it will be an investment in your memories. New York City is a work of art; its iconic skyline and street energy provide a stunning tableau for any given day.

Amongst the busy streets and the tranquility of the park in New York, a fantastic videographer can catch a moment of ecstasy in that wedding video that will never happen again, leaving every smile, every tear, and every kiss on tape.

This article delves into the crème de la crème of NYC videographers, wedding videographers, a wedding video, a highlight reel, filming weddings, and many other forms of special day videographers. Of these, “Kiss Me in New York” radiates with unparalleled artistry combined with deep emotional communication.

Join us as we explore these fantastic wedding videographers and learn why they are the best choice for covering your wedding videographers in the heart of the Big Apple: “Kiss Me in New York!”

Top 10 NYC Videographer

  1. Kiss Me in New York
  2. Frank Ahn Films
  3. NST Pictures
  4. Love in Progress
  5. McKenzie Miller Films
  6. Pennylane Productions
  7. Orange Films
  8. Robert Allen Videojournalist
  9. Seth David Cohen Video
  10. Tim Alan Smith

1. Kiss Me in New York

kiss me in new york logo

Kiss Me in New York company offers an exclusive, fun wedding videography experience. It is renowned for its film-like quality and authentic emotional resonance of the wedding video using your favorite song, making it a top choice for NYC brides and grooms documentaries. Unlike other videographers, they craft unique wedding stories by capturing genuine emotions, ensuring each video and the photos becomes a heartfelt narrative.

Their true-to-life movies blend cinematic/editorial and documentary/reportage styles. Customized services include signature drone footage showcasing New York City’s beauty, from the Manhattan skyline to Central Park, adding a dramatic, cinematic feel that makes your wedding film both grand and intimate.

What sets Kiss Me apart in New York is its dedicated team, which is passionate about storytelling and committed to portraying each couple’s unique love story. They invest time in understanding your relationship to create personalized videos that capture every significant moment. With a keen eye for details and a superbly crafted plan, they cover all the essentials so that you experience a stellar result.

Therefore, they have mastered the art of knowing which camera equipment to use and how to select the perfect music to tell your love story elegantly. When you opt for Hiring Kiss Me in New York, you are simply elevating the team supremacy towards worming and storing the spirit of your wedding day vaporously like a soul captured in a photograph; thus, this makes it possible for you to recollect it anew after years pass. They have competent personnel tasked with ensuring that they take pictures worth all the moments that might happen during your marriage ceremony; these could range from touching speeches to sweet memories, so come up with an awe-inspiring highlight reel full of unforgettable actions and words. With a focus on providing exceptional videography services, they make sure that the raw footage and the final wedding video are of the highest quality, making Kiss Me in New York one of the premier wedding videographers in New York City.

2. Frank Ahn Films

Frank Ahn Films

Frank Ahn Films is a prominent wedding videography service in New York City that seamlessly blends a cinematic style featured with docu-style filmmaking to capture beautiful wedding videos without extra cost.

Their work embodies the intimate vibe and true essence of each special day, combining the visual elegance of cinematic practices with the candid approach of documentary filmmaking, much like a light mill captures the subtle interplay of light and shadow background.

This blend of styles guarantees that the result will not only look stunning but also be very emotional and be an extraordinary narrative of the couple’s path.

Specializing in wedding videography, Frank Ahn Films excels at capturing natural, candid moments and genuine emotions. Renowned for their storytelling, they focus on the love and laughter shared by the couple and their guests, ensuring each film is extraordinary and timeless.

3. NST Pictures

NST Pictures

With all of these potential add-ons, NST Pictures packages offer many wedding videography packages suitable for your needs and your wallet! That means they have a package that will work for what you need for your special day, regardless of whether you want a 5-minute highlight reel or a full-length, detailed feature film of your wedding without extra cost.

NST Pictures offers both traditional and modern wedding videography, creating stunning clips, highlight reels, and full-length films. Their blend of styles captures special day events beautifully, making each video unique to the couple’s style. With a focus on both intimate moments, raw footage of the wedding video, and grand celebrations, NST Pictures stands out as an excellent choice for wedding videography in New York City.

4. Love in Progress

Love in Progress

Love in Progress is famous for its dreamy, film-like wedding video. Emotionally capturing the moments that make each wedding one in a million is how they describe their work.

Through storytelling, they capture the love narrative of each couple genuinely and beautifully. With their unique style and charming aesthetic, the crew at Love in Progress creates stunning and heartwarming wedding films that never fail to make an impact.

Love in Progress offers professional wedding videos ranging from three to 35 minutes, using one or two cameras to meet your needs. Their unique, non-documentary style captures the heart and soul of each wedding, providing couples with a distinctive and memorable film of their special day.

5. McKenzie Miller Films

McKenzie Miller Films

Known for its personalized wedding videography service, McKenzie Miller Films creates each film to be as unique as the couple themselves in the wedding video. They realize that each wedding is unique, overflowing with intimate responses and emotive instances that need to be shot in reality.

McKenzie Miller Films carefully collaborates with clients to custom-design videography services that match the vision and style of the couple, creating films that are as one-of-a-kind as the couples being filmed.

McKenzie Miller Films provides guidance and delivers the talents of storytelling and filmmaking into the art of weddings. Their meticulous attention to detail is evident in every scene, as a taste of the love shared by the couple is delivered.

That dedication to quality and sincerity separates them from other videographers. They emphasize the natural feel and raw moments of your special day to give you a video you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

6. Pennylane Productions

Pennylane Productions

One of the leading brands in the Northeast, Pennylane Productions has made a name for itself in the NYC wedding videography scene with its remarkable cinematic services. Their wedding videography tells the narrative and shapes the day in visually breathtaking films. A blend of classic and elegant poses with an artistic touch, capturing the emotions of your day that make it uniquely yours.

Their team of seasoned filmmakers, based in Colombus, sees to your every need, from the tender pre-ceremony preparations to the collective joy of the spontaneous reception, leaving no stone unturned and every critical detail unobserved. They pride themselves on crafting memorable and timeless wedding films with unparalleled quality and attention to detail.

7. Orange Films

Orange Films

Orange Films, known for storytelling-based creative wedding videography, delivers a unique style of artistic videography. Orange Films is one of the established names when it comes to recording the best wedding films, documenting the soul of the celebration using innovative techniques to offer unforgettable videos.

Once complete, the films will beautifully and individualistically capture the spirit of the day, safeguarding the sentiments and moments of the big occasion. Orange Films specializes in telling the narrative of each couple’s love, a perspective that isn’t just visually beautiful but filled with depth.

This is precisely what separates them from other wedding videographers in New York City.

8. Robert Allen Videojournalist

Robert Allen Videojournalist

Robert Allen, a Videojournalist, specializes in wedding videography. He focuses on a journalistic style of wedding cinematography, which highly values documenting real moments as they happen. This method captures the authenticity and organic nature of the big day, documenting raw emotions and unscripted connections. He specializes in creating documentary-style films that celebrate the organic in each moment.

Robert Allen is able to blend into the surroundings and craft his stories through candid moments without disrupting the flow of an event, which is a rare talent. His low-key approach allows him to document the day in its most authentic form as emotions unfold, resulting in personal and true wedding videos.

Such dedication to capturing weddings in this style means that couples receive raw and realistic documentation of their big day.

9. Seth David Cohen Video

Seth David Cohen Video

With a style of wedding cinematography that is an excellent mix of classic and modern, you can be confident that Seth David Cohen’s Video has the formula to achieve the perfect harmony between timeless elegance and trending chic!

Their high level of skill in creating wedding videos highlight reels, and developing cinematic stories, beautifully documenting the magic of couples’ wedding days with artistry and brilliance, is a testament to their professional expertise.

Versatile, Seth David Cohen Video offers a level of personalized service that is signed by each couple they work with. Their ability to blend all of these videography styles to tell a story in a film with stunning visuals and emotional impact is what makes them a top choice for wedding cinematography in New York City.

10. Tim Alan Smith

Tim Alan Smith

Tim Alan Smith is an experienced videographer who seamlessly blends his resources with a creative edge to create beautiful wedding films. Tim specializes in cinematic films and focuses on capturing the individual moments of the wedding that will make it unforgettable.

His work is distinguished by a meticulous eye for detail and a knack for producing bespoke wedding videos that capture the magic ever-present on the day the happy couple say, “I do!”

Through Tim’s careful and creative work, he truly delivers an unforgettable wedding video experience, guaranteeing that each couple receives a film that is cinematic, artistically well-told, and one that they can treasure for years to come.

Why You Should Hire Kiss Me in New York Videographer

Choosing the perfect videographer for your wedding day? Look no further than Kiss Me in New York’s unique services.

Capture genuine emotion

Kiss Me in New York also does a top-notch job of documenting the real emotion of your wedding day. They capture all the special occasions so that you can remember the laughter and love of your wedding in a timeless photography service. From the tearful vows to the celebratory dancing, they have a way of taking candid occasions and making them feel honest and beautiful.

Attention to Detail

While discreetly moving about the tight spaces, they have a unique ability to capture emotion and sentiment in every detail of the bride and groom’s big day. They accomplish this through the use of basic close-up shots, slow motion, and score matching to the emotions happening in the scenes.

Personal Connection

They really take the time to get to know and understand each couple, their story, and their relationship dynamics. This connection allows them to feel and film the most authentic and spontaneous occasions, which makes for an emotional and very personal wedding video.

Emotional Storytelling

Using the same cinematic elements, they piece together the footage occasions of your wedding day into a chronological portrayal of your love story in New York City. What you can do here is tell a story in your video as well, not just join them together; they need to be your film for a lifetime.

Bring your Story to Life

Every couple has a love story, and this love story must also be captured in raw footage! This dedicated team of videographers and editors will collaborate with you to truly comprehend your vision, producing wedding film footage that encapsulates your love story in New York City. Combining cinematic techniques and imaginative storytelling, their films are not only graphic and beautiful but also highly personal and passionate.

Record Every Detail Event

Weddings are just a million tiny little things in the world, from the way the lace falls just so over the bride’s shoulder to the way the venue is adorned. It reads Kiss Me in New York on premises like these. Everything that takes place at your wedding is filmed in stunning quality when you hire them to provide you with wedding cinematography unlike any other. Whether it be the grandeur of a New York City skyline or the intimacy of a quiet moment shared in Central Park, they know the finest points for filming any part of your wedding.

The right New York City videographers will keep those memories fresh and unique for your big day in the Wedding video. There are a ton of beautiful New York professionals, but Kiss Me in New York is the best with authentic storytelling. They capture emotion effortlessly and take the time to capture every little detail.

Once you contact them for your wedding cinematography in New York City, rest assured that you will forever look back on your big day with a flawless video to commemorate it.


When you contract a videographer in NYC, rest assured that every major event in your marriage ceremony will be filmed against the NY skyline. Included here is a professional effort where he/she works on edits, thus implying cinematography. At the same time, throughout all weddings, this person takes note of only those meaningful bits for the event, leaving them spectacular even by its close.
“Kiss Me in New York” is renowned for its unique blend of cinematic and documentary styles, documenting genuine emotions and creating personalized love stories. Their talented team uses drone footage to showcase New York City’s beauty, making each wedding video both grand and intimate. They invest time in understanding each couple’s story, ensuring a deeply emotional and authentic wedding film.
Different wedding videographer packages are available in New York, catering to various desires and financial statuses. These packages may contain short highlight reels, lengthy feature films, and services such as drone footage. Their main aim is to ensure they encapsulate every moment that counts throughout your big day without losing your signature!
The authentic and romantic wedding videos in NYC are marked by trendsetting filmmakers who combine renowned spots such as Central Park or the Manhattan skyline in their work, bringing the modern edge to cinematography. Every corner denotes romance, and this part of the Big Apple has not been left behind as far as the need to make timeless memories through video filming is concerned; it will undoubtedly mean a lot if your wedding video is done here.
Those looking for a wedding videographer in NYC should even consider their style, experience, and portfolio. Look for someone who can film everything about your marriage celebration, starting from major scenes up to the most minor things. Find out if they have unedited footage and trailers, and make sure that they completely get what you want in the wedding video. It’s also important to discuss any extra costs for additional services and to verify their familiarity with popular NYC locations.