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Paris Elopement Packages

Wedding planning can be simultaneously elating and overwhelming. So many details and choices—but choosing to elope in Paris for a ceremony is the first step toward an adventure that is delightful, stress-free, and full of romance. Paris, often known as the city of love, offers the perfect backdrop to couples who want to seal their union in an intimate yet distinctive way. Whether you picture a simple ceremony under the Eiffel Tower or a luxury celebration in a private Parisian venue, there certainly is a selection of Paris elopement packages for every couple’s desire and bank account.

Another attractive point for a Paris elopement is the freedom it affords the couple. Our couples get to envision a Paris elopement that includes a range of services, from getting an officiant and a photographer to the most luxurious, which throw in professional hair and makeup artists and vintage cars, to even writing an utterly custom ceremony script.

In this guide, you are going to be acquainted with the different forms of elopement packages in Paris that will make one’s special day unique in its way, empowering you to create the wedding of your dreams.

Besides the various packages for elopement available in Paris, this review will also take you through some of these symbolic ceremonies. Be it a classic wedding ceremony, a vow renewal, or a same-sex, Paris offers you plenty of options. Every kind of ceremony comes with its magic and considerations, ensuring that you will find the one way to celebrate your love in the most romantic city on earth.

Besides the ceremony itself, Paris is renowned for its romantic environment — a perfect context within which to create all sorts of memories. In this guide, you will receive all the information you need to pick the right place to elope, from the iconic Eiffel Tower to hidden gems, which will be perfect for a cozier, more intimate setting.

Now, we delve deeply into all the logistical details and the best ways for transportation to help the day run as seamlessly as possible. We also point out all the best spots to capture beauty and romance in photos during your elopement here in Paris. By the end of this guide, you will indeed have every bit of information regarding how to plan a perfect, breathtaking elopement in Paris, leaving you inspired and deeply in love with the idea of a Parisian elopement.

Elopement Packages in Paris

Since the allure of Paris would be ideal for the setting of your special day, it has to be noted that there are so many different ways to make your elopement experience memorable. Not only does the city hold eloping couples in grand and simple, intimate gatherings, but it also assures that any detail needed can be planned to make it an unforgettable experience. Now, let’s check the various elopement packages in Paris to find out which one is your dream elopement.

Essential elopement package

Must-Have Elopement Package: Designed to appeal to couples seeking a romantic and personal wedding experience in Paris, the Must-Have Elopement Package is undoubtedly the ultimate 5-star service, including the iconic Eiffel Tower, to make your day magical and stress-free.

Five-Star Service

This package provides service for the essential elopement package, assuring couples service of the highest level for their wedding and planning. Your professional support starts the moment you inquire about our elopement packages, with behind-the-scenes professionals to navigate the nuances that a Parisian wedding entails carefully. Their level of expertise ensures that every detail is accounted for. All this effort is done with your peace of mind and well-being in mind so you can wholly understand and enjoy the process with the big date approaching.

Eiffel Tower Views

The best part of this package is the chance to say your vows with the Eiffel Tower looking on. This occasion provides a dramatic and romantic setting for timeless photos taken during your nuptials. Whether you prefer a morning ceremony to see the sunrise or an evening ceremony to see the twinkling lights of the tower, you’re promised a beautiful and striking experience.

Professional Photography and Videography

Your elopement package includes professional photography and videography to capture everything meticulously. These professionals will shoot the Paris elopement ceremony, take fabulous couple portraits, and ensure every moment is perfectly captured. The result is high-quality photos and a beautifully edited video so you can relive your special day for years to come.

English-Speaking Officiant

An English officiant will conduct your ceremony gracefully and stylishly. His perfect English adds an element of sophistication to your vows, making the ceremony profoundly memorable. This official can also help personalize the ceremony in accordance with your love story, making it memorable and intimate.

Timing and Planning Flexibility

Another advantage of the simple elopement package is that it is flexible. You may require an easy but fast ceremony or, on the contrary, want to turn it into a luxurious celebration; this package is just for your needs and convenience. Many options are open to personalize the different elements, be it the venue for the ceremony or the floral decoration, to help you customize the wedding according to your style and liking.

Additional Services

To enhance your elopement experience, this package includes several additional services:

Car Service: Navigating Paris can be challenging, but a dedicated car service ensures you travel comfortably and conveniently to each location.

Musician: Enhance your ceremony with live music, creating a grand entrance to the sound of your favorite song.

Ceremony Venue: Opt for a public place that brings out the most charm in your celebration, such as a nice park or garden, or go for a private venue to bring in the intimate factor.

Reception for Two: The best romantic dinner at a first-class restaurant or a fully privatized venue will ensure the finest gourmet journey.

Flower Decor & Design: An utterly private venue will be adorned with stunning floral decorations that are bound to add sophistication and beauty.

Extras: Make your day unique with additional props, vintage cars, or whatever else will make your wedding truly one of a kind.

Platinum elopement package

The Platinum Elopement Package will be the service that comes through in every way for a couple that dreams of the most luxurious wedding experience in every detail. For those who want nothing but the best, this ensures that even the smallest of details for that critical day are correctly placed.

The Platinum Elopement Package takes the stress out of wedding planning. It starts with comprehensive full-service planning and continues with seamless ‘day-of’ onsite coordination and production. With our white-gloved service and meticulous management, you can sit back and enjoy your special day worry-free.

The main charm of the package is the legendary view of the Eiffel Tower, which shines in the background during your entire event and gets into the framework of each of your photos. This elopement package includes the full photographing and videotaping of your preparation, your bridal looks, and all the details of the decor, symbolic wedding ceremony, and the formal taking of family photos. What is more, a memorable couple photo and video shoot around Paris will be an excellent way to remember this big day forever in this romantic city.

Transportation is provided in a posh vintage car with a personal driver, adding a touch of classic elegance to your wedding. Bridal beauty services ensure you look your best, with professional hair and makeup artists at your service. An elegant English-speaking officiant will conduct your ceremony, ensuring it is personal and meaningful.

To enhance the ambiance, a master violinist or guitarist will play your favorite songs, creating a romantic atmosphere. After the ceremony, toast in style with Dom Pérignon as you kiss and dance as newlyweds, celebrating your union in true Parisian fashion.

The Platinum Elopement Package also offers maximum timing and planning flexibility, allowing you to customize your day to your preferences. Regular Zoom calls and direct WhatsApp access to your expert wedding planner ensure that every detail is discussed and planned to perfection, providing a seamless and stress-free experience.

The Platinum Elopement Package is the epitome of luxury and meticulous planning, offering couples a flawless and unforgettable wedding day in the heart of Paris. From iconic views and professional photography to elegant transportation and personal touches, this package ensures that your elopement is as special and unique as your love story.

Budget Considerations

While the Platinum Elopement Package offers a wealth of services, the cost is entirely up to you. Travel and accommodations are a given, but the rest of the day can be tailored to suit your individual needs and budget. This flexibility ensures that you can prioritize what matters most to you, making your elopement both memorable and affordable.

The necessary elopement package includes everything a couple needs for a remarkable and stress-free Paris wedding. This package is the best assurance of top-quality and professional services, breathtaking views, and perfect support in everything related to an elopement to Paris, France.

Symbolic Ceremony

A marriage in Paris conducted as a symbolic ceremony is a touching way for a couple to make a profound, personal statement about their love without the necessity of legal procedure. As legal marriage in France is not allowed for tourists, the symbolic ceremony has become a perfect and excellent alternative to being married in a registry office or town hall. These actual live celebrations ideologically represent all the beauty, romance, and emotions of all the other real weddings where an officiant, readings, vows, and a certificate might or might not be included. A symbolic wedding can be religious or non-religious, spiritual or not, themed around your favorite poems or even your love story. Such a ceremony can be conducted in English, French, and even in any other language of your choice. An unimaginable number of details are elaborately planned. In this case, a couple can control every deal and personalize the event in hundreds of ways so as to demonstrate its uniqueness and approach to values. A classical wedding, a vow renewal ceremony, a same-sex ceremony—a symbolic ceremony in Paris is a really deeply personal and very flexible alternative to traditional weddings.

Classic wedding ceremony

The classic wedding ceremony: a new, improved way to say “I DO” in Paris. All symbolic weddings include the essential elements for the moment to respect the one that traditionally makes a union: vows, exchange of rings, and a symbolic certificate. There is no civil procedure with our symbolic ceremonies. Still, the couple can get legally married in front of required officials in their home country or Paris prior to or after this ceremony.

The classic wedding ceremony can be as straightforward or as involved as the couple wishes, from a quiet ceremony for just the two of you to one with lots of participants and activities. From the Romantic Promenade, options abound, with the Eiffel Tower in the background to the Sunset at the lovely Park by the Fountain. A whole lot of options are available to whoever wants to gaze at the city of love.

A vow renewal ceremony

One of the best things that one can do while in Paris is to take a vow renewal ceremony. Yes, it could be one year of marriage, ten, sixty, or more. Celebrating that sentiment and the bond of love in the city of love will undoubtedly be an experience that one can find so enriching and deeply profound. It can either replicate the traditional wedding works—to the vows and exchange of rings, or it could be something beautiful and unique—symbolic of the journey and growth of your relationship. It is a ceremony that celebrates time and affords the couple a moment to look back at their shared histories and recommit to the future.

Same-sex ceremony

A same-sex ceremony in Paris is everything you’re picturing for a classic wedding with the perfect amount of sparkle and vision. We move all the way through to help you re-imagine and re-design every wedding tradition to create a connected, reflective moment with a much more conscious and present focus on what marriage can bring. Whether entirely relevant or completely timeless. Plan a same-sex wedding or a renewal of vows.

Celebrate in Paris. We can create an intimate ceremony that is exactly what you are looking for: one that is meaningful, memorable, and beautiful. Just like all of our public place ceremonies, we remind all couples to respect outdoor public space in Paris and to avoid using items like rose petals, confetti, or fake butterflies; all items that will never break down in our environment or are too time-consuming to clean up, and won’t leave the space as they found it so that the city remains beautiful for everyone.

A Place to Say "I DO"

One of the most thrilling parts about planning for a Paris elopement is setting up the perfect location. Paris has a multitude of venues, each boasting charm and providing a breathtaking view. Paris has a fantastic selection of places in which to perform the ceremony—both small and intimate, with only the two of you, or more extensive with friends and family. Below, we will explore some of the most iconic and romantic destinations that Paris has to offer for your elopement.

Iconic Parisian Landmarks

Paris is a city filled with attractions, including landmarks that are themselves. Just a few would suffice to provide the perfect backdrop for an elopement ceremony. Imagine saying your vows to the looming silhouette of the Eiffel Tower or under the shadow of the historical Notre Dame. These carefully chosen spots not only offer the most beautiful views but also add an unmatched flavor of romance to that big day. Add some culture to the beauty of the Louvre—with its classic architecture and beautiful gardens.

Romantic Gardens and Parks

For subjects that have a choice of a serene and natural environment, the gardens and parks in Paris offer many significant green settings for the ceremony locations. The Luxembourg Gardens are one of the legitimate treasures of the city—one of those places that somehow manages to be both peaceful and magical, thanks to the grand manor lawns and exquisite fountains. The Tuileries Garden is not far from the Louvre and Place de la Concorde, and it is full of historical interest, so it could be considered quite romantic. These gardens offer intimate spaces that may be just perfect for a smaller ceremony location, ensuring that nature is calm and private.

Romantic Courtyards and Other Hidden Gems

When getting married in Paris, the opportunities are limitless for the couples to find romantic courtyards and other gems where the feel is more like you are secluded from the every day and you have an exclusive wedding experience. Places such as the hidden-away Square du Vert-Galant, right at the tip of Île de la Cité, will be away from the city hustle and with romantic, intimate wedding vibes. Lovers walking along the passages and cobblestone streets of Le Marais can get a glimpse of the once-secret life of Paris. Such kind of off-the-beaten-path venues make the whole experience more personal and thus more unique to the couple.

Exclusive Rooftops and Venues

When a couple is looking for lavishly exclusive surroundings, the rooftop terraces in Paris are stunning and unmatchable. While this could perhaps be the best viewpoint of the skyline from the city, the same is true of the terraced rooftops of the city’s luxury hotels—the Shangri-La Hotel and the Peninsula Paris. Offering unmatched views, utmost privacy, and luxury, it’s an option that’s perfect for one. Rent by the day, either privately courtyards or historic mansions, to achieve a tailored, intimate experience.

Seine River Cruises

As one cruise by the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris, and the Louvre, imagine all the beautiful vows you could make in front of such a background. It just means that you will enjoy the cruise over its famous sites: an adventure with a romantic touch and an outstanding view of the great city. Now, there are better ways to satisfy those who yearn to combine their ceremony and reception into one memorable event.

And so, as people say, different strokes for different folks. Every couple is individual, and the right place is what will resonate with both your styles and personalities. Be it the expanse of the garden, be it at sea on a river cruise, be it the quiet of hidden courtyards, the luxury of a private venue, or just simply under the grandeur of the most romantic of landmarks—all this is at its peak in Paris. Just like that one perfect place to tie the knot, it opens up the whole world of diversity in the only city in the world.

Couples enjoy a romantic atmosphere

Oh, Paris, the City of Love! Paris is known globally for its romantic appeal because it is labeled one of the most ardent cities and is the most sought-after destination for honeymooners. The city has such an arrangement that is amiable for relishing the joy of love. From the time you land on the grounds of this city, you are surrounded by the atmosphere of love.

Holding the hand of that special someone in your life while taking a walk on the streets of Paris, you would absorb the unique atmosphere of this city. The silver sounds of the city, the fragrance of croissants in the air coming from the bakeries, and fascinating views at every turn—oh, this is magical, just as it would be from a fairy-tale book. From quiet walks by the Seine to visits to small, charming cafes, this city continually charmed me.

Parisian romance is not confined to the well-known landmarks. It’s about discovering hidden courtyards, intimate cafes, and serene city gardens that are yours to explore. Picture yourself sharing tender kisses under blooming cherry blossoms in spring or finding solace in the tranquil corners of the Luxembourg Gardens. These intimate and unforgettable moments are what make a Parisian elopement truly special.

Paris is more than just a visual and auditory experience; it’s a feeling. It’s the sensation of being in a place where love is palpable in every corner. Rich architectural heritage is deeply soaked in history, and some form of cultural refinement comes together to create an environment full of romance. Whether it is the quaint streets of Montmartre or the incandescence of the sunset from its rooftops, the romance of Paris here is at large on your special day.

In short, no place offers a suitable level of romantic experience like Paris. At every turn, love literally radiates in every nook and cranny of the place, and each moment turns into something special. Embrace the romantic charm of Paris in planning your elopement so your affair will be as classic and romantic as possible. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to places that seem to be lost in anonymity so as never to meet the eyes of the world, Paris is a setting at the end of the world for unforgettable memories with the person one loves.

Logistics and transportation

Effective logistics and transportation ensure a smooth and enjoyable Paris elopement experience. The proper plan eliminates stress and allows couples to enjoy their special day without the burden of thinking about how to maneuver throughout the city. An outline of the ways logistics and transportation are typically undertaken to ensure an elopement is free from stress follows.

Logistics Coordination

This has to be simple and effective when structuring the details of the day on an elopement. All the information needed by the couple outfitted by this experience is their hotel address and a list of photoshoot locations. This information is broken down to let us create the most straightforward and fastest route for photoshoots, ensuring that the couple spends the least time in traffic. This experience is all about enjoying your special day without dealing with navigating or driving through busy streets in the city.

Inclusive Transport

An essential part of the elopement package will be the transport, which the couple will use for the whole event. This will include pick-up from the hotel, transport to the different photoshoot locations in Paris, and a return to the hotel. This means that the couple will have a vehicle dedicated to their use, enabling them to travel comfortably and also have space to keep personal items in the car throughout the day.

Dedicated Vehicle

A dedicated car is provided for the couple, remaining with them for the duration of the event. This ensures that all transportation needs are met without any delays or complications. The vehicle used is typically an economy-class car, selected for its reliability and comfort. While the car type or color cannot be personalized, it serves its purpose of providing efficient and hassle-free transportation.

Avoiding Traffic

Avoid Traffic One of the most significant benefits of having your logistics and transportation planning is being sure to avoid traffic. A carefully planned route ensures the best days and path is chosen to deliver the least time spent in traffic. This thoughtful planning ensures that, in fact, the day is relatively constant in motion so that couples can enjoy more of those great moments in the locations they have chosen to visit rather than constantly in motion.

Comfort and Convenience

The dedicated car for the whole event will provide convenience, giving couples an area to stash their bags and other personal items. It will really be a more relaxed experience because there is no consideration of cases of carrying around bags or finding some additional means of transport.

In other words, careful planning of logistics and transport is vital to a successful elopement in Paris. With a car dedicated to both logistics and designing an ideal route, you are sure to have a seamless and stress-free moment, embracing the pleasure and romance that your day beholds.

Photoshoot locations

The photoshoots in Paris are absolutely incomparable, so be assured of how beautiful your wedding photos will turn out. We hand-picked the best 20 photoshoot locations through our previous 11 years of research, with testing in every corner. Paris lends an impressive range of beautiful backgrounds for wedding photography: be it an iconic view like that from Montmartre or the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower itself, nothing else can ever be another choice.

Of course, there is the Eiffel Tower. It is a classic background and a high place, towering with its unmistakable romantic setting for the perfect wedding photos. Another all-time favorite is Montmartre, which represents the old glory of architecture and amazingly charming streets. Coming here, one can capture the true meaning of Parisian romance with its breathtaking views and lively street life.

Another beautiful and classy place is the Louvre Museum, perfect for taking wedding photos. Brides envisioning a long mermaid dress or fashion-forward brides in a jumpsuit will fit right in front of the façade of the Louvre.

We know fully well which spots of the Louvre will place the bride’s style before her and grace the beauty of the venue. From the glass pyramid to the historic courtyards—every corner of the Louvre promises a distinctive and breathtaking view.

The good thing about the photography being included in Paris elopement packages is that it is based on the locations and not hours. You will have undivided sessions and more time to enjoy your special day without the pressure of the clock or extra expenses. Don’t worry; every shot of those dream locations you’ve chosen will be delivered to you without an overtime invoice.

Beyond those standard shot locations, though, Paris is a treasure trove of lesser-known gems that make for equally fairytale-like wedding-day settings. The emerald surrounds of the Luxembourg Gardens, romantic rich-in-history streets in Le Marais, or much further—glistening spots revealing the character and charm of Paris—all will create a stunning backdrop for a photo shoot.

And when everything feels just right, these backdrops for wedding vibes really give you the feel of a lifetime. This is a guarantee to make your unforgettable memories in this city and a fantastic shot from your elopement photoshoot.

When you choose the perfect place that fills your soul with imagery, your wedding photos will not just be beautiful but profoundly personal and meaningful.

Here is a comprehensive list of the top 20 photoshoot locations in Paris.

Top 20 Photoshoot Locations in Paris:

1. Trocadero

Trocadero is the ultimate iconic Eiffel Tower spot: sublime symmetry, views that will genuinely make jaws drop, fountains & gardens, and ridiculous photo variety.

2. Louvre Museum

Of our favorite photo locations in Paris, the Louvre offers the most unmatched photo variety. It is equally impressive at sunrise and during Blue Hour.

3. Montmartre / Maison Rose

Want quaint French cafes and charming cobbled streets? You’ll find that and more at Montmartre, which is hands-down one of the best primary photo locations in Paris.

4. Notre Dame Cathedral

The greater Notre Dame area is filled with fantastic photo spots, including Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole Cafe, Shakespeare Bookstore, and beautiful bridges…

5. Palais-Royal

Want incredible photo variety? Then Palais-Royal, with its playful Buren columns, surrounded by elegant architecture and gardens, is a must-see.

6. Pont Alexandre III

Considered the most elegant bridge in Paris, this dazzling monument in central Paris offers refined views of the Eiffel Tower. Expect insane photo variety!

7. Pont des Arts

Formerly known as the Love Lock Bridge and a setting in loads of iconic movies, this pedestrian bridge offers ridiculously dreamy views of the Seine and Paris.

8. Bir-Hakeim Bridge

When you’re looking for a more astonishing Eiffel Tower alternative to take the place of Trocadero or for a different perspective, to double as a rain solution if necessary.

9. Tuileries Garden

A favorite spot of ours in Paris because of its proximity to the Louvre, Palais Royal, and the Seine. It uniquely combines elegance with privacy. Ideal for marriage proposals.

10. Passerelle Debilly

This distinctive passerelle bridge offers you some of the most intimate views of the Iron Lady and works any time of the day and evening.

11. Moulin Rouge

Lights, music, stage, extravaganza… no nighttime Paris photoshoot would be complete without a bigger-than-life Champagne pop at Moulin Rouge.

12. Luxembourg Gardens

A place of natural beauty, the Jardin du Luxembourg will charm you with idyllic lawns, tree-lined alleys, and the historic Medici Fountain.

13. Shangri-La Paris

Look no further when you crave divine privacy and ridiculously intimate Eiffel Tower views. Set in the posh 16th arrondissement, Shangri-La Hotel Paris is synonymous with sumptuous luxury, traditional Parisian charm, and service that is anything but basic. Note that to propose at the Shangri-La, you’ll need to rent a suite with a terrace. However, all suites at the hotel are not created equal. A full-service Paris proposal planner will handle every detail, from setup to on-site coordination.

14. Peninsula Paris

Opened in 1908, the Peninsula is one of the hottest Palace hotels in Paris. You can tell because it has a waitlist to stay here. Expect nothing less than over-the-top service, opulent accommodation, and exceptional Eiffel Tower views. Unlike the Shangri-La, you won’t need to book a suite at the Peninsula to propose there. Instead, you book the hotel’s incredible rooftop terrace, Secret Table. Working with a proposal planner at the top of their game in Paris is a must. All you need to decide is whether you want the Secret Table for your proposal only or also to have a unique private dining experience after you get your “Yes.”

15. Marignan Champs-Elysées

Another stunning 5-star Parisian hotel rooftop terrace that offers views of the dazzling Eiffel Tower. Ask your proposal planner to personalize the space a bit for you. Then, have a private butler serve your first Champagne as newly-engaged.

16. George V

Do you long for the most exclusive rooftop in Paris? Here’s Penthouse by the Four Seasons Hotel George V. Enjoy the magical 360-degree views of the City. Only visit this place if you have a healthy budget. Take no chances – with an experienced planner.

17. Eiffel Tower residential rooftop terrace on Rue Copernic

This residential rooftop on Rue Copernic makes the perfect scene, with views of the Eiffel Tower so dazzling they’ve been pinned on Pinterest hundreds of times. It’s one of the most extensive terraces in town, so be prepared: the possibilities for personalizing a unique ambiance will be infinite and very much tailored to your partner. As with any residential rooftop, you’ll need someone to coordinate the logistics and guide your partner up onto the rooftop where you await.

18. Champs-Elysées residential Eiffel Tower rooftop terrace

Above one of the most famous avenues in the world, this Champs-Élysées residential rooftop is just perfect. It offers incredible views of the City, and you can overlook the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Montmartre from here. The large terrace can accommodate step-in vendors and even your family, but logistics are very complex, and the approach is less posh than, say, with a Palace hotel. A planner is a must.

19. Chateau de Villette

This French castle is glamorous, romantic, and beyond perfect for a private luxury venue when you want an alternative to the Eiffel Tower. It offers an enchanting setting that combines elegance with history, making it an ideal choice for your Paris elopement.

20. Vaux-le-Vicomte

Every inch is an incredible venue setting; it is stunningly Parisian, sublimely beautiful, and very, very luxe. This French castle provides a majestic backdrop for a wedding that exudes grandeur and sophistication.

These spots give both imagination and style—whatever is befitting the taste of the couple.

Planning Your Paris Elopement

This is going to involve critical things in planning an elopement to Paris to make your moment unforgettable and unique. First on the list is planning the elopement package to suit your visions and budget. Whichever one you choose, be it the very common Essential Elopement Package or the all-inclusive Platinum Elopement Package, which contains things like professional hair and makeup, vintage cars, and individually tailored ceremony scripts, there is a package for everybody.

This will also include knowledge about the logistics and the car of service. Proper planning of this and adding the service of a car will help you be able to move around the city comfortably and focus on your day. Good locations for shooting make elopement memorable. Paris, of course, gives you a list that includes the Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Gardens, and lots of other local landmarks with every kind of photo capture available. Excellent planning, with every detail and service and with the right destination, will create faultless and deeply personal Paris elopement in the most romantic city in the world.


Your choice of package will bring you glory from iconic backgrounds, such as the Eiffel Tower, giving you a very romantic and stress-free time. The enormous variety of packages for elopements in Paris would absolutely fit any taste, from low-key to very sophisticated, from classics to whimsy, each meaning a lovely wedding day.
An essential Elopement Package includes an English-speaking officiant, a Paris elopement photographer, a videographer, and car service—all that may be needed to arrange a leisurely, love-filled elopement day.
The Platinum Elopement Package is intended to offer you a totally exclusive experience. Some of these extras are professional hair and makeup artists, transportation in a vintage car, live music, and an elite ceremony script. All of this combines with making an experience of that very over-the-top elopement wedding. It will surely make you feel exceptional on the big day.
Location-based photography packages focus on capturing your desired photoshoot locations without time constraints, ensuring you get the perfect wedding photos without worrying about overtime charges due to traffic or weather.
Usually, tourists cannot hold legally binding ceremonies in France. Nevertheless, you will likely have the chance to arrange a symbolic wedding ceremony in Paris. Of course, you will be able to deal with your legal papers in your home country either before or after the ceremony.
Hiring a seasoned elopement planner offering inclusive Paris elopement packages, right from logistics coordination to transportation, is one opportunity to reduce your stress and ensure smooth sailing on elopement day.
Some of the unique things one can add to their Paris elopement are live music, a ride in a vintage car, a ceremony script customized especially for you and a deluxe dinner reception to make your Paris elopement wedding truly unique and reflective of your love story. Besides, the inclusion of a beautiful flower bouquet and a romantic ambiance is a sure way to increase the intimacy of an intimate elopement ceremony.