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Paris Elopement Photographer

Choosing the perfect Paris elopement photographer for your Paris elopement is essential to capture the essence of your special day truly. They should have both technical expertise and an understanding of Paris’s unique charm. Look for a photographer with experience and a portfolio of diverse, captivating images. Personal testimonials can help gauge their approach and reliability. A skilled photographer will blend the city’s beauty with your unique story, creating timeless images of your Paris elopement to treasure forever. Find someone who understands your style and vision, and you can relax, knowing every magical moment will be beautifully captured.

Elopement Photography In Paris

Paris elopement photography means far more than the actual act of taking a picture. It is the creation of images that will tell your story. These charming streets, places, and lively ambiance will provide unique backgrounds for your tiny private ceremony. Whether sitting silently on one of the many bridges over the Seine River or actually saying your “I dos” in a small garden, the photographer will just let the love between you naturally shine against the grandeur of the city.

Paris, with its natural light and architectural beauty, offers endless possibilities for creating memorable images of your Paris elopement. A skilled Paris elopement photographer blends your narrative with the city’s scenery, using elements like the soft morning light and vibrant sunsets to highlight your emotions, making every photograph a cherished memory because such an event will not come easily.

Elopements VS Civil Weddings: What’s the Difference?

Deciding between an elopement and a civil wedding involves understanding their differences. Elopements are intimate ceremonies focused on the couple, with minimal planning and a few witnesses. They emphasize personal connection and vows. They are free from traditional wedding formalities and large guest lists. In contrast, civil weddings are official ceremonies that vary in size and formality, involving legal requirements and documentation. They may include many guests and extensive planning.

Elopements offer a spontaneous and relaxed experience, enabling couples to focus entirely on each other. They are ideal for those seeking a private and meaningful day. Civil weddings, with their structure and more extensive guest list, provide a sense of tradition and community. Your choice depends on whether you value the simplicity and intimacy of an elopement or the formality and inclusivity of a civil wedding. Both have unique benefits, but elopements offer a more personal and secluded celebration of love.

What’s My Style?

Elopements create a relaxed and impromptu atmosphere, allowing couples to concentrate solely on one another. While often less formal, your Paris elopement can be as luxurious as you wish. Celebrate your unique personality and love story with an outfit that resonates with you—whether it’s red, green, or a color reflecting your heritage.

Imagine a princess ball gown for a symbolic ceremony, a sultry red dress by the Seine River, a chic mini dress, or even a black couture dress with a motorcycle jacket.

For timeless elopement photos, avoid busy prints and fleeting trends. Your look should be timelessly you.

Embrace your inner French girl by staying true to your style. Choose dress options that complement your body type and personality. Your confident glow will make for fabulous photos, capturing the joy and essence of your magical day in Paris.

Whether during an early morning photo shoot at the Louvre Museum or a romantic dinner by the Seine, your attire should reflect you. This artistic vision will shine through, making your elopement in Paris an unforgettable moment in your love story.

Photographing Your Paris Elopement

Preparing for elopement photography in Paris goes beyond choosing outfits and locations. It involves understanding optimal lighting, like the golden hour, for romantic images. Iconic spots like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Seine River are stunning, but quieter locations add a personal touch. Collaborate with your photographer to capture each moment beautifully in Paris’s enchanting atmosphere.

An experienced Paris elopement photographer will advise on the best times for photos, such as early morning to avoid crowds or evening for Parisian twilight. Discuss your preferences for locations and poses to tailor the session to your vision. Planning every detail ensures a seamless experience and stunning elopement photos that reflect the spirit of your Paris elopement.

Your Elopement Photographer In Paris

Your Paris elopement photographer is possibly the best investment you’ll ever make in your Paris elopement. These are not just pictures; they are a testimony to your love story, capturing every detailed element of your custom ceremony and the magic of one day spent in the city of love.

Sharing your photos with relatives and friends will allow them to feel included in your celebration. The joy of revealing your Paris wedding can be perfectly captured in a legendary IG “Just Hitched” picture against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum. Those images will be breathtaking and will resonate with the beauty of Paris’s architecture in stunning locations, such as the Tuileries Gardens and the Seine River. An artistic elopement photographer in Paris ensures that every session, whether taken by the first lights of the morning or the glow of a romantic Parisian night, is nothing less than stunningly beautiful.

A professional photographer or videographer will not just capture a snap but capture a moment in life showing life, laughter, and love. From the bride’s gown preparations to the in-between moments, the symbolic ceremony, and the intimate dinner that follows—with style and elegance—this journey will be taken down on print. Be photographed by one of our local pros at stylish and elegant locations throughout the city. This photographic narrative of your special day in Paris is just perfect for memories that will last, allowing you to relive the lifetime event every time you look at your pictures.

Investing in the most talented elopement photographer beautifully secures all the details of your Paris wedding or elopement. They’ll help sort out the legal stuff, recommend venues, and organize the photo shoot just right. These will be keepsakes to treasure, be it a pre-lunch stroll along the Seine or an evening shot backdropped by the sparkling Eiffel Tower. Your photos will immortalize not only the magic of your marriage but, indeed, the enchanted atmosphere of Paris, where love stories are celebrated.

A Few Tips For Your Elopement

There are three approaches to planning your personalized ceremony elopement:

  • DIY elopement: Cost-effective financially but demanding in terms of time and stress.
  • Elopement Packages: Pre-arranged bundles with chosen vendors that handle all the details for you. Excellent value!
  • Dedicated Planner: The priciest option but highly customizable. Typically, the fee is a percentage of your total budget. Perfect for those with a clear vision for their Paris elopement, your planner will offer vendor choices and manage every detail to perfection.

If you enjoy budget shopping and digging through details, a DIY option might be best, but start planning at least 6-10 months.

A great alternative to DIY or employing a dedicated planner is choosing elopement packages or collections. These typically encompass all essential elements and a curated team of vendors for your Paris elopement, providing efficiency and cost-effectiveness compared to DIY or fully customized events.

At Kiss Me In Paris, we deliver customized planning services for a personalized experience, in addition to offering elopement packages and collections.

Do I Need A Planner For My Paris Elopement?

It depends:

  • How elaborate is your event? Larger celebrations or elopements with detailed schedules gain from having a planner.
  • How much free time do you have? If you’re swamped, delegate the planning to someone else!
  • How familiar are you with Paris? If it’s your first time, consider hiring a planner!

Hiring a local planner with extensive knowledge of the city can provide valuable location and vendor recommendations, handle logistics, and ensure a seamless flow for your Paris elopement. All you need to do is show up and enjoy.

Are you ready to spend your time in Paris searching for a quality flower specialist or fashion designer? What if the elopement location you picked doesn’t live up to the online photos?

A skilled planner will:

  • Save you valuable amazing moments
  • Assist in finding the ideal venue or amazing area
  • Have excellent connections with vendors (photographers, videographers, flower specialists, transportation, music artists, hotels, restaurants, officiants, visitors entertainment, and personal assistant services)
  • Be highly knowledgeable about the city and suggest activities
  • Have expertise in elopements and marriages, offering choices you might not have considered
  • Oversee your financial plan and manage payments
  • Liaise with vendors so you can relish the moment without worrying about logistics.
  • Design the ideal timeline.

A skilled planner guarantees a smoother, stress-free, and fun elopement day, turning your vision into a stunning reality.

More About Elopement In Paris

One such dreamy elopement destination is Paris, a city of romantic charm and rich history with a number of enchanted venues to choose from for holding intimate ceremonies, ranging from elegant gardens to historic landmarks. Irrespective of the time of the year, starting from the bohemian feel on the streets of Montmartre to the calm at the Tuileries Gardens, there are a number of picturesque spots spread all over Paris that would be perfect for holding this kind of distinctive elopement, just for remembrance and to hold dear. Each site has something unique and special, making it appealing to different tastes and styles.

Finding the perfect location for a Paris elopement is significant. It is not just a setting, but it sets the scene and the feel for the rest of your wedding day. From a vibrant public space that boasts iconic views to a sumptuous private venue offering control over every detail, Paris can offer some stunning locations to make your special day unforgettable.

The Photographer

And that’s why choosing the right Paris elopement photographer is crucial to the experience. The perfect photographer will be more than just a professional working a camera but fully passionate, creative, and personal. They will capture spontaneous, unscripted moments of passion and well-thought-out poses of love. They should agree with your vision, thus allowing both of you to be yourselves and transfer your feelings and emotions into the shots.

A professional elopement photographer in Paris will capture breathtaking images and guide you through the city’s enchanting beauty. Their familiarity with Paris ensures the best locations and times for photos, making your experience unique and personal. Establishing a rapport with your photographer helps you feel at ease, allowing your genuine emotions and connection to be beautifully documented, creating a visual story you will cherish forever.

The Location

The choice of a perfect location for your Paris elopement will set the backdrops for the whole feel of your wedding day. Paris has numerous lovely locations. A location that sets up a perfect and memorable wedding is what everybody wants on their special day, be it in a picturesque public place with iconic views or somewhere that is very private, thus giving better control and luxury.


Public Locations (Free)

Publicly accessible locations, such as parks, monuments, or the end of an avenue, offer a community space for your Paris elopement. The primary advantage is that they are typically free, but there are some limitations. Due to crowds and availability, flexibility in timing can be an issue, so expect some passersby during your symbolic ceremony. Additionally, public spaces usually don’t provide a backup plan for rain, and you can’t set up decorations or chairs.

If you are okay with having a few passersby who can work within specific hours, public locations are budget-friendly. In case of rain on your elopement day, you have the flexibility to reschedule the ceremony until the weather clears or embrace the adventure of a rain-soaked celebration, which can lead to unique elopement photography in your personalized ceremony. Imagine the stories you’ll be able to share and the memorable photo session opportunities!

  • The majority of public spaces are suitable solely for the ceremony, not the reception. However, you can plan a delightful outdoor picnic celebration in a community park and host both parts of your wedding day in one location.
  • Alternatively, a publicly held event can be followed by a photo session, a celebratory meal, and an intimate dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Note: Public spaces are more flexible for smaller Paris elopements or reaffirmation of the vow. However, for larger parties, a private, paid space might be necessary to accommodate everyone.

Private Locations (Paid)

Opting for a private venue for your Paris wedding typically ensures a covered space or backup location in the event of rain, granting you greater control over every aspect of the ceremony. These exclusive venues often come with a cost that can vary significantly.

Many private settings can accommodate both the ceremony and the reception, providing a seamless and cohesive experience. Excellent private locations include:

  • The terrace or garden of your hotel
  • A chateau just outside Paris
  • A quaint chapel
  • An exclusive event space
  • An art museum
  • A lush botanical garden

A private venue is ideal if you prefer more privacy over your special day, especially with a bigger gathering or a desire for a more upscale setup.

Public or Private

What do we suggest? It all hinges on your financial plan and style preferences. Are you envisioning something luxurious, chic, or with Bohemian flair?

Review the venue choices in our guidebook, consider your vision for the elopement and your financial plan, and then decide. Either way, a planner can be beneficial. They are familiar with the places and the best locations, finding the correct value for your requirements and budget.

Elope at the Eiffel Tower: 5 Free Elopement Ceremony Locations with an Eiffel Tower View

  • Trocadero: A scenic walk along Ave de President Wilson and around the corner will lead you to the Trocadero platform, which offers stunning scenic views of the Eiffel Tower for your elopement photography.
  • Champs de Mars: A large grass area leading from Ecole Militaire to the Eiffel Tower, Champs de Mars is beautiful during the summer with a lovely flowery setting.
  • Bridges – Alexander III OR Debilly: All of the bridges provide stunning views of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River.
  • Bir Hakeim: A ten-minute stroll from Trocadero, this bridge offers symmetrical columns and a perfect nook for a ceremonial event with a view of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River.
  • Seine River: A romantic wall along the Seine River provides impressive views of the Eiffel Tower, making it an excellent backdrop for your ceremony.
Elope at the Eiffel Tower: 5 Paid Elopement Locations with Eiffel Tower View

The main difference between public and private locations is price and management. Public locations may be accessible but offer less control over unforeseen events. In contrast, private locations, although they come with a fee, provide flexibility and convenience, ensuring your vision is realized without unexpected disruptions.

Private venues usually offer the option to host both your ceremonial event and reception:

  • Hotel: If it’s not solely for the ceremony, this hotel is suitable for a reception configuration due to its terrace with an Eiffel Tower view, offered by Four Seasons, Shangri-La, and Peninsula hotels.
  • Rooftop/Terrace Accommodations: They also offer private, beautiful locations, luxurious apartments with a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower, and terraced or roofed accommodations that can serve as both your ceremony venue and accommodation.
  • Commercial Rooftop/Terrace: Leasing space in a building provides you access to both a rooftop for you to enjoy the stunning architecture in your ceremonial event and a private reception.
  • Restaurants: Though some Parisian restaurants do offer terraces with a view of the Eiffel Tower, such terraces are only ideal for hosting a scenic ceremony followed by a gastronomic lunch or romantic dinner.
  • Boats: Far from the usual Seine River ceremony, but with a view of the Eiffel Tower, one can really be captivated by this wedding experience. One can just rent a boat from the restaurants that line up by the riverbank or really go the total yards by renting a luxury boat for a more exquisite cruise, complete with foods and celebratory liquors.

Consider your preferences and budget to decide whether a public or private location suits your Paris elopement best.

Hair & Makeup

Professional hair and makeup are crucial for looking and feeling fabulous on your elopement day. Paris has many talented artists specializing in bridal beauty to ensure you look flawless and photo-ready for your Paris elopement photographer. Choose a hair and makeup artist who understands your style and complements your wedding dress and elopement vibe. A trial run before your wedding day helps reduce stress.

The perfect hair and makeup can highlight your natural beauty, ensuring you look radiant in every photo captured by your elopement photographer. Paris boasts skilled artists who personalize their services to create your perfect look. They use the best products and techniques to ensure your style lasts throughout your Paris elopement, considering the weather and location. This attention to detail ensures your elopement photography captures the joy and romance of your special day.

The Organization

Organizing your Paris elopement involves coordinating several essential services to ensure your special day runs smoothly. From securing a Paris elopement photographer to choosing the perfect wedding dress and arranging transportation, every detail contributes to an unforgettable wedding day. Whether you’re arranging a lavish event or a simple, intimate affair, picking the right vendors for hair and makeup, transportation, flowers, music, and cake will beautifully enhance your love story and make your elopement photography genuinely remarkable.

  • Hair and Makeup Artist (average 350 Euros): Employing a professional hair and makeup artist is crucial for your wedding day photos. Their skill ensures you look your absolute best, enhancing your natural glow for breathtaking elopement photos.
  • Transportation (average 100 Euros per hour): For your Paris elopement, opt for a luxury car with a driver. Travel in style on your special day, moving from the hotel to the ceremony and photo shoot in a Mercedes V or S class with a chauffeur.
  • Vintage Car (average 300 Euros per hour): Add romance and fun with a vintage car like a red sportscar, pastel beetle, or white Rolls Royce. Consider a private boat on the Seine or a Vespa for unique, Instagram-worthy moments.
  • Florist: An elopement bouquet starts around 175 Euros, with seasonal flowers being more budget-friendly. Bright summer colors, deep autumn hues, and pastel spring flowers add vibrancy. Don’t forget a matching boutonniere for the groom.
  • Musicians (from 300 Euros): Live music adds a bit of Parisian magic to elopements. Whether flamenco, guitarist, violinist, or harpist, live music lends a lot of sex appeal to your walk down the aisle.
  • Cake (Average at 130 Euros): Treat yourselves to a delicious cake for your dinner à deux. Whether you wish to have an American-style cake, a tower of French macarons, or a croquembouche, it will add a sweet and tasteful note to your reception.

Sourcing these vendors is effortless with wedding directories, referrals, or a quick browse on IG. Ensure you book talented professionals to actualize your elopement in Paris, which will be a magical day filled with joy and romance.


Technically skilled but also sensitively headed toward that unique charm of the City of Light, one would finally be able to get the perfect elopement photographer in Paris for the representation of love stories.
If you are looking for a Paris elopement photographer, look for a great experience and an extensive portfolio. Apart from exemplars, things like personal testimonials or reviews by past clients will further indicate this in regard to his approach and dependability in your eyes as a client. Make sure he knows what you are after in terms of your style and vision when it actually comes down to him capturing your magical moments.
A talented elopement photographer in Paris combines the backdrops of this breathtaking city with your unique story. Leading you through the best locations and the best times of the day for photos, he or she will never let pass any beautiful photograph that will make your shots from the elopement a cherished memory.
Hiring a dedicated Paris elopement photographer ensures all aspects of your wedding day are captured beautifully. They handle everything from navigating legal requirements to choosing the best locations and planning the perfect photo shoot, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day.