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Paris Elopement

Elope to the city of love, where iconic monuments, romantic streets, and timeless elegance provide the most enchanting backdrop to tell your vows. Whether it is an intimate celebration at the Eiffel Tower or simply a quiet garden, Paris is the place to be when you want to make your elopement experience truly you. The city sets a perfect mood for romanticism and picturesque beauty that complement the elopement with beautiful memories and some most beautiful shots.

Also, when you choose to elope in Paris, you opt for a more relaxed and easy experience. Elopement means getting rid of all the arduous management and planning a huge wedding entails. Elopement offers way more time to the couple to cherish their togetherness with each other, focusing more on what truly matters: your love and commitment to each other. Without the looming pressure that comes from large guest lists or elaborate logistics, and this will give you a serene and meaningful moment of celebration. An elopement in Paris is flexibly set up so you can make this special day entirely yours, from the location of the ceremony to your style as a bride, in accordance with your personality and taste.

An elopement in Paris can be more affordable than a regular wedding. With fewer guests and simpler preparations, resources can be spared to make memories never to be forgotten, like a romantic dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant or a private boat ride along the Seine. Its renowned mix of offers and diversity in first-class service makes the city traverse easily to prepare a luxurious elopement that will go heavy on your pocket. All-inclusive or do-it-yourself, Paris is the place for that beautiful and stress-free wedding celebration.

Why Eloping to Paris?

Eloping in Paris is a blend of beauty, romance, and simplicity with a touch of great elegance from the city. The city of love, with the icons like the Eiffel Tower and the famous Seine River, brings an intimate picturesque background while saying vows. Eloping in Paris means you do not have to think of anything but your better half and the moment. The enchanting feel of Paris further enriches the experience; lovebirds have personal, unforgettable memories that mirror the love story.

An elopement to Paris also accrues substantial financial and logistical benefits. With a significantly smaller guest list and much fewer logistical requirements, one can transfer the savings into creating special experiences such as enjoying a Michelin-starred gourmet dinner or a private shoot at some of the most epic locations in Paris. Such a strategy will take away a lot of pressure to undertake what can be one of the most jarring experiences and allow the couple to really bask in their day without the pressures of orchestrating a big event. The savings on the budget and decreased complexity in planning make an elopement to Paris a good choice for every couple coming up with a more personal and perhaps low-budget sort of revelation.

Paris offers plenty of ways to make your ceremony feel personalized. If you envision your ceremony taking place on a rooftop with views across the city or being chic in charm, or maybe it’s an intimate, cozy exchange of vows in one of the city’s hidden garden terraces, which already feel so very Parisian, we can find them. In a rich history, in its beautiful and artistic streets, in its patrimony, one can find thousands of ways in order to contrive a wedding day just how it should be, in your own visions. Elope in Paris does not just offer a mix of love and travel; it will be the best romantic adventure that will mark your day one day together in the rest of your life, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

6 Great Reasons for a Paris Elopement

Eloping to Paris comes with a number of virtues that should make it very appealing to couples who want a romantic and stress-free wedding. The number one reason that you should escape to Paris is the fact that you have an opportunity to focus simply on both of you. From charming gardens to hidden rooftops, the scene in the city is ideal for an intimate ceremony—just the two of you. Couples are far away from enthusiastic relatives and loud friends, and to be in the moment without much distraction, thus making the ceremony really personal and private.

One great reason to elope in Paris is that there is far less stress than what goes along with planning a traditional wedding. Coordinating vendors, managing a guest list, and organizing such a grand event are all complex and duties that may become overwhelming. Parisian elopements, on the other hand, streamline the whole process, thus leaving the couple a chance to partake in the candid event with minimal stress. A couple will get to concentrate on their love and appreciate the beauty around them, considering that all is well taken care of logistically by experienced local vendors who offer all-inclusive packages.

The other reason that drives one to really opt for an eloping wedding may be the cost of hosting a wedding: catering, venue charges, and other charges may push costs astray in a traditional wedding. This way, they are able to use their wedding budget in order to splurge on experiences that will last a lifetime, such as a meal in a Michelin restaurant or a rented boat for private viewing of the Seine. In this way, one can enjoy the aristocracy and elegance of Paris without money stress from a grand wedding—a memorable day one can afford.

Just the Two of Us

Running off in Paris is the perfect, intimate, and romantic experience a lover could wish for. The city of love is just the ticket for lovers who want nothing between them but themselves—no distractions, no sizeable wedding ado. Vows under the Eiffel Tower or along the Seine River: just imagine how memorable and personal that can be.

Less Stress

Traditional weddings can be so stressful to plan from the number of invited guests to coordinating vendors. A Paris elopement keeps things easy peasy and light so that the day can majorly be for you and your better half. The tranquil settings of Parisian gardens and landmarks can make your wedding day feel like a relaxing time of love.

Lower Budget

Eloping to Paris can actually end up costing less than a traditional wedding because you are eloping. With fewer guests and simpler logistics, after all, one might very well spend the same amount of money on important details to make the memories unforgettable. Maybe a Michelin starred restaurant for dinner or a private boat ride along the famous Seine.

Paris is Always a Good Idea

Being timeless and elegant, Paris is the perfect place for an elopement. The icon, the typical streets, and even the rich history have created a myriad of photo opportunities filled with magic that one needs to experience. The Louvre and the quiet charm of Montmartre to name a few make Paris a very picturesque setting that speaks volumes of your very own wedding day.

Do It Your Way!

To elope in Paris would be to put your own style on your wedding day. Be it on a chic rooftop with a view of the Eiffel Tower or in a hidden Parisian garden—the flexibility of making this day truly yours is.

Travel Bugs

For travel loving couples, an elopement to Paris marries both the excitement of a wedding day and the adventure of a vacation. You’ll be visiting the best museums in the world, enjoying the most delicious food, and hunting for treasures the best elopement ever.

Paris Elopement or Paris Wedding?

The decision between eloping in Paris and having a wedding in Paris will actually set the tone for your wedding. Both have a plethora of benefits, but they are so very different from one another and pull on the ends of very attractions the city of love offers. Paris elopements come with so many aspects that make them quiet, peaceful, and tension-free, and tranquility will often bestow the couple when they are able to focus on their love. Paris weddings permit couples both the charm and sophistication that this city oozes and the capacity to hold a traditional level of celebration with a little flair in being able to share the magic of Paris with loved ones. To actually know the differences between the two can really guide you towards which way is going to be the best one for your dream wedding.

Paris Elopement

An elopement typically involves a couple quietly slipping away, often in secret, to get married. They might invite a few close friends or family members for support. There are no strict rules regarding the location, attire, schedule, or food for an elopement. The couple has the freedom to create their special day exactly as they wish, whenever and however they choose.

Paris Wedding

A Paris wedding is incorporating modern elements such as invitations, ceremonies, florists, receptions, music, and planning. However, they offer more flexibility than standard weddings. This venue is just ideal for those couples who want to enjoy their big day or weekend with their nearest and dearest people.

Paris Elopement Packages

Planning the perfect elopement to Paris involves making sure every detail matches your dreams: from the ceremony, which will be under the Eiffel Tower, to this charming hotel to celebrate your nice and stress-free event. Most couples choose all-inclusive elopement packages. These packages help ensure that one is adequately planned with all services and requirements, ranging from the officiant to the photographer, and at times even a car service or dinner reservation. In choosing an elopement package, one is able to focus on the details and intimacy of their special day, leaving all logistics to the pros.

A Paris elopement package can be packed with varied tastes and budgets. The Essential Elopement Package normally includes all of the essentials required to ensure you have a beautiful ceremony without the headache of organizing lots of vendors. The Platinum Elopement Package adds a few more indulgences and customized touches to the mix for truly unforgettable elopements. These practical no-worry packages help keep the magic intact while eloping in the most romantic city in the world.

Stress-Free & All-Inclusive Package for Your Elopement in Paris

Planning a last minute elopement in a foreign city can be daunting, but with our stress free all inclusive packages, a Parisian elopement is definitely within reach. Packages are extremely thorough and elaborately arranged to take care of a detail on the preparation of your magic day. Starting from finding the perfect location, planning of photography and florals, and up to transportation, all those services make it possible for you to concentrate on each other and enjoy the magic of Paris.

To book an all inclusive package is to embrace simplicity in luxury. From accommodations to all details of an elopement, professionals have your back. An elopement package is tailored to fit your needs and desires. It is not just saving you from the hassle of planning but also ensuring that your perfect elopement in one of the greatest romantic cities in the world will.

Essential Elopement Package

The Essential Elopement Package covers all the basics for a memorable Paris elopement. This usually includes a ceremony officiant, photographer, bouquet, and boutonniere basically, everything that a couple may need for an exquisite, hassle free ceremony.

Platinum Elopement Package

The Platinum Elopement Package goes a notch higher and features additional services, including a videographer, bride’s hair and makeup services, a privately rented car, and a nice reservation for a romantic dinner. This is well placed for couples who want to have the best of experiences that come with a Parisian elopement, ensuring that very many things are meticulously taken care of.

How to Plan Your Paris Elopement Day?

In planning your Paris elopement, you are about to find just the perfect balance between the romantic, adventurous, and organized. You step into this exciting adventure, and the magic is all in the perfect preparation when getting the necessary documents for legality and choosing the location. In the following guide, we will step you through bit by bit on all the most important elements of planning your Paris elopement to help you create a day that is memorable and stress-free.

Choose a date and put everything in order in terms of having your legal paperwork done. Paris is a city of administrative traditions, so pre-planning is necessary in order to not be stressed at the end. After you have selected the date and everything is fine from the legal point of view, shift to pleasanter issues: the location and many more, including one of the numerous picturesque places, symbolizing your love story, whether under the well-known Eiffel Tower, or in the lovely gardens of Montmartre.

  1. Opt for a Symbolic Ceremony: It’s much less stressful than legally getting married in Paris.
  2. Stay Connected: Download WhatsApp, Zoom, and Skype. These apps are the easiest way to communicate with your vendors. Remember to account for time differences when reaching out.
  3. Budget Wisely: Create a budget using Google Docs. Start with your desired total spend, then gather data on the costs of your dream elopement elements, including outfits and travel. Adjust your budget as needed, keeping in mind the exchange rate between Euros and your home currency.
  4. Celebrate “Your” Day: Make the day reflect what both of you want. Even if it seems untraditional or “weird,” it’s your day. You are the writers, producers, directors, and stars of your own movie—make it what you’ve always dreamed of.
  5. Book Early: Reserve your flight and hotel early, especially the flight. Tickets will become more expensive over time, with a general rule of thumb being to book around 10 months in advance.
  6. Start Planning Early: While a small elopement offers more flexibility than a wedding, good vendors and venues still get booked out. Start planning early to lock in the dates and services you need. Then relax and enjoy the process.
  7. Create a Pinterest Board: Pin anything about Paris that inspires you—locations, hotels, dresses, florals, hairstyles, decor, and design. This helps communicate your aesthetic to your planner or vendors.
  8. Make the Trip About You: Plan your entire trip around what you both love. Whether it’s a helicopter ride over Paris, a walking tour of Montmartre, or a champagne dinner at a Lido show, make every experience memorable and stress-free. Avoid tourist traps unless they truly interest you.
  9. Pamper Yourself with a Spa Day: If you are out for it, go overboard with a couple’s massage session and the whole spa deal. It feels so relaxing and nurturing to the pleasure of life when getting ready to honeymoon.
  10. Surround yourself with French culture: Read as much as possible about the background of French and Parisian history. Maybe even be able to take some conversational French lessons on Duolingo. Dine at French restaurants, listen to French music, and watch Paris-based movies.
  11. Involve Your Family: If your close family and loved ones can’t be there, keep them involved through sharing photos, videos, and messages. Arrange to have a “We did it” call or pic with your marriage license sent out. An intimate dinner party at home, either after the wedding or even before—friends, family, and a slideshow of recorded wedding photos.
  12. Livestream Your Ceremony: Keep friends and family involved by live-streaming your ceremony via FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype. An associate can help with filming or live-streaming on your iPhone, as well as assist with your dress, bouquet, and personal items. Hiring an associate for about 100 Euros per hour is money well spent.
  13. Make a Wedding Announcement: At the end of your trip, select your most iconic photo and announce to the world that now you are Mr. & Mrs.
  14. Don’t Stress: Remember that everything does not always go as planned, but worry not. After all, one of the great reasons for an elopement is to remove stress. With a guest list of two, you have lots of flexibility to navigate any challenges that arise.
  15. Get in Touch with Kiss Me in Paris: We’ve photographed thousands of clients and planned amazing Paris elopements. We’d love to have you join our family of happy couples! You can find our elopement collections. If you’re interested in planning services, reach out to us, and let’s get on the phone to answer your questions. We have a glass of champagne waiting for you in Paris!

Now that the basics are set, it’s the small details that will give your elopement character and truly distill it down to being completely your own. You might work with a locally based event planner, or maybe even book an all-inclusive elopement package. These professionals can take your logistics from transport to the vendors, leaving you to savor the abundance of your day. Remember, planning your attire, photography, and any additional experiences like a romantic dinner or a private tour will add personal touches that make your Paris elopement truly unforgettable.

When to Elope in Paris?

Having a great plan can ensure a perfect time for eloping in Paris and that the experience is quite unforgettable. Just like everywhere in the city of love, there is a certain charm and atmosphere changing with the seasons, holidays, and the hour of the day. Having knowledge of some of the best times to schedule your elopement in Paris will still allow you to capture the beauty of the city in the best manner possible, with flawless and magical celebrations. Perhaps you dream of a springtime ceremony amidst blooming flowers, a summer elopement in the middle of the long, golden days, or a cozy winter surrounded by festive lights—Paris provides an irresistible backdrop every time of year.

When planning the Paris elopement of your dreams, think of a lot of things, including weather, tourist crowds, and local events. Timing the elopement right can only bring more romance and serenity to your day, giving you the time to be indulged deeply into the magic of Paris.

Seasons in Paris

Each season in Paris offers a unique atmosphere for an elopement. Spring is the season of beautiful flowers and good weather; summer days are long and sunny; autumn is colorful with its foliage, while winter is decorated for festivity and holidays. Select your favorite of the four depending on your elopement vision.

Holidays in France

The city of love, Paris; just imagine an elopement in each season. Each bears a different ambiance, from the flowers in spring and the mildness of weather through the long sunny days of summer, across the golden autumn trees, and until the very intimate, cozy winter full of festive Christmas decorations. So choose the season according to which one will fit your envisioned elopement the best.

When During Your Trip

Decide whether you want to elope to Paris at the beginning, in the middle, or towards the end of your travels. They’ve all got their benefits starting the trip off with the elopement allows you to relax into your honeymoon. Ending with the ceremony can be quite the grand finale to your visit. Just in case, plan accordingly to assure yourself that the day will be stress-free for preparation and enjoyment.

Elopement Location for Your Wedding Ceremony

There are literally dozens of stunning locations in Paris where you can hold your elopement ceremony. To get an idea, consider. Each of these locations offers a very different setting; as such, be sure to select one that speaks to your style and vision. Be sure to check ahead for any permits or fees associated with the location you chose.

Eloping in Paris with Great Timing

Timing is a crucial factor for the seamless elopement of the mind. There is even light for the photograph during the early mornings and late afternoons, and at that time, well-known places show much less crowd. Do plan the ceremony and the photography session at these hours to catch the aesthetics of Paris in its full ways. Moreover, do plan the timing of elopement according to your itinerary for the whole vacation to remain smooth and enjoyable.

How to Find the Best Paris Elopement Vendors?

It is very important to have the right vendors for your elopement in Paris so that you can just enjoy your perfect wedding day. Be it a really good photographer capturing the intimate moments between the two of you or a great officiant to guide the ceremony, you better make sure it is a reliable professional with experience so that everything runs smoothly on your elopement. Paris, with its wedding services, can be quite overwhelming, but deep research and careful planning help you find the vendors matching your vision and needs.

One of the very first steps toward choosing the right vendors is to outline and prioritize your expenditure. Decide what is important to you: breathtaking photography, beautiful floral decor, or seamless coordination. With a sense of your highest priorities, then, research elopement-specific vendors with a stellar reputation. Use online resources, reviews, and recommendations from other couples to help compile a list of potentials.

Think of the benefits of an all-inclusive package. Most of the time, vendors well trusted and working well together will be bundled in these packages, therefore reducing the overwhelming stress that planning can put on a couple, guaranteeing your elopement will be handled professionally. This way, you won’t need to worry about organizing all the services just make the most of your day in Paris.

DIY Elopement Planning

Research and find service providers early. Get good quality photographers, officiants, and florists who specialize in elopements. Use online reviews, experiences, and recommendations to find good service provider quality who will deliver on your vision of the day.

All-Inclusive Elopement Packages

Watch for all inclusive elopement packages to eliminate stress; they literally include every service imaginable, right down to the officiant, photographer, and flowers. This is especially intended to make the process efficient so you really enjoy your special day without the stress of logistics.

Paris Elopement Photographer

One of the most important, though, is the selection of the right photographer for your Paris elopement, who will be sure to capture the day beautifully and timelessly. Find a photographer sharing your technical and artistic sensibilities, who is familiar with the unique charm of this city and knows best how to translate it to your images. The city of Paris, with its beautiful architecture, romantic streets, and iconic landmarks, offers a perfect backdrop to capture your wedding moments.

This is where experience meets creativity: An experienced elopement photographer has shot many in and around the city, knowing the best elopement venues, which sessions get the best light at a certain time of day, and even how to navigate the streets of busy Paris to make sure you get moments with just the two of you no disturbances in sight. All these inside tips make this whole experience much less stressful, so you can really refocus on each other and the importance of your time in Paris.

Another source of connection should be your style and vision for the elopement, which the photographer will get and will be on the same page with you: candid shots with spontaneous joy; artistic compositions reflecting the beauty of Paris; something classic and elegant; or any other way you would like yours to be. Their ability to grasp your vision and deliver it will ensure your elopement photos are not just pictures but will be cherished as part of your loving story and magic of your Parisian adventure.

How to Choose the Right Paris Photographer

  • Review Their Portfolio: Check their previous portfolio for assurance that their artistic style resonates with you. It gives you an idea of the quality and style of photos you are likely to get.
  • Assess Their Experience: Look at their experience level. Do they have a strong portfolio of events, or are they relatively new? It’s crucial to choose an experienced photographer who has covered numerous events, ensuring they won’t miss any special moments during your elopement celebration.
  • Consider Their Local Knowledge: Ideally, your photographer should be local to Paris. Local photographers are familiar with the city’s nuances and hidden gems, beyond the popular tourist spots, where unique and magical photos can be captured.
  • Read Reviews: Check out reviews from previous clients. Feedback from others can provide valuable insights into what it’s like to work with the photographer and the quality of their service.
  • Reach Out: Contact the photographer to help with your decision. Send an email or schedule a call to see how responsive they are. Ensure they answer everything you want to know and really make you feel comfortable around them because, at the end of the day, you will have to spend a good deal of time with them during your wedding.
  • Plan for Weekdays: If possible, schedule your Paris elopement on a weekday. Photographers often reserve Saturdays and Sundays for full wedding days, so you’ll have more flexibility and availability during the week.

Skills & Experience

Once in a lifetime moments need an expert and experienced photographer who documents your Paris elopement with magic. Well, it’s sometimes important to make sure your photographers are specialized in elopements. Just make sure you see portfolios you resonate with; their expertise ensures that your photos capture the beauty and emotion of your special day.

Totally Your Style

Your elopement photographer should understand and capture your unique style. Have a conversation with any potential photographers about whether you prefer candid shots, artistic compositions, or classic portraits to ensure that your elopement images will meet your vision.

Question of Time

Consider how much time you want to book out for photography on your elopement day. Some couples will want a short session on this one, but for others, they will want it to last all day long. Discuss your timeline with your photographer to be sure he’s able to accommodate your needs and record all key parts.

Paris Elopement Bridal Style

When considering eloping in Paris, the bridal style is capturing the vibe of romance, elegant simplicity, and what the city itself radiates. Parisian fashion is easy and timeless, being that it should inspire the look you select for your wedding day. Some of the details that bring out personal style yet harmonized with the enchanting backdrops of Paris include choosing the perfect dress and coordinating hair and makeup.

But by far the best part of an elopement to Paris is just how free you are to craft a seriously stress-free bridal look. There’s no one you have to listen to, because there’s no traditional wedding. That means, for this day, you get to choose comfort. Think styles that are comfortable but chic, so you can just be. Think a draped dress, natural makeup, and subtle accessories that simply enhance your beauty.

Make sure you’ve built enough time into your elopement-day timeline to get ready in a relaxed, fun way. Start with a peaceful morning routine, followed by an easygoing session with that city-based hair and makeup artist who knows Parisian wedding style like no other. It will guarantee that you look perfect and will let everything sink in, allowing you to enjoy this magic Parisian adventure.

Less Stress

Have an elopement in Paris and you’ve got the simplest approach to bridal style. Go with the gown that makes you feel most you, with no mind to stereotypes of traditional bridal. The vibe here is all about elegance and simplicity, so choose a look that represents that ethos.


Make elopement day timelines with details such as getting ready, ceremony time, photography time, and of course, everything you have on your plan for the rest of the day; that way, the flow of activities will be right, and every moment is enjoyed without rush.

Bridal Style

Your wedding style should reflect not only your personal taste but also the romantic ambiance of Paris. Whether you choose a classic gown or a chic cocktail dress is totally up to you; make sure it’s one that oozes the very setting of just what you want and one you feel awesome in.

Lasting Look

Opt for timeless and elegant bridal looks that will stand the test of time in your photos. Classic hairstyles, natural makeup, and simple yet sophisticated accessories are perfect for a Paris elopement, ensuring you look back on your photos with fond memories.

Paris Wedding Flowers

Your elopement would be highly complemented by flowers, so choose in-season blooms that would suit Paris’s romantic ambiance. Classic selections might include roses, peonies, and lilies for some sophistication on the day. Work with a florist to get a bouquet and boutonniere made to suit your style and the setting.

Elegant Eiffel Tower Elopement with a Vintage French Car

A vintage classic French car will add extra classic charm to your elopement. So hiring a restored classic French car that will drive you to the location will be the exceptional experience itself and, at the same time, can give you very great photo opportunities against the classic Parisian backdrop.

Paris Ceremony Music

The music will set the tone for the mood at your splendid elopement ceremony. Come up with and select tracks or musical pieces that hold a special meaning for you as a pair and ooze and convey the enchanting spirit of Paris. Whether it is the live musician playing classical French melodies or your favorite playlist synchronized with the ceremony, music truly intensifies the emotional impact of your ceremony.

What Else You Need to Prepare for Your Paris Elopement?

Eloping to Paris is not just about booking the venues and hiring the vendors; there is more to it. It is this kind of preparation that adds in all the quality one desires to have the day move with the least hitches possible. These could be the details from legal documents to personal touches that are quite literally needed to write up an elopement. Planning this part in time will leave you room to really enjoy your elopement day without any pressure or unexpected difficulties.

The first thing that you should do is make sure that you have all the needed legal papers for your elopement in Paris. Passports, birth certificates, affidavits, and/or translations might be necessary according to the different nationalities of the couple and the specifics of the ceremony. You should do as much research as possible into what the different requirements may be and you need to allow plenty of time for collection and processing. Local guidance or a wedding planner will offer an opportunity to get all this information about legalities.

Then add personal elements to make this elopement your own. Personalized vows, symbolic of the experiences you have had as a couple and what you’re looking forward to in the future, are a really lovely touch. Add in some symbolism by yourself, perhaps including unity candles or a special sand ceremony, and grab things such as a guest book or a custom wedding album in which to keep your memories safe from your special day in this city of love.

Paris Elopement Outfit: Wedding Dress & Tux

It does sound very exciting, picking out the perfect wedding dress and the right tuxedo for your elopement in Paris. Being a city known for its flair and fashion, an outfit in Paris should really be about the romance of the day and the style of the city. Whether you are partial to pure elegance from the thirties vintage or are looking for something modern and unique, Paris has abundant choices that will create self-confidence in being beautiful.

As concerns getting your wedding dress, Paris has several bridal boutiques and men’s wear shops with nice designs. For a bride, the option of customizing a dress or making rent boils the dress down to preference and practicality. There are a lot of nice designs offered by the local designers and boutiques, which is guaranteed to fit perfectly not only your size but the magical canvas that is Paris. Grooms are not to be left behind, for they will have to don their best fitting in the best attires from tux to a more modern look.

Traveling with your wedding attire does take some pre-planning in order for them to arrive in good condition. A good investment in a garment bag for that incredible dress or tux is absolutely worth the protection it will provide throughout the travel. If it’s at all possible, bring the outfit on board as a carry-on to eliminate the potential of an unfortunate incident with your luggage. As soon as you get to Paris, have your attire professionally pressed or steamed, so that on your big day, you will look your best. With some thought and effort put into planning, you can enjoy the magic of your Paris elopement looking and feeling your absolute best.

Where to Rent or Buy Your Dress?

Renting or buying a dress for your elopement in Paris is easy with the many stores and ateliers throughout the city. Whether you are in search of haute couture or would like to find some local, charming store, you will absolutely have a wide choice of those in Paris—the ultimate epitome of bridal elegance and class. The most famous include Pronovias, Cymbeline, and Delphine Manivet. These boutiques present an erratic mix of gowns fit for every style, from the classic and romantic look to the modern and chic. Ensure schedule appointments early, and there’s enough time for fitting and alterations, because these are indispensable to get the perfect fit.

Many rental services in Paris offer a solution for a bride who has no time to run around looking for a dress to be used for a day or, for sure, wants to keep their style in check. Companies like Mademoiselle Rent and Graine de Coton have a range of beautiful gowns available for rent on a short-term basis, allowing you to work rented items into your budget without looking anything less than fabulous on your big day. This is the perfect idea for brides who want to avoid the inconvenience of an extra piece of luggage at the airport, or people in search of a more conscious option. Such services, along with professional fitting, are not lacking in proper tailoring so you feel and look your best on this special day.

How to Travel with Your Wedding Outfits?

Traveling with your wedding outfits requires careful planning. Invest in a quality garment bag to protect your dress and tux during transit. If possible, carry them on the plane to avoid any potential mishaps with checked luggage. Ensure your outfits are properly packed and consider any necessary alterations upon arrival.

Where to Rent or Buy Your Suit?

Paris is home to excellent tailors and menswear shops where you can rent or buy a stylish suit for your elopement. Look for options that offer customization to ensure a perfect fit. Plan ahead to allow time for fittings and any last-minute adjustments.


Paris being the city of love, beautiful architecture, and picture-perfect places, long has it been synonymous with the most idealistic and romantic private and unforgettable elopement location.
You don’t really need it, but it truly helps. They do so much of the legwork, logistics, and permitting for you and contact the vendors.
France requires a minimum of 40 days of residency as preparation for a UK couple’s wedding, and as such, many of the couples have symbolic ceremonies in Paris and do the legal bit back in Blighty.
Each season draws in a different way, but spring and fall are particularly popular because of the mild, sunny climate at that time and the ensuing attractive scenery.
We would suggest that planning and booking should begin at least six months ahead, as only then will you be able to assure a date, venue, and, say, the best vendors.
Choose attire that reflects your personal style and complements the romantic setting. Many brides opt for elegant yet comfortable dresses, while grooms often wear tailored suits.
Yes, you will be able to organize a religious ceremony in one of the many beautiful churches or chapels in Paris, but this really does take quite a lot of work to arrange and set up with local religious authorities.