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Choosing an ideal NYC wedding photographer can be daunting given the city’s wealth of talent, but finding the right one ensures your special day is perfectly captured. Top photographers in New York master both technical skills and storytelling, utilizing the city’s diverse landscapes from Central Park’s romance to Manhattan rooftops’ sophistication. Each photographer brings a unique style, whether it’s the raw emotion and vulnerability of Kiss Me in New York or Heather Waraksa’s romantic, cinematic, and editorial approach. When selecting a photographer, consider the aesthetic you appreciate and their ability to achieve it. Professionals like Adam Barnes and Samm Blake have distinguished themselves with unique storytelling styles—Barnes’ intimate artistic compositions versus Blake’s raw, emotional narratives. The costs of doing so differ greatly depending on experience level, reputation, and area of service, many offering hourly rates or all-inclusive packages to fit many varying budgets. The moment a great photographer clicks captures not only a click but also memories.

15 Best NYC Wedding Photographers

15 Best NYC Wedding Photographers

The big New York City, I can understand, could be so daunting trying to figure out whose the best New York city wedding photographer out there. Every photographer has their individual style and view of the day defense mechanism its intrinsic nature. In order to aid you in this critical choice, we have put together our listing of the 15 ideal NYC wedding celebration digital photographers. These exceptional artists are known for their creativity, technical skill, and understanding of the emotional significance of weddings, ensuring your memories are beautifully preserved for a lifetime.

1. Kiss Me in New York

Kiss Me in New York stands out as a premier choice for wedding photography and filmmaking, renowned for its masterful approach and exceptional quality. With a reputation for being graced by royal wedding approvals, this award-winning team is often showcased in leading bridal magazines. With their dexterity, your alluring memories will be shot with expertise that will reflect magical moments on your special day in captivating photos and films that you will keep close forever.

Ever the expert at making the Photography Experience one that everyone can enjoy Kiss Me in New York nails one of the fun and comfortable definitely a nice respite. Blending professionalism with a personal touch, ensures your wedding memories are not just documented, but exudes joy and with real emotions. Kiss Me in New York ensures that each and every couple can have their magical day memorialized just as it really is, and its importance.

2. Adam Barnes

Adam Barnes seamlessly blends his deep affection for people with a passion for capturing life’s most intimate moments. His work is a perfect fusion of artistic storytelling and technical precision, resulting in images that are both authentic and emotionally resonant. Utilizing both film and digital mediums, Adam crafts timeless visuals that beautifully preserve the essence of each moment. He has a keen eye for experimenting with light and shadows, always searching for the extraordinary within the ordinary. Adam draws his greatest inspiration from nature and human stories, which is evident in the captivating imagery he creates.

3. Abigail Lewis

Abigail L. Boeger is an experienced wedding photographer who serves clients from NYC to Los Angeles. Coming from a fine arts and design background, we are being surrounded by creative and artistic people every day. Abigail takes great pleasure in working alongside couples who are unafraid to be both true and weird. She creates a safe and relaxed space for a client to bring out the best in themselves in front of a camera. As a result, Abigail photographs heartwarming and precious moments that vividly portray the personalities and emotions of her clients.

4. Brittany Boote

A luxury wedding photographer who skillfully redefines traditional boundaries. With an extraordinary vision, she crafts captivating images that celebrate individuality, beauty, and deep connections. Each of Brittany’s photographs tells a personalized narrative that is properly fitted to the individual tale and style of every couple she works with.

5. Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Charlotte Jenks Lewis is a celebrated wedding photographer, distinguished by her romantic, playful, and elegant style. Her images exude an effortless, artful intimacy, capturing moments so candidly that they often feel delightfully spontaneous. With a keen eye and exceptional technical skill, Charlotte masterfully blends an understanding of light with a deep sensitivity to people. She excels at capturing both grand and subtle moments across diverse settings, from the sun-dappled corners of New York City to the picturesque coastal estates of New England.

6. Rachel Leiner

Rachel Leiner discovered her love of photography; feeling as though she had found a medium in which to express herself. When it all started as just a basic hobby, slowly it turned into a full-fledged career. Powered by I’m a hopeless romantic driven by a love of storytelling and all things pretty, Rachel is dedicated to crafting stunning, honest, and colourful images of love stories for hopeless romantics. With excellent perfection and responsibility, she records every minute and major moment of the big day carefully, so that each memory lies within the most honest and loveliest way.

7. Norman & Blake

Norman & Blake is the amazing photographic partnership of Shannen Norman and Emily Blake, who have over 20 years of combined expertise. This dynamic pair has traveled the globe, capturing a wide array of uniquely beautiful weddings. At the same time, located in New York, Norman & Blake provides services across Europe. Their complimentary aesthetic sensibilities result in a diversified and unique collection of wedding images that provide thorough and creative record of your special day.

8. Love Bears

Love Bears is a dynamic wedding photography pair that includes Fran, a great graphic designer, and Mils, a competent musician. They aim to cover everything and anything prompted by the exchanges of couples, with the sole goal of conserving the sentiments of the special moments that can be cherished for a lifetime. Their photography combines nostalgic, romantic, and modern elements with a touch of editorial, ensuring that each couple’s tale is correctly represented in their images. Love Bears strives to create unforgettable photographs that not only commemorate the day, but also tell the unique love story of each couple.

9. Emily Li

Emily Li is a seasoned wedding photographer recognized for creating stunning and elegant photographs of your special day. Meredith’s trademark style: the contemporary art of timeless storytelling, authentic moments captured with an easy elegance to those who are in front of Meredith’s lens, so every photograph is heartfelt and distinctive. Emily is amazing at documenting those real, candid memories on your wedding day while also creating stunning, editorial portraits. Her art captures the spirit of your love story and will serve as timeless souvenirs to be treasured forever.

10. Parkers Pictures

Parker is a wedding photographer specializing in capturing candid and organic moments using 35mm film. She arrives at each wedding equipped with 3-5 cameras featuring various lenses and mediums, ensuring every unique and extraordinary moment is documented. Based in New York City, Parker also offers Super 8 coverage in collaboration with a partner videographer. An experimental and playful approach to light and motion characterizes her images. Parker believes in less quantity, and more quality, in order to provide couples with beautiful, classic photos that all capture the essence of their big day.

11. Kindred

Kindred is a creative duo of artists and storytellers, Elle and Zach, who have a profound appreciation for the sacred, the whimsical, and the unexpected. They artfully and honestly celebrate modern romance through a blend of film and digital photography. The connection lies at the core of their work, and they aim to collaborate with clients who value the artistry of film and fine art. With a portfolio boasting over 200 weddings across the globe, from India to Costa Rica, Tulum to NYC, Elle and Zach bring a wealth of experience and a unique, artistic perspective to every wedding they capture.

12. Trent Bailey Studio

Uses a gentle and easygoing style to create softly timeless photos of your wedding day. Many of the clients who find them seek to hire because they appreciate their authentic yet powerful imagery, and because they KNOW they can trust their instincts about anticipating clients needs from experience. Trent, the studio’s creative power, has a good eye for capturing simple moments and finds inspiration in a range of settings and landscapes.

13. Samm Blake

A respected wedding photographer located in New York City, known for her significant expertise and distinct artistic style. Samm, who has a background in both photography and fine art, naturally mixes the two to capture situations in a sophisticated and beautiful manner. Her enthusiasm for emotionally charged photography motivates her to genuinely chronicle couples’ most memorable moments, both locally and beyond. With over 18 years of professional experience, Samm brings her particular editorial and artistic perspective to the wedding industry, resulting in timeless and emotive imagery.

14. Blake Nelson

Renowned for creating pictures that evoke cinematic poetry. He is an experienced professional with a well-curated eye who specializes in weddings, portraiture, fashion, and editorial photography. Blake draws inspiration from cinema, music, fashion, and the people around him to create a distinct perspective on his work, which is ultimately artistic.

15. Heather Waraksa

An award-winning wedding, fashion, and editorial photographer. Her passion of photography couples is evident in her ability to capture personal moments that feel alive and, if I may be so bold, sexual. Heather expertly mixes film and digital material, creating a lovely mixture of modern and old. Heather is recognized across the world for her warmth and strong eye for detail, whether she’s photographing moments in a 1920s movie palace in Los Angeles, a hillside in Tuscany, or a rustic tented safari bush camp.

Everything You Need to Know about NYC Wedding Photographers


Everything You Need to Know about NYC Wedding PhotographersYou plan all the NYC wedding for months but the day only comes once so you need a right photographer who can photograph those special moments to avail you will remember the rest of our life. Skilled photographers fill New York City, and selecting the right one can be daunting. Our directory of top-tier New York wedding photographer makes the search easier. By viewing photos from real New York City weddings, you can find wedding photographer whose styles match your vision.

How do you find a NYC wedding photographer?

Begin your hunt by researching online, reading reviews, and querying friends and family for references. What’s more, if you pop along to wedding fairs or flick through wedding magazines you’ll take a tumble of ideas that you might keeper as in short order as you walk into the room!

How much do NYC wedding photographers cost?

Cost is the biggest reason to keep in mind while selecting your NYC wedding event photographer. It is the same with any other photographer – how do I fit into your budget, and packages exist for every level of needs. Now it’s a bit of a game-changer when you realize the average cost of a wedding in New York City is about $77,000… and the photographer is still making a healthy slice of that sum. In order to assist in that endeavor, a rich investment towards a NYC wedding photographer is of value, as New York City is one of the most happening wedding capitals in any part of the world, and high costs of one service would translate to high costs of all services. Almost always the most expensive part of the wedding, behind the venue, band, and engagement ring NYC wedding photographer cost range from $2,000 – $6,000. Photographers can charge by the hour or the day, package deals, so look at what each package includes.

NYC Wedding Photographers’ Hourly Rates

Most of the best NYC wedding photographers charge per hour, with a minimum. Make sure this amount of time spans your entire wedding-your portraits, family shots, ceremony, and reception. If not, you can purchase more time for an additional fee. It is a cheaper option for short term events.

NYC Wedding Photographers’ Day Rates

Day rates can vary widely but generally range from $2,000 to $10,000 for a full day’s coverage.

NYC Wedding Photography Packages

Many safe top photographers will guide you fast and package to organise and them enable budget management on your wedding shoot. Most of the time a package will include a set amount of hours for the wedding day, an engagement shoot (sometimes able to be applied only to the rehearsal dinner), and a set amount of prints or a photo album.

How do you choose a wedding photography package?

Most couples search for New York wedding photography packages to make sure that element of the planning is taken care of quickly. While the best NYC wedding photographers generally offer packages, the specifics of each package will vary. As you search around for a wedding photographer in NYC, really evaluate whether or not you will even need what is in each package based on what your wedding day will look like.

How do you plan a wedding photography shot list?

The best tactic here is to put all the essential shots down like the precious moments, first kiss, first dance, and family photos. Give your photographer a heads-up on this to avoid missing out on all the great moments!

What are the best New York photoshoot locations?

New York may have a total of 37,000 officially designated landmarks, and even more unofficial landmarks out there, it understandable becomes on the list of cities to provide great wedding photography. You want some meaning behind the areas you select (as it is your relationship after all). Hint: If you both love the performing arts, Lincoln Center might be perfect for you, or if you first saw each other in Central Park, think about going back there for your photos. You must select your wedding photographer by the area where they operate in- the Brooklyn photographers being the best Brooklyn has, Manhattan photographers will know Manhattan better and so on and so forth. Chat with your photographer about a few places you would like to use in your local community, not only the inside of different rooms you occupy and outdoors locations with meaning. You definitely may have to work a bit harder to get indoor locations to agree to a shoot (whereas outdoor locations may present their own challenge with lighting).


Wedding seasons tend to get busy, most of us book a wedding photographer 9-12 months in advance to ensure they can do it.
A standard package may consist of 8 hours of coverage, 2nd shooter, engagement session, high res digital images, and an online gallery.
While many NYC wedding photographers include engagement sessions in their packages or as an add-on service.
Wedding photographers commonly require a contract for services and a non-refundable deposit to reserve your wedding date.