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How To Elope in Paris

Eloping in Paris is an enchanting wedding trend for many couples wanting something different and romantic. Elopements are separate from traditional weddings in that they are smaller scale and less extensively pre-planned or may involve just two people, offering a more personal route.

There can be no better place than Paris if it’s rich in iconic landmarks, the streets are lined with charming cafes, and the romantic ambiance will make your day even more special. It may happen to be only you and him or a few more together with your closest family and friends, but by doing so, one can make the elopement itself in Paris completely intimate and personalized.

When we have Paris elopements, we’re not just running away from the usual way to get married; it simply means having the most romantic moment you’ll experience in your lifetime in one of the world’s most romantic cities.

For an elopement, the intimate experience means that couples can prioritize just their vows and each other without all of the potential stress and work involved with a traditional wedding. Whether you elope to Paris for an intimate elopement in front of the Eiffel Tower or say your vows with cinematic portraits captured in some of the most stunning gardens & historic sites, a Paris elopement makes your wedding day unforgettable!

Few others get to travel the world and experience eloping in Paris! It also allows you to do that much more with your day. Paris has all of the options you can imagine, from a simple outdoor ceremony to something much more elaborate. Together with all of these elements, they provide a super unique and timeless setting for an elopement.

How to Elope in Paris: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Elope in Paris: A Comprehensive Guide

Is your engagement fresh, and are you thinking about elopement in Paris? This is your ultimate guide!

During our elopement shoot in Paris, we got the impression that quite a few couples think of Paris as more than just a lovely dream and opt for it as their practical choice. The city of Love has enigmatic charms sprinkled across its iconic landscapes and romantic places, making it a place desired by anyone who wishes to have a grand elopement in the city.

Today, we are going to break down the most essential components in planning a Paris elopement! Let’s dive into the marriage legalities and a wedding spot for eloping. We will also discuss what to look for in a great elopement photographer and give you some absolutely stunning ceremony locations.

Whether you are having a symbolic ceremony or getting married officially, this guide will help you take the steps to create an unforgettable elopement in Paris.

Can I Legally Get Married in France?

Can I Legally Get Married in France?

One of the first questions that all couples who are thinking about eloping in Paris should address is whether they can legally marry in France. To give you a quick response: Hell no, obviously!

Look, to be fair, marrying in France is an administrative nightmare anyway, and it is even worse for non-residents. So when you think of the picture-perfect version many couples have — white dress, old pretty church — it’s essential to manage expectations.

If your marriage (civil ceremony) takes place in France, you can only be considered legally married if it is done at the town hall. That means 40 days in town (for non-residents). Additionally, ten days’ notice must be given to the Marriage Clerk before the ceremony.

This residency requirement can be a significant drawback for many couples who are looking to organize a destination wedding. Knowing these challenges, you can proactively plan for them to prevent last-minute stress.
There is also a considerable amount of paperwork—and it is time-consuming to the very detail. Some of it will include proof of identity, a long-form birth certificate in French and fewer than three months on the marriage date, a residence permit if not a French citizen or dual-language citizen, a statement listing two witnesses to sign, marital status, and eligibility to marry.


These rules are rather strict, which can seem intimidating to non-residents. Additionally, town halls often need to staff English-speaking workers, and their doors may not even be open during usual business hours, further complicating this process.

It all makes it somewhat complicated, which is why so many couples choose to have a symbolic ceremony in Paris. This way, they get to experience a romance-filled and beautiful Paris elopement without any hassle from the bureaucracy. Also, they do the legal marriage protocols in their home country according to them before or after the ceremony, ensuring they are already married by law.

Two birds at the best possible wedding legally in Paris seems like a huge dream, but the truth is that aside from being super romantic, you will need tons of patience and time. If you seek to avoid these pitfalls, a symbolic celebration ensures that you will celebrate your love in the world’s most romantic city with minimal administrative hassle.

This option provides a stress-free way to enjoy your special day without getting caught up in legal complexities.

Start with Great Accommodation

Start with Great Accommodation

Where to Start? Great digs are the beginning of everything. This is your elopement, this is Paris, and it might be a once-in-every-100-years opportunity! Why would we waste what the city can give you?!

It is known for having some of the most luxurious hotels in existence and a fantastic assortment of charming apartments transformed into gorgeous places to get married in private.

Choosing accommodations is one of those judgments that sets the tone for your whole elopement process. Whether you want the grand, opulent setting or cozy, authentic Parisian vibes, there’s an option for every couple.

To this end, today, I bring you some of the best hotels in Paris, each carefully selected to ensure that your special day is exceptionally memorable and tailored to your unique preferences.

The Shangri-La

The luxurious refuge in Paris has spacious balconies that will make you fall in love with the Eiffel Tower. Imagine you walk up in the morning looking at that Asociación and smell the brewed coffee from your balcony—a memory that will never get out of your mind. St. Ermin’s Hotel.

This swanky hotel features some swish ballrooms and is located in a stylish and sophisticated spot ideal for a grand wedding. The establishment aims to cater to the discerning palate with a selection of gourmet dishes.

Well-preserved in a romantic spirit, this chic hotel will definitely be a worthy match for all those who dream of a luxurious Paris getaway with a loved one, which is why I included it in the best romantic hotels in Paris for couples.

The Shangri-La

The Ritz

The Ritz Paris has reopened as the city’s most prestigious hotel. It underwent a thorough four-year renovation that cost $450 million. The Ritz hotel, known for its famous Hemingway Bar and luxurious Chanel Spa, spoils its guests with such extravagance that simply departing feels sinful. However, if you are willing to venture outside, you will find yourself amongst the flagship stores of numerous renowned brands.

For an ultra-luxurious experience, couples may find what they are after at the Ritz. Paired with fantastic service and the touch of class within its rooms and suites, your stay is guaranteed to be amongst top-drawer levels. Whether you choose to host your ceremony in one of these ornate interiors or enjoy the refined ambiance, the Ritz Paris guarantees a breathtaking elopement.

The Crillon

Another recently revamped five-star gem is the newly minted Crillon Hotel de Crillon in Place de la Concorde. Its top-tier address offers pretty views of Paris, the Louvre Gardens, and the Eiffel Tower. Once inside, you are greeted with an aura of pure luxury, making it the ideal location for your Paris stay and an exquisite setting in which to celebrate your wedding.

The richness of the Crillon’s history combined with modern-day luxury makes for a truly memorable backdrop to elope. The tastefully designed interiors and quality service of the hotel make an unforgettable experience the minute you set foot inside. For the more intimate or full-scale wedding celebration, Hotel de Crillon will be the idyllic and grand surround of your Parisian love story.

Hotel Plaza Anthénée

Reached into the depths of their fashion sensory while… One of the most prestigious hotels in Paris, the Hotel Plaza Athenee, is situated on the Avenue Montaigne. The enchanting story also goes outside the hotel, with 1,900 red geraniums that make the perfect fairytale place to celebrate your wedding. It is a luxurious shrine of beauty and fashion, perfect for celebrating what truly matters.

That also puts you in the center of the French fashion shopping mecca, which should give you something to be excited about during your stay. With its luxuriant guestrooms and suites and many neighboring boutiques, this property is like a fairytale environment for your special day.

Four Seasons Hotel, George V

Four Seasons Hotel, George V

If you are looking for an iconic classic near the Avenue Champs-Elysées, consider the Four Seasons Hotel, George V, which was first built in 1928. The hotel includes numerous salons, which offer styles to fit a variety of elopements, from the most intimate soirees to grand ceremonies.

Rearranged, corner-pocketed rooms show a lavish French chateau style, complete with staggering floral arrangements in the entryway.

They stand together with a sumptuous new spa (geared towards essential Eastern contact satisfaction), three Michelin-featured eateries, and an open-air pool on top (to top all potential swimming pool patio racks). This marriage of old-world allure and modern-day creature comforts ensures an exclusive, memorable stay at the George V.

The Four Seasons Hotel, George V, is a luxurious setting for your Paris elopement, whether you’re celebrating your ceremony in one of its elegant salons or hiding away in the snap-worthy surroundings.

Paris Perfect Apartments

For individuals looking for a more genuine Parisian atmosphere, Paris Perfect Apartments offers a captivating option to traditional hotels. Fashionably furnished, these apartments provide a comfortable dwelling in the heart of the city. Renting an apartment enables you to enjoy Parisian life more fully and explore the city as a resident would.

Perfect Paris Apartments are also perfect for private ceremonies, offering a personalized and intimate setting on your big day. With a suitable apartment, you can build a charming and welcoming atmosphere that shares your love story and style. These apartments work well for couples who are looking to elope in Paris, regardless of whether you go with a cozy studio or a considerable penthouse.

To Plan Or Not To

To Plan Or Not To

To get services or get a wedding planner to help you plan the whole wedding. With that in mind, the decision to hire or not hire a Paris elopement planner is yours, depending on your background, how picture-perfect you want your day, how well you know Paris, and the amount of time you can give to planning your day (as now we know, it’s not as easy as it might seem). If you are doing a big elopement with lots of moving parts to sync up or very little time to plan, getting a planner from the area is a great idea.

A skilled event organizer will manage every detail, coordinate with top suppliers, and guarantee a smooth day for you to enjoy fully. So, a wedding planner who knows Paris really well will save you a precious amount of time and stress. They have a roster of local vendor relationships and can recommend the top locations and services for all your wedding day needs.

Expect to spend hours researching and communicating with your florist, photographer, and other vital vendors when your planner has the know-how and connections to book them with a simple phone call or email. With access to local knowledge ranging from flowers to venues, they ensure everything meets your needs.

Additionally, a great planner will offer you alternatives and help you think outside the box, guiding you through the creation of an experience that resonates with you as a couple and creates a stress-free, stunning elopement.

If you fancy organizing your elopement yourself, do not despair. It can be done, but it takes time and a lot of research, so be careful. Note that related vendors and logistical concerns take a lot of work to organize from 5000 miles away.

It would be best if you began to plan out your day about ten months in advance of your event and should have every vendor set by four or so months in advance to make sure the day goes smoothly. At the end of the day, whether you pick a planner or a plan-it-yourself, a step-by-step thought process and a well-timed step-by-step activity will hopefully ensure a flawless elopement!

Hair & Makeup (average 350 Euros)

Hair & Makeup (average 350 Euros)

Your hair and makeup artists play a significant role if you want to look and feel the best during your elopement. An adept artist can reel in that beauty in such a way as to match it with your wedding outfit and the essence of your elopement theme, too. Start by looking at reputable hair and makeup artists in Paris through online directories/ social media and wedding blogs featuring local vendors.

Once you have a list of potential artists, contact them to ask them their availability and price for your project. You are scrutinizing a video call with a view to their personality and professionalism. This discussion allows you to talk about your likes, exchange inspiring photos, and ask for advice on achieving your desired appearance.

You can evaluate their dependability and quality of work by reviewing the feedback and comments from their past customers. Once you have settled on an artist that you like, make sure you receive a signed agreement that clearly specifies the services they have agreed to, the timing of events on the day, and any trial runs.

This will help your artist understand the type of look you are looking for (even if it seems impossible for you!!). They will try their utmost best in all circumstances! A professional hair and makeup artist makes you feel beautiful and confident about your elopement and takes stress off of your plate.

Officiant/Celebrant (average 450 Euros)

Officiant/Celebrant (average 450 Euros)

One of the most critical aspects of your elopement is choosing the right officiant or celebrant, as they will marshal your ceremony and bring in your wedding day.

If you wonder whether you want to create a ceremony in the ALIGNMENT best with the person who chose you, the one you find must match your religious, non-religious, or spiritual values and vision.

This can be achieved using the following methodology — your guess starts lining up with the recommendations you have received from other vendors, the directories you saw online, and a quick Google search about officiants in Paris.

Get in touch with potential officiants and ask about their services, fees, and schedule. Arranging a video chat can give you a sense of them as a person and see if they fall in line with how you imagine the ceremony to go.

Adding testimonials and reviews only helps to make you feel more comfortable knowing that the officiant you’re choosing is talented, practiced, and has a long history of giving beautiful ceremonies.

You need to have an explicit agreement that tells you what you get from their services and what you can expect from them. Share what you are or are not looking for or would or would not like to happen during a ceremony, be that specific rituals, readings, or elements.

If you agree with us, going with a scriptless ceremony written by an officiant can be a personal side of your own that makes your ceremony so genuinely unique to your personality. In the end, this is what the perfect elopement officiant will do — totally customize and make your ceremony feel meaningful and authentic to your unique relationship.

Transportation (average 100 Euros per hour)

This means transportation around Paris – from the hotel to the ceremony venue and then throughout your photoshoot. Get a car with a driver. It’s your wedding day, after all – the perfect day for a bit of the luxury you may not usually choose.

There is nothing wrong with standing on the corner and waiting for your Uber … but there is something special about coming out to your Mercedes V or S class with a chauffeur waiting for you, opening the door for you, helping you with your things…

Vintage Car (average 300 Euros per hour)

Vintage Car (average 300 Euros per hour)

Consider a sexy red sportscar OR a fun pastel-colored beetle … how about a sophisticated white Rolls Royce …or perhaps a private boat for two on the Seine? If you are really adventurous, how about a Vespa? Having a “getaway” vehicle to take you to the next adventure (perhaps your reception) provides a fun experience for your post-ceremony photoshoot and wonderful Instagram-worthy photos!



Adding florals to your elopement can enhance the aesthetics and create the perfect atmosphere. Whether you dream of a modest bouquet or flamboyant floral compositions, finding the right florist in Paris is essential.

Your very first step is going to be online, you want to start searching on online directories, social media and wedding blogs featuring local florists and check out florists near you. Search for florists whose styles fit in with your vision and who have good reviews.

Once you compile a roster of potential florists, contact them to discuss your vision, preferences, and budget. A video call allows you to understand how they work and ensure they can create what you want.

Favorite this post and comment below with your inspirational photos, flowers, and other ideas. These are designs that elevate your elopement, and a good florist will suggest ideas and work with you to achieve precisely that.

Make sure you receive an agreement with a written list of services, method of delivery, and costs, in addition to the signature of the person ordering the services. Speaking openly regarding what you are looking for and if you have any special requirements will enable your florist to provide you with the desired results that best represent your style.

By trusting a professional florist, you can be sure that your elopement will be adorned with fresh, beautiful flowers to give your day an elegant touch of romance.

Musician (average 300 Euros)

Musician (average 300 Euros)

Having a live musician is a beautiful addition to your elopement. Whatever your fancy – guitarist, violinist, saxophonist, harpist, music can really set the tone for a magical setting. Imagine walking down the aisle to your favorite song … fantastique!

Cake (average 130 Euros)

Cake (average 130 Euros)

As Marie Antoinette famously said – “Let them eat cake!”. In Paris, we take this pretty literally – there is a patisserie (bakery) on just about every corner in the city. Parisians LOVE their sweets … Just because your elopement is an audience for two doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge.

There are a few options here … you could have a bespoke “American-styled” cake designed just for you or bring a bit of France into your celebration with a mini macaron or croquembouche tower. Any of these options will add a beautiful AND delicious element to your reception table.

Finding any of the above vendors can be as simple as scrolling through the wedding directories listed above, getting recommendations from friends or other vendors, or searching through Instagram. Alternatively, depending on budget, consider the higher-cost option.

This elopement planner can put together the customized celebration that you have always dreamed of … OR look into our more cost-efficient range of Elopement Packages, which gives you access to a team of high-quality, carefully curated artists and are designed to make your elopement extra special.

Ceremony Location

Ceremony Location

Luxury hotels in Paris offer stunning ceremony locations with some of the most beautiful views of Paris from the hotel’s balconies or elegant private salons for a more intimate ceremony. But for the go-getters, an outdoor Parisian ceremony through the winding streets of the city has a certain enchanting appeal of its own. Ceremony in an accommodation is not the best suited for a ceremony, but this may be ideal for couples who want a beautiful Parisian view.

There are lots to consider when planning an outdoor ceremony.

No.1: Plan B—Paris’s weather can vary greatly, so having a backup indoor option is essential. Professional photographers or coordinators know of some lovely indoor venues.

What is the significant crowd at these sightseeing places?

The second and most essential thing is to be prepared for the crowd. When in public, be prepared for curious onlookers. Lastly, maintain flexibility.

As with any thriving city, Paris is subject to construction, events, or security measures that may necessitate last-minute changes in your chosen spot. Thankfully, there are plenty of beautiful spots in Paris, and well-trained planners can quickly pivot to make sure your day is just as magical.

Chapelle Expiatoire

The Chapelle Expiatoire is an excellent alternative to the main venues. Grief tourists can easily find this location, or it can be reserved for a private and peaceful ceremony. It was here that I stumbled across this tiny chapel, hidden in the midst of the city’s busiest streets and one that takes you to a place of solace away from the crowded thoroughfare.

Due to the reserve and booking necessities, it is a must for anyone planning a wedding here. Its magnificent architecture and serene atmosphere make it the right stage for a deeply felt and long-awaited “YES,” which will thrill you and your loved one.

The Louvre/Palais Royal

Elopement Wedding

The Louvre and Palais Royal area offer a plethora of options for that perfect Paris wedding. With the elegance of a French chateau, the grand back courtyard of the Louvre gives an impressive and historical locale for the couple’s wedding ceremony.

And when the weather proves less than perfect, there are several nearby covered passages, so even rain becomes a bit more romantic without having to worry about its occasional unpredictability.

Against the backdrop of the tree-lined gardens of the Tuileries, with its well-tended lawn and marble-crafted sculptures, the picturesque scene of your vows springs off. It would be incomplete without mentioning the most iconic Eiffel Tower Paris elopement.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

Trocadero is a go-to, but it is only worth shooting during sunrise to avoid the flocks of tourists that populate the area. Picture yourself declaring the best promises as the first light of daybreak spreads over the tower, satisfying your fantasy of genuinely encountering something other-worldly.

The sunrises in Paris during the summer are at around 6 am, yes, an early (early) start, but an experience without equal. The Eiffel Tower, with its breathtaking views and its historical power as a symbol, is one of the most romantic places in the world for new couples.

The Quayside

Le long de la Seine stands as the most iconic location for your Paris elopement. The spot, by the quayside, makes a refined setting, with the scenic river and ancient bridges further contributing to setting the mood ever so romantic.

In general, the Île Saint-Louis is one of the most timeless Parisian charms in 17th-century architecture. Prospective couples can savor the city’s rich past as they get married in a peaceful and striking venue.

In conclusion, whether you opt for luxury hotels, a private chapel, or a unique city setting, a wedding planner can be a game changer. Paris presents unique logistical challenges, but with their experience and connections, a planner can ensure every detail of your day is perfect. Trust in their expertise to make your elopement in Paris everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more.

Finding Your Paris Elopement Photographer

Finding Your Paris Elopement Photographer

Hiring a photographer who captures your intimate wedding day can help you remember it well. What a lasting impression they will leave on the day you ran off together, and what an opportunity it will give you to relive your day back home.

An excellent professional photographer or videographer usually starts from 350 Euros per hour, and this is the price for a reason (they are essentially memories, after all). An excellent professional photographer or videographer typically starts at 350 Euros per hour, and it costs for a good reason (they are mainly memories in the end).

Sense of Aesthetics

The one test of ability, when you end up picking your elopement pictures’ photographic artist, is whether you associate with the manner in which they see your day. Look through their work and see if you get a sense of their aesthetics.

Choose a style you admire, as this will reflect the kind of pictures you will receive and the level of talent you can expect. Every photographer sees the exact moment differently, and it is so important to find one who captures desaturated moments as dewy and dreamy as you want to remember them.

Pro-active Communication

Communication is vital when it comes to your photographer. How quickly they get back to you and the way they communicate can really influence your overall experience, from when you first inquire until you receive your pictures. Contact your potential photographers, send them email messages, or book calls to see how their communication goes.

Please pay attention to how long and in how much detail they reply to your problems. Communication is vital; not only will it make planning your wedding more effortless, but it will also build trust in a relationship with the person who will photograph you on your big day.

Experience with Elopements and Working in Paris

Experience with Elopements and Working in Paris

Experience is critical, especially when working with elopements in a city as busy as Paris. Hire photographers who have experience with events and can effectively document your elopement ceremony.

A professional photographer will also be able to help you navigate through less predictable parts of a wedding day, ensuring no moment will be missed.

A hometown photographer who is familiar with the city of love can also guide you to untold yet unique photo spots where you can create photos with a more magical touch—different from the usual ones you click after googling!


Your connection with your photographer is everything. Yes, you will have your photographer with you for a large portion of your wedding day, but for them to do their job well, you need to have trust and connection with your photographer.

An excellent way to learn about a photographer whom others respect is to read feedback from former customers.

Knowing the person can really affect how natural and comfortable your photos look, and the same applies to taking photos. You are going to want to feel comfortable before someone takes pictures of you so that you can relax and capture those raw moments, showing your genuine emotions with one another and making those adorable, real-life photographs.

In conclusion, in order to choose the perfect Paris elopement photographer to document your special day, you will need to take into account four factors: their aesthetics, communication, experience, and the soul-deep feeling that you just like them from the first few minutes of your conversation.

By finding someone who fulfills this checklist, your big day will be captured in a manner that is so telling of your love story.

Why Elope to Paris

Make Your Guest List

Well, no occasion would be more exciting than engagement. You and your partner tell everyone the news, ensuring that the joy is palpable and everything that is about to happen is exciting. The joy was short-lived, and reality hit bitter.

The first question you ask yourself as a never-single-before individual will be interested and full of excitement, ‘When is the wedding?’ For some of you, the thought of wedding planning on a grand scale can be a daunting one. The politics of family and the constraints of emotion tied to finance can produce a classic wedding scenario that seems impossible.

Couples everywhere decide to elope — for some for the financial piece of it, for others to have a wedding day truly one of a kind and more intimate than what the traditional wedding offers. — the wedding industry is forever changing.

Much of this comes in being able to create a bespoke ceremony that is 100% about the union and intimacy of the couple and not handcuffed to everything that surrounds them and what other people or the world want to expect from them. A Paris elopement is the quintessential way to elope in Paris!

Take a step out of the nitty-gritty and bustle of the larger party for others and a chance for them to really be in the moment with each other. An exotic location is enticing to many couples who contemplate eloping, thus the popularity of the destination wedding. Well, and what could be more romantic than Paris, the ‘City of Love’?

The French Capital is a highly romantic city surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful rivers. It has a whole load of history to discover, which makes it the perfect place to go on a romantic getaway. From the scenic Seine River to the monumental Eiffel Tower, Paris offers unforgettable experiences! Paris is the perfect location for your wedding, after all, the most beautiful city of all. It can offer you the best place for your ceremony and to record unforgettable moments.

This combination of natural beauty and stunning architecture helps to make this city one of the most romantic places in the world to elope! Think about reciting your vows in the Tuileries Gardens surrounded by all things green, share a kiss under the glimmering lights of the Eiffel Tower, or take intimate shots along the alleys of Montmartre. All of these sites contribute beauty and romance to your celebration, making your memories even more memorable.

Not only does Paris look beautiful, but it is also a foodie paradise and destined on territory. Paris is world renowned for its French cuisine, and Parisian gastronomy offers a taste of the top shelf.

The city offers everything from fancy French wine and champagne to tasty macarons and some of the finest chocolate in the world—let Paris take you on a journey through smells and flavors. One way to plan a romantic dinner is to dine in one of those small, dimly candle-lit places in Paris. The opulent hotels in Paris also accommodate this version of the fairytale, each with its own unique charm and trademark style.

Whether you want to arrive like royalty at a stately palace hotel or fairytale chateau or have everything from planning to the day turn out so elegant and regal that you’ll be talking about it as much as you will have to expound your vows —these venues make sure everything is marked with perfection from start to finish. While this adds to the overall elopement magic, these locations are often so beautiful in their own right that they provide the most stunning ceremony and reception sites.


Paris has responded to the growing trend of elopements by simplifying the entire process, making it easy for love-struck couples from all over the world to plan their dream wedding. With a network of vendors catering to English-speaking clientele, from photographers to coordinators and wedding planners, Paris ensures that all your needs are met, allowing you to plan your dream wedding adventure with joy and without stress.

In reality, the typical honeymoon also includes a pitstop or two in other European cities — so Paris is a great place to launch. From the French countryside in Provence to its beautiful Mediterranean beaches on the French Riviera and its neighboring countries, Italy and Spain, Paris is surrounded by unique and beautiful regions.

just married car

The thought of running off to Paris to elope is so romantic, but it does require some logistics. Organizing an elopement from a foreign country is a lot of stress and chaos, plus language and cultural differences can get in the way. However, these problems can be solved using assistance, and you can reach out for available resources.

We’ve photographed and planned dozens of Paris elopements at Kiss Me In Paris. We also help coordinate planning for destination weddings so that couples can have a hassle-free wedlock experience.

We take care to tailor each celebration to meet your specific needs and budgets—right down to picking the best venue and vendors and understanding the challenges that can come from a language barrier. Our aim is for your Paris Elopement to be seamless and unforgettable and for you to remain fully present on your wedding day with excitement and love.


In a Paris elopement, the ceremony itself is almost always just the couple, usually said at famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or along the Seine River. This kind of ceremony is enriched with personal links and romantic setups.
A Paris elopement package often includes help with venue selection, photography, officiant services, florals, and sometimes hair and makeup. The idea behind these packages is to completely remove the stress of planning for the couple.
For the best Paris wedding photos, hire an experienced Paris photographer specializing in elopement. Clearly communicate your creative direction, pick popular locations, and schedule your shoots super early or on rare rainy days.
Choose a Paris elopement wedding package that includes venue coordination, professional photography, an officiant service, and floral arrangements. A decent pack will also include some customization options to better suit your taste and style.
Hiring a Paris photographer is crucial for capturing your elopement in the city’s renowned romantic locations. An experienced photographer will be acquainted with the top locations and will be aware of the special moments with extraordinary lighting.
To ensure your Parisian elopement dress is appropriate for the venue, time of year, and your taste, here is a comprehensive checklist for finding the perfect wedding gown. You will want to look for a dress that is elegant yet comfortable because you will be walking around the city the whole day for shooting.
One of the best options for ensuring a flawless and memorable wedding day is Kiss in Paris. Chantelle, the main organizer at Kiss in Paris, specializes in managing all aspects to ensure your Paris elopement is flawless and stress-free. Their trustworthy and skilled group of vendors will guarantee that your day is just as exceptional as you have always envisioned.