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Elopement Wedding

What is an Elopement Wedding?

Elopement weddings are even more intimate and so much less formal because the celebration is only between you; there is no need to invite a large audience. Elopements are typically done in secret, but nowadays, eloping for a wedding would mean simplicity and intimacy without the pressure and expenses of a grand church wedding. Most wedding venues are special because they are a specific couple’s unique connection and vow to each other.

Elopements, once seen as impulsive, are now recognized as thoughtful and intentional choices reflecting societal shifts in views on marriage and autonomy. The simplicity, lower cost, and profoundly personal nature attract many couples. Eloping allows for a focus on each other without the distractions of a traditional wedding and can add a sense of adventure when choosing unique or exotic locations.

The elopement photographer will always take charge of the epic photos and stunning moments to be captured. The ideal place for a small wedding ceremony or elopement is usually forgettable. But it would be best if you never forgot your vows, whether you’re in a small room or out there amidst beautiful landscapes.

How to Plan an Elopement Wedding in 13 Simple Steps

There is elopement for the previous and walking down the aisle in the latter; this was better stated as planning an elopement is the same as planning a traditional wedding. The only difference is in scale. Here are 13 simple steps to help you plan your perfect elopement.

1. Imagine Your Elopement Day

Imagine Your Elopement Day

Visualizing your secret wedding is the first step in wedding planning. Consider the wedding venue, atmosphere, and setting—beach at sunset, mountaintop at sunrise, or forest clearing. Think about attire, decor, and personal touches to make the elopement ceremony uniquely yours. This vision will guide all subsequent decisions.

Discuss with your partner what your dream elopement wedding looks like. Decide on activities and traditions and whether you want a simple or elaborate intimate ceremony. Defining your vision early ensures all decisions align with your goals.

Choose a theme or style that resonates with both of you; make it cohesive and personal for your intimate wedding. Some stylistic or thematic examples I am talking about include bohemian, vintage, modern, and rustic. You can always get inspired online or in magazines or follow the stories of other couples marrying intimately or eloping in a distant location.

2. Calculate the Cost of Your Elopement

Calculate the Cost of Your Elopement

Although elopements are much more inexpensive than traditional weddings, proper budgeting is essential. Consider the travel, accommodation, attire, photography, and licensing costs, if required. Consider the price of a celebratory meal or a small reception, should you have one in mind. It is setting a realistic budget that assures you of enjoyment for your special day with minimum financial worries.

Some expenses for elopements include:

  • Beauty services (average 350 Euros) – For your private wedding day, it’s highly advisable to hire professional beauty services. This is likely the day you’ll be photographed the most, and you’ll present your best self. This celebration extends beyond just the two of you, encompassing all your loved ones with your beautiful pictures! While love gives you a natural glow, a bit of expertly applied highlighter certainly enhances it!
  • Transportation (average 100 Euros per hour)—This covers conveyance from your accommodation to the wedding day venue and then throughout the documentation. Opt for a vehicle with a chauffeur. It’s your secret wedding day, the perfect occasion for a touch of luxury you might opt out of. Sure, waiting for an Uber is fine, but there’s something extraordinary about stepping into a chauffeured vehicle ready to assist you.
  • Vintage Car (average 300 Euros per hour)—Imagine arriving in a fancy sports car in red or an exciting macaron-colored beetle, or perhaps a white Phantom or even a chartered vessel for two. For the truly adventurous, why not a Vespa? A unique getaway vehicle for your newlywed photo shoot adds fun and provides Instagram-worthy moments!
  • Florist – Floral arrangements for your secret wedding day can be easy, starting at around 170 Euros, with costs varying based on flower choice. Seasonal flowers are more budget-friendly. Warm moments for summer, rich tones for fall, and soft pink for spring—bright pink peonies in Paris are divine. Bouquets in shades of white, cream, and other light colors are a popular choice. It’s the little details that matter! Ensure the groom has a matching boutonniere to complement the bouquet.
  • Musician (300 euros): On a small wedding day or elopement, this live musician can bring all the vibes that no other element can. Be it a guitarist, a violinist, a saxophonist, or a harpist, nothing indeed sets better than the way the music does. Now, imagine approaching the altar with your special music played by a musician—it is fantastic!
  • Cake (average 130 Euros) – As the famous saying goes, In the City Of Love, this is quite literal, with patisseries on nearly every corner. People from Paris love sweets. Even if your private wedding is just for two, indulge in a fancy cake or add a touch of France with a luxury cake. These choices will beautifully and deliciously enhance the sweetheart table.

Searching for these providers is as easy as browsing the online wedding vendor options presented above, getting advice from buddies and relatives, or searching Instagram.

3. Make Your Guest List

Make Your Guest List

Elopements are intimate, often just involving the couple and a few close loved ones. Decide who you want to share this moment with, if anyone, to maintain the personal nature of your elopement. Discuss your plans with potential guests to manage expectations.

Communicate your reasons for eloping with family and friends to address any potential disappointment. Emphasize that your decision is about creating a meaningful experience, not excluding anyone.

A small guest list allows you to focus on the moment and your connection, making the ceremony more emotional and memorable.

4. Pick Your Date and Time of Year

If you choose a public elopement location for your secret wedding, the ideal time becomes essential. Plan your elopement day around excellent light—basically, experience the natural cycle of the sun. Please avoid the brutal light of the afternoon when the sunshine is at its apex, as this can significantly impact your great-looking photos.

  • The crack of dawn or Morning—As determined by the season, the City of Love can get quite busy during the day. To avoid many people and have iconic architectural sites to yourselves, start your intimate wedding early. This is an excellent idea for those wanting a peaceful and stress-free elopement experience.
  • Evening or Dusk—The golden hour offers intimate lighting, providing the perfect setting for epic photos. This moment is ideal for capturing the magic of your intimate wedding ceremony.
  • The Balanced Distribution—If you want both intimate connections and the intimate evening light for your secret wedding, consider splitting your elopement day. Have a morning private event and a delightful breakfast celebration, then enjoy an evening elopement photography session capped off with a gourmet feast for two. It’s a win-win and makes for an Unforgettable elopement!

5. Hire Your Specialized Elopement Photographer & Planner

Hire Your Specialized Elopement Photographer & Planner

Your Paris elopement photographer and elopement videographer are already among the best investments you will make. Your stunning photos will capture the magic of your secret wedding day.

Sharing these elopement photography moments with friends and relatives back home will make them feel a part of your intimate wedding celebration. And what’s better for your elopement reveal than an iconic Instagram “Just Hitched” photo from your unforgettable elopement location?

6. Pick Your Ceremony Location

Pick Your Ceremony Location

When you put together a secret wedding plan, getting the location just right is crucial. Whether you envision a small public park elopement or a more luxurious and private space, the area will have a huge bearing on your memory of the elopement day. Think through your budget and style and the type of experience you’d love to have as you look at elopement location upon location in search of an excellent backdrop for your unforgettable elopement.

General Site (No-Cost)

Public locations are community spaces such as parks, monuments, or street corners. The primary advantage is that they are typically free. However, there are limitations. You may be restricted by the location’s schedule and the presence of crowds. There might be passersby, and there’s usually no contingency for rain, nor can you decorate.

If you’re open to a few lookie-loos or can manage the time constraints, a public venue might be less expensive. Alternately, if it does rain—you can always wait ten minutes for it to blow by or fully embrace the adventure of rain in celebration—one that might bring some unique stories and photos.

  • Most general areas are suitable for the event only, not the party. However, an outdoor garden party in a general park can allow you to host both the ceremony and reception in one location.
  • Alternatively, the official ceremony will be succeeded by a documentation opportunity and a commemorative reception. At a restaurant.

Public spaces offer more space for small vow reaffirmations. However, larger parties may need a paid venue.

Restricted Site (With Cost)

Private locations often provide alternative or covered spaces for weather problems and typically require us to pay, which can range from minimal to substantial.

Most private venues can host all of the events, offering stress-free elopement packages.

Some private options include:

  • Your hotel’s panoramic terrace
  • French manor house
  • A church
  • A private venue
  • A cultural institution
  • A natural setting

Private venues are ideal if you prefer the freedom to personalize the ceremony and reception, have a big event, or want a more deluxe setup. They are a worthwhile investment for those seeking a more intimate and controlled environment.

General or Exclusive

Which is better? It is subject to your financial constraints. Is it going to be luxury, chic, or bohemian?

Consider the venue choices in our instructions, your vision for the elopement, and your budget before deciding.

A planner can be beneficial here. They understand the streets and their locations well, can find the best value, and show you the maximized choices that fit your situation and budget.

Best Eiffel Tower Private Wedding Event Sites

Close your eyes and try to visualize the City Of Love. It’s the image of the Iconic Tower, one of the symbols of the capital city, possibly one of the best-known monuments in the world. It stars in hundreds of romantic movies, one of which will be your movie about your elopement.

Have a Private Wedding at Iconic Tower – 5 No-Cost Elopement Event Venues with an Eiffel Tower View

  • Trocadero

Just imagine walking down President Wilson Avenue until you arrive at the place The Chaillot Theatre, where you turn up the monochrome Trocadero Platform. Suddenly, you are facing the panoramic sight of the iconic tower. That is the moment almost everyone begins crying.

Trocadero is one of the classic, breathtaking, intimate ceremony destinations. Whether close to the top platform, in the gardens to both sides, or close to the graceful fountains dancing at its feet, the Iconic Tower will stand majestically among the central features in your elopement photos.

  • Champs de Mars

The giant grass lawn extends from below the iconic landmark to the famous Military School. Famous for one big movie, it is a beautiful place to hold a ceremony, directly under the Iconic Tower, surrounded by seasonal flowers and greenery.

  • Bridges – Alexander III or Debilly

The two of them provide stunning scenes of the iconic landmark, also the renowned river. The Bridge is nearer to the Tower, while this renowned bridge is more picturesque and famously featured in one particular movie.

  • Bir Hakeim

A short stroll from Trocadero, the Bir Hakeim Bridge boasts symmetrical columns and was featured in a movie. Nearby, an alcove offers a perfect spot for an event with the scenery of the iconic tower and the river.

  • Seine River

There is no better view of the iconic tower than from a romantic walk along the beautiful river. It divides Paris into two parts: the left bank is dry and intellectual, and the right is bohemian and relaxed—perfect reason in this place for an intimate ceremony.

Elope at the Iconic Tower: 5 Exclusive Elopement Venues with The Tower Scenery

The main difference between public and private locations for your destination weddings lies in the price and customization. Public venues are accessible but offer limited control over events and accessibility, which can disrupt your carefully planned day.

On the other hand, opting for a paid hidden spot for your intimate weddings provides flexibility, control, and the option for a rain contingency. The cost is a worthwhile investment for the convenience and assurance that your plans will proceed smoothly.

Private locations often accommodate both the ceremony and reception, enhancing convenience rather than a big wedding.


Understanding the view options at Paris hotels is essential:

  • Eiffel View: A room with a view of the Eiffel Tower through the doors. It’s usually more affordable but not great for an intimate ceremony.
  • Balcony: This is a small outdoor space suitable for a few chairs and a table. However, it might need more area or angle for great photos. A suite is a better option than a regular one.
  • Balcony: This is a more extensive area perfect for an intimate ceremony. It allows you to combine your accommodation and ceremony location costs. Consider setting up a reception for an exclusive feast while you’re out for photos.
  • Hotel with Terrace: Several Paris hotels offer terraces suitable for ceremonies with the scenery of the Iconic Tower.

Private Terrace/Rooftop

Organizing private events inside residences that overlook the Iconic Tower is a fantastic idea. These typically feature balconies, terraces, or rooftop space for gazing across the panoramic cityscape. They may also be used as accommodation and are thus budget-friendly. Look for these on some online apps or alternative accommodation options, and reserve early as the best option to book quickly.

Commercial Terrace/Rooftop

Explore the benefits of using a space in this bustling commercial district or residential building with access to a terrace or rooftop for your event and reception. A planner can assist in locating these venues, but they can be expensive and may not be the ideal choice for intimate elopements.


A multitude of Parisian cafes boasts outdoor seating that overlooks the Iconic Tower, delivering a stunning backdrop for romantic weddings, special celebrations, and elegant dining occasions.


For a unique setting, consider an event on the River with unobstructed scenery of the iconic Tower. Renting a docked boat is a straightforward, cost-effective option. For added luxury, start with a picture tour, then enjoy an exclusive boat cruise with food and fancy drinks. Imagine making the wedding pledge on the open deck, bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun over the City Of Love—divine!

7. Hire Your Remaining Wedding Vendors

Hire Your Remaining Wedding Vendors

Depending on how you want this to be visualized, you might want to add on more vendors like a florist, officiant, or beauty services. Specialty vendors are at the top of the list for elopements because they are used to the whole scenario and respect the unique nature of the ceremony. Remember to communicate clearly what you expect and want. Have everything you decide upon documented to avoid last-minute surprises.

When selecting vendors, look for those with positive reviews and experience in elopements. Personal recommendations can also be valuable. Meet with potential vendors to discuss your vision and ensure they understand your needs. Transparent contracts and detailed agreements help ensure everyone is on the same page.

8. Check For Additional Permits for Weddings & Photography

Many popular elopement locations, especially public lands like national parks, require permits for weddings and professional elopement photography. Research the regulations for your chosen location in advance to avoid legal issues on your secret wedding day.

Contact the local authority or park service for exact permit requirements and instructions on how to apply for one. Provide details on your intimate ceremony, including the date, time, and total number of people. Do this well in advance.

Some permissions require complex requirements, and others are time-consuming. An experienced professional elopement planner who can battle through this complex world of permits can help vie for the necessary permissions to ensure your dream elopement is conducted while holding the required permissions.

9. Research How To Get A Marriage License

Research How To Get A Marriage License

Obtaining a marriage license is crucial to making your secret wedding legally binding. Research the requirements for a marriage license or marriage certificate in your chosen elopement location, as they can vary. Some areas have waiting periods, residency requirements, or specific documentation needs. Plan for a seamless process.

The application for a marriage license typically involves submitting personal information, providing identification, and paying a fee. Proof of previous marriages’ dissolution may also be required. Check specific requirements and gather necessary documents in advance.

Timing is critical; some places have waiting periods between application and issuance, and licenses often expire. To avoid last-minute issues, ensure your marriage license is valid on your secret wedding day.

10. Have a Plan B and Plan C

Outdoor elopements require backup plans for bad weather or unforeseen events. Identify alternative elopement locations or indoor wedding venues as needed. Flexibility ensures your elopement day proceeds beautifully despite disruptions.

Standard contingency plans include having an indoor venue, renting a tent, or rescheduling the intimate ceremony. Consider potential challenges specific to your elopement wedding location and season, and develop backups. Discuss plans with your elopement photographer, vendors, and relatives so everyone is prepared.

Flexibility is critical to a successful elopement wedding. Embrace possible changes and focus on celebrating your love. A positive attitude and preparedness will help you handle unexpected changes gracefully.

11. Book Your Travel & Accommodations

Set your date and elopement location first, and then book travel and accommodations that align with that vision for the secret wedding—booking a cabin, luxury hotel, or a cute bed and breakfast? Just do it in advance to snag the best for the best prices.

Plan for appropriate accommodation that fits your style and pocket, be it hotels, vacation rentals, bedding, or camping, for those adventure-relentless elopements. Select a place that will further your intimate wedding experience and give you comfort and convenience.

Look for travel deals and discounts, especially for mid-week stays or off-peak seasons. Use comparison websites for the best rates and consider packages that include flights and lodging. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations can help you choose the best options for your elopement day.

12. Plan Your Elopement Timeline

Creating a detailed timeline for your secret wedding ensures everything runs smoothly. Plan each part of the day, from getting ready to the intimate ceremony, photo sessions, and post-ceremony activities. This helps you manage time effectively so you can enjoy each moment without feeling rushed.

When planning your timeline, consider the best times for key activities like your intimate ceremony and elopement photography. Think about lighting and weather, especially for outdoor elopements. Allow extra time for travel and unexpected delays.

Coordinate with vendors and relatives to ensure a smooth flow. Share the schedule with your elopement photographer, officiant, and any other vendors. A clear plan helps everyone stay on track, ensuring your secret wedding day unfolds seamlessly.

13. Prepare for Your Big Day

Make sure to polish the last few details and check the arrangements thrice. Reconfirm the arrangements with the vendors over the previous two weeks before your secret wedding, the required legal documentation, and print out the timeline to take along with you. And don’t forget to pack your must-haves: dress, rings, and travel documents.

Pack all necessary items in advance, including wedding attire, accessories, and any personal touches for the intimate ceremony. Bring backups like an extra pair of shoes or a jacket for unexpected weather. Being well-prepared reduces stress and ensures readiness.

Just relax and think of the good things in life to handle the pre-wed nuptial jitters. Look for a way—maybe through meditation, conversation with loved ones, or perhaps just a bit of exercise—to bring calm. Remember this to be that particular day, as it’s your time to celebrate love and make that particular commitment.

The Pros and Cons of Eloping

Eloping is a significant choice for couples, offering both benefits and potential drawbacks. Understanding these can help you decide if a secret wedding aligns with your vision.


  • Cost Savings: Eloping is generally more affordable than traditional weddings.
  • Intimacy: An intimate ceremony is more personal and intimate.
  • Reduced Stress: Less pressure from a large guest list and elaborate wedding planning.
  • Adventure: Freedom to choose unique, meaningful locations for your elopement day.


  • Family Reactions: Relatives and friends may feel hurt or left out.
  • Potential Regrets: Preceding a large wedding celebration could result in feelings of regret later on.

Carefully weigh your pros and cons and see if eloping is for you; if you can, prioritize where you want to go, what kind of experience you want in a wedding, and how you will want to share your special day. Open communication with your partner and relatives can ensure understanding and support for your decision.

What to Do After Your Elopement

What to Do After Your Elopement

After your unexpected wedding, there are numerous considerations to ponder as you adapt to married life. Informing your loved ones about your happy news and organizing a gathering can help strengthen and intensify the happiness of your small ceremony. This guide offers instructions on how to navigate the journey after eloping, ensuring the participation of your loved ones, and commemorating your love in unique ways.

Be Prepared for Family and Friends’ Reactions

After your secret wedding, expect various reactions from family members and friends. Some may be happy for you, while others might feel hurt. Communicate openly about your decision, explaining why you chose an intimate ceremony and expressing your love and appreciation for them.

Not everyone will react positively. Some may feel disappointed or criticize your choice. Stay calm, acknowledge their feelings, and stand firm in your decision. Reassure them that your elopement was a meaningful choice for you as a couple.

Engage positively by involving them in post-elopement celebrations or sharing your elopement photography. Showing that you value their presence can help bridge any gaps created by your elopement.

Send a Wedding Announcement

A thoughtful announcement can share your joy with those who couldn’t attend your secret wedding. Include elopement photography and details of your intimate ceremony in personalized cards or a special video message. This helps family members and friends feel included in your celebration.

Timing is crucial; send your announcement soon after your elopement day. Choose a delivery method that feels personal, whether traditional mail, email, or social media posts.

Include stunning photos, the elopement location, and personal touches to convey the beauty of your intimate wedding. This helps loved ones connect to your experience and understand your decision to elope.

Throw a Party

Throw a Party

With the post-elopement party, you can celebrate with your nearest and dearest. Plan an affair that reflects your style, whether that evokes a casual backyard BBQ, expensive à la carte dinner, or costume party. This time is for reveling in all the happiness yet to be acknowledged but essential to your bond.

The guest list can be small and intimate, just family and friends, or vast and expansive, with everyone you have ever known. You can choose a place that allows for a vast wedding location or a small place. Some ideas could be private homes, botanical gardens, restaurants, reception rooms, and public gardens.

Getting married by eloping is a very personal and profound way to celebrate love and commitment. When you understand precisely what a secret wedding is—that with every tiny detail, you’re taking into account exactly how it will affect your closest circle—you’re all set up perfectly to make a marvelous and memorable event. If you choose to elope, it’ll be a day just for you, whether that means simplicity, closeness, or adventure.


An elopement wedding is an intimate, private celebration selected by couples who favor a more personal touch over a grand, traditional affair. Previously considered clandestine, elopements now provide a relaxed and budget-friendly option to standard weddings, focusing on closeness and straightforwardness.
Arranging an elopement is nothing like planning a traditional wedding, except it is a lot more personal. Key steps would be to envision the perfect day, set a budget, make a guest list, choose a date and time, hire critical vendors, and pick out a location. All these elements are essential, and careful planning will ensure a unique and heartfelt elopement experience.
Running away to get married offers numerous benefits, such as saving a substantial amount of money, experiencing a more intimate and personalized celebration, and decreasing stress compared to conventional weddings. Couples can concentrate solely on their love and dedication without the stress of a large guest list, bringing in an element of excitement and unpredictability.
Eloping can have significant disadvantages, such as causing loved ones to feel upset and possibly regret not having a traditional wedding. Couples should carefully consider how their decision might affect their loved ones and their future reflections.
After eloping, share the news with family and friends through a wedding announcement and consider hosting a post-elopement celebration. Engaging with loved ones can help include them in your joy and enhance the happiness of your intimate ceremony.