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Paris proposals are not created equal. Clearly, your level of preparation will have a real impact on her experience and the photos you both should expect. It might sound cliché, but when it comes to proposals, there are no do-overs. So there's plenty you can and must do as you prepare for your own Paris proposal. We were able to interview Brandon, who recently pulled off one of the most magical Paris proposals we've ever witnessed. Keep on reading to learn his exact tips and tricks and make them your own.

How did you and Chelsey first meet?

Chelsey and I met in Las Vegas—I was there for my brother’s bachelor party and she was just in town with friends for a fun weekend.

We were passing by each other on the Strip … when I asked her to take my photo in front of the Caesars Palace fountain. Chelsey said, “sure no problem.”

We chatted a little when she asked me to join her and her friends for a drink at a bar down the street. Chelsey and I spent the entire night laughing, talking and exploring Vegas … having the time of our lives!

Paris surprise proposal

We traded a few innocent kisses knowing that love awaits … she sent me back to my hotel in a cab with only an email address to contact her.

The next day I left Vegas and sent her an email … hoping she had given me her real address. Chelsey responded quickly … we spent almost a year and a half in a long distance friendship … realizing that life was not quite ready for us to be together. She was in the process of wrapping up school in Boston getting her fine arts degree, while I was based out of Nashville playing music and touring the United States.

One day—after over a year of no contact between us—Chelsey sent me a message out of the blue. She was once again standing in front of our fountain where we first met in Las Vegas. She asked how I was doing … and we immediately restarted our friendship … but this time with more serious intentions. It seemed as though time had stood still for us and nothing had changed. Our hearts were still aligned and our affection stronger than ever.

This time our love was ready to blossom.

Paris surprise proposal

Why Paris for your proposal and why in November?

I chose to propose in Paris because it is the City of Love … simply the most romantic place to make such a special declaration. I opted to propose in November because I love how vibrant the leaves look … and favor the cooler cozier temperatures. Also, I planned my proposal around Chelsey’s 30th birthday, which is on November 13th.

Paris surprise proposal

Where in Paris did you propose and why? Was it the right choice in retrospect?

The location for our Paris proposal was the Trocadéro. I chose this location for one simple reason: it offers the best view of the Eiffel Tower. In retrospect, it was the most romantic place I could’ve ever dreamt of for such a special occasion. I wouldn’t have changed anything about my proposal. Not a single thing.

Paris surprise proposal at Trocadero with Eiffel Tower view

How did you find your Paris photographer?

Quite simply, I chose Cengiz, the founder of Kiss Me in Paris and Adagion Studio, as my Paris proposal photographer for two reasons: professionalism and photo quality.

I Google’d “photographers in Paris” … and a dozen or so different websites popped up. However, I was looking for a high-quality photographer to capture my Paris proposal … someone who had a natural eye for photography.

Cengiz’s website showcased stunning photos that instantly impressed me … and I like that this site offers helpful tips and tricks for grooms-to-be. I’ve never done anything like this before :-)) … and really took his advice to heart. In turn, I felt confident, well-prepared, and knew what to expect.

Paris surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower

How did you get Chelsey to get up so early without spilling the beans? Any advanced tips for other resourceful grooms?

Planning. Planning. Planning.

I started planning my Paris proposal nearly six months before the date I proposed. I made sure to read all the advice my photographer offered, including the aforementioned “how-to” YouTube tutorials. After soaking in all the fabulous advice, I carefully prepared what I was going to do and say to my future fiancée.

Chelsey and I agreed that we’d each plan a full day of things to do while we were in Paris. The idea, of course, was that I’d have the necessary freedom to design a timeline without Chelsey asking me questions or getting suspicious. As a result, I was able to get her up early and motivate her for a day filled with adventure … starting, as you might guess, with my surprise Paris proposal at sunrise.

Paris surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower during sunrise

Tell us about your outfits? How did you balance the colder temperatures with elegance and how did you get her to dress up sharp without giving away the surprise?

I informed Chelsey that the first part of our day’s adventure was going to be fancy and that we both had to dress up … whereas the latter part of the day would be more relaxed. It actually showed that I had planned our day thoughtfully, including being intentional about our outfits. We knew it was colder outside and dressed accordingly.

Paris surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower at sunrise

What was your favorite location during your Paris proposal session? What was Chelsey’s favorite location if different?

My favorite location was Trocadéro, where I proposed.

Paris surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower at sunrise

Chelsey’s favorite location was the Louvre Museum.

Paris proposal session Louvre Museum

Which is your favorite photo from your Paris surprise proposal?

The photo where I’m down on my knee with the Eiffel Tower as our backdrop—Chelsey has her hand over her mouth—is hands down our favorite! The photo allows us to relive that special moment in our lives … to get consumed by our emotions over and over again. It is forever the most special photo of our lives.

Paris surprise proposal

Any final tips that you would give to your brother or best friend if they were to embark on a similar Paris proposal adventure?

Plan. Communicate. Listen.

Plan well ahead of time where, when, and how you intend to propose.

Then communicate your vision and ideas to your photographer; be as specific as possible about what you want out of your photos and experience.

Listen to the advice your experienced and caring Paris photographer has to offer. They are experts at Paris proposals. I also recommend watching their brilliant YouTube video tutorials, which helped me more than anything!

Paris proposal photo session Tuileries Gardens