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Bonjour et Bienvenue to Adagion Studio—we're so excited you stopped by and can't wait to meet you. Based in the heart of Paris, we offer a full range of award-winning Paris wedding & couple photography services.

Are we the right Paris photographer for you?

A world-class Paris photoshoot is quintessentially about fun, flow, and amazing photos. Sure, seasonality, starting time, duration of your photo session, location choice, attire, props, and logistics are all important considerations.

Yet, the single most important decision you’ll make is your choice of the Paris photographer. After all, you’ll be asked to immediately display intimacy and affection in front of the lens of a relative stranger.

The truth is that there’s no shortage of available Parisian photographers. We all shoot at similar locations, time of the day, and with professional equipment.

With that said, the results could not be more different. Do you ever wonder why some Paris couple pictures simply feel a touch uninspired while others stand the test of time as confident, believable, and utterly swoon-worthy?

Hire an English-speaking Paris photographer

Sure, your photographer in Paris needs to communicate responsively in English, be reliable, talented, a local expert, and enjoy meeting new people.

But there’s more … much more.

You see, the very best Paris wedding and portrait photographers do three things well:

  1. they help couples prepare and manage expectations masterfully. The result? You’ll arrive in Paris with an ironclad plan … knowing exactly when and where to start your Paris photoshoot, how to commute most efficiently to the best spots in the City, where to change outfits, which props work well, and how to get the pictures you desire;
  2. they have the ability to instantly make you feel comfortable and elicit the fun-element. That means you’ll maximize net photography coverage (which translates into more value), focus on your loved one rather than on the act of being photographed, and actually enjoy a truly romantic experience in the City of Love;
  3. the Paris photographer should obsess about the little details. It may sound a touch cliché, but the devil is indeed in the details. Gentlemen dangling their arms, couples holding their breath, bulky objects protruding underneath outfits, unflattering arms, angles, and shadows … I’m sure you can relate. But unless you have plenty of experience in front of the camera, it’s desirable that your artist naturally guides you to the most sublime photos in real-time.

"Best International Destination Wedding Photographer 2019"

Global Wedding Awards—LUX Life

Why book Adagion Studio as your Paris Photographer?

  • Trusted by hundreds of happy couples around the world

  • Most award-winning English-speaking photographer in Paris

  • Simple, transparent booking process means you can just show up and just have fun

Lia & Phil


AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Cengiz and the Adagion team recently photographed our Paris engagement photos … and I don’t think there are enough words to describe just how impressed we were with the company’s professionalism, talent, and passion.

Cengiz is a master of his craft! He was so much fun and made us feel super-comfortable in front of the camera—he was extremely helpful with his tips and direction on how to pose and position ourselves to achieve wonderful pictures. His energy fueled us through our Paris photoshoot.

We received our online proofing gallery that very same night and are simply blown away. I can’t recommend the Adagion team enough. Cengiz is a star among the Paris photographers and it was our absolute pleasure to work with him.

Let's capture your memories the way you want to remember them

We specialize in fabulous Paris couple photography (engagement, pre-wedding, honeymoon, and anniversary), luxury weddings, intimate elopements, Paris proposals, and boudoir.

Check out the galleries, love stories, and essential guides below.

How it Works

Step 1: Understand and love our work

Before you hire a Paris wedding or portrait photographer, you need to first understand her style and what to expect from your Paris photo session. Be mindful to not fall in love with a single photo, pretty couple, “best of ” gallery, or a stylized shoot with models.

Instead, request a representative Paris photoshoot gallery that corresponds to the characteristics of your envisioned Paris photo session (i.e., same time of day, amount of photography coverage, and artist).

Step 2: Book your Paris photographer

So you think we might be a good fit. Yaay! We’re already excited. Your next step is to reach out to our studio managers to inquire about th Paris photography packages and availability. Keep in mind that the popular time slots—such as sunrise and the Blue Hour—fill up quickly.

Booking with us online is super-simple: we accept all major credit cards and pride ourselves on responsive and transparent communication. You’ll be put in touch with your Paris photographer moments after we receive your retainer, which secures your preferred date and starting time(s).

Step 3: Connect with your photographer & prepare for your shoot

It’s time to kick your preparations into high gear. It may sound a bit cliché, but great preparation and managing expectations with your Parisian photographer can make a big difference.

That’s why you and the Paris photographer will immediately touch base to create an inspiration mood board, coordinate the exact meeting point and starting time, exchange contact information, and optimize your Paris photoshoot itinerary for the most flattering light, absence of crowds, easy outfit changes, and, above all, a delightful Paris photography experience.

Step 4: It's time to play: meet your photographer & have fun!

You will typically meet up with the Paris photographer at a designated spot approximately ten minutes before the official starting time.

That gives you a chance to say hi and go over a few power tips on how to pose, the importance of breathing, how to avoid common mistakes, and just review the goals for the day. And then it’s all about having fun and celebrating with your loved one.

Step 5: Get your photos back fast!

You’ll receive a password-protected, mobile-responsive online proofing gallery with all of the photos from your photo session within 12-24 hours after you and your Paris photographer wrap up.

Best of all, it’s easy as pie for you to select exactly those photos you love and want us to edit. Our post-production process is among the most time-intensive in all of Paris. No presets, filters or other shortcuts. We’ll custom-edit every single photo with love and according to your general preferences.


Let's create something magical together

Our friendly concierge is here to help you every step of the way. So when you’re ready to secure your preferred date and starting time, simply get in touch.


Our photography services include:

  • Paris couple’s pictures (engagement, pre-wedding, honeymoon, and anniversary)
  • Paris surprise proposals
  • Luxury weddings in Paris
  • Intimate Paris weddings & elopements
  • Boudoir & burlesque

For Paris photoshoots, our hands-on approach with confident communication (in English) ensures that you’ll quickly connect with your partner and be comfortable displaying intimacy and fun-factor in front of our lens. Our interests and yours are in harmony in that we, too, want a shoot that is fun, flows naturally, and results in fabulous photographs.Our wedding work is synonymous with excellence and continues to inspire a new generation of photographers. Beyond the quality of our award-winning photos, however, what sets us apart is that we deeply care about our couples and are immersed in our environment on the wedding day. Our approach to capturing weddings emphasizes professional discretion, experience, and endless passion; the idea is to support the flow of your festivities and tell your story the way you remember feeling it.

Well, there’s no clear answer here since we do way more Paris photo shoots every year than we have the capacity to publish. With that said, we’ll never post photos without your consent.If you do want to increase your chances of getting featured on our website and social media or on a popular bridal blog, here are a few power tips:

  • don’t be shy to ask us
  • prepare exceptionally well and communicate your expectations, style, and shoot inspiration with a vision card or so-called mood board via Pinterest
  • be different—bridal publications (and we, too) like to inspire and entertain … creative props, attractive locations, stylish outfits and accessories, and a blissful connection will all make you stand out
  • be responsive and organized in providing us with your story—how you met, how your partner asked, tell us about her ring, and list your Instagram handles, …
  • after we publish your favorite photos, make sure to share your story with your friends and family, who are likely dying to hear all the fabulous details

You’ve probably heard horror stories of couples having to wait forever to see their photos. Well, not with us.When you book a Paris photoshoot with us, you’ll typically get to see your photos within 24 hours after your photo session … often even on the same day as your shoot. This is particularly exciting for once-in-a-lifetime events such as Paris proposals or elopements.All images from your photoshoot are conveniently accessible via an intuitive, password-protected, mobile-responsive proofing gallery that is easily shared with friends and family. That means you can even use your phone or tablet to view your gallery, and won’t have to wait to select your favorite photos for edit.

Yes, of course! Our editors are world-class and take great pride in making your photos look magazine-worthy! We invest real time, care and resources into custom-editing your pictures according to your specific instructions. If you like the way the photos on our website are edited, then you’ll love the way we edit your photos.

Our standard edit includes:

  • cropping for perfect composition
  • exposure, sharpness, shadows, contrast, and highlights adjustment
  • color, vibrancy, and saturation enhancements
  • camera lens profile corrections as well as horizontal and vertical image transformation to ensure that structural lines and horizons look great
  • Photoshop removal of blemishes, scars, moles, and other skin beautification
  • (optional) thinning of arms, legs, body, and chin
  • removal of distracting elements (other people, trash and structures) whenever easily possible

Our premium edit includes:

  • everything that’s included in our standard edit
  • black & white versions of your photos (we do not simply apply a black & white filter, but instead carefully accentuate true blacks and true whites for a classic look and feel)
  • adding a flattering sky
  • removal of wallets, phones, or other objects from your pant pockets
  • smoothing and complex reshaping of wrinkles in your outfits
  • removing, reshaping, or recreating hair, including bald spots for men

All edited images will be downloadable via a private, mobile-responsive, online gallery that is easily shared with friends and family.Online wedding photo galleryWhat’s more, our online gallery makes it super-simple for you to create albums and place print orders regardless of where you live around the globe.Online wedding photo gallery

We typically shoot hundreds of amazing images during our Paris photoshoots. And as you’ll see, sometimes it’s simply too difficult to limit yourself to the number of edits that come standard with your Collection. In fact, it’s actually quite common to want them all! Or perhaps you’re into editing your own pictures and prefer the unedited version of your images.Well, we have a brilliant solution for you: our premium Collections give you the option to download all the unedited high resolution and print-ready photos from your entire photo session at the click of a button. For more information, ask us.

We can control almost every element of your Paris photoshoot except the weather (rain, wind, cold, sky color, etc.). We will try to work around rain on short-notice and occasionally even accommodate a date or time-switch. However, we never provide a refund of your retainer or even guarantee the opportunity to reschedule.With that said, some of our most award-winning photos were captured in the rain—and it makes sense since rain photos are quite rare and rain has the potential to elicit deep emotional connection.Rain or an overcast sky actually offers several important benefits:

  • you’re less likely to squint (especially if you have sensitive eyes)
  • you won’t cast unwanted shadows on your partner
  • your skin will look flawless
  • there will likely be way fewer distracting tourists and other photographers, which means more privacy for you
  • wet surfaces can make for exceptional reflections and creative possibilities

Life works in mysterious ways—it’s sometimes just not possible to keep your Paris photo shoot appointment. Hey, we’ve heard it all from airport disruptions and canceled flights, visa issues, strikes, health, pregnancy, job conflicts, and a host of other valid personal issues.Yet, as one of the busiest photography studios in the world, we’re almost always booked. It means that we turn away additional inquiries for your scheduled time-slot after you book us. As with rain disruptions, we will do our utmost to accommodate an emergency change request for you. However, we never issue a refund of your retainer under any circumstances or guarantee an alternate time slot.

We get it—life can sometimes get in the way—especially in Paris, where your Uber driver might cancel on you at a moment’s notice, your beauty artist needs longer than anticipated, or you’re just stuck in traffic.With that said, just as you expect us to arrive on time, we ask that you kindly be punctual. We book multiple Paris photo shoots per day and need to make sure that we are on time, relaxed, and well-prepared for our next couple.The maximum amount of time we’ll contractually wait for you before you forfeit your retainer is 15 minutes from your official starting time.And even if we agree to start your photoshoot with a delay, we never commit to extending your coverage to account for the lost time due to late arrival.If you’re uncertain about Parisian traffic conditions or anticipate any delay for any reason, please plan on arriving at the designated meeting spot early.

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