100 Proposal Ideas: The Ultimate Guide For The Perfect Pop

Discover unique and personalized wedding proposal ideas with the help of Adagion, the world’s leading proposal planning company. Since 2013, we’ve crafted one-of-a-kind proposals for clients worldwide. Let us guide you in creating the perfect proposal for your partner. Check out our guide of 100 unique proposal ideas to help you make your proposal unforgettable.

100 proposal ideas
Chapter 1

What Is the Perfect Proposal Idea?

A perfect proposal is a special moment in which a person asks their significant other to marry them. It is a time to express love and commitment and to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in the couple’s relationship. The perfect proposal involves careful planning and consideration of the other person’s preferences and is tailored to the unique bond between the couple. It should be romantic, intimate, and memorable and leave a lasting impression on the person being proposed. Here are a few ideas for a perfect proposal:

  • Public Proposal Ideas
  • Romantic Proposal Ideas
  • Private Proposal Ideas
  • Creative & Unique Proposal Ideas
  • Adventurous & Outdoor Proposal Ideas
  • Elaborate Proposal Ideas

· Public Proposal Ideas

As you know, a public place is one of the locations that many choose to serve as a location to carry out proposal ideas with your partner. Here are some exciting ideas that you can try.

1. A Cappella Serenade

In a simple sense, you can apply this idea to your partner, where you need to bring your partner to walk in a park, entertainment venue or particular cafe by asking street musicians or extraordinary musicians who have been prepared to perform their favourite song or song related to the mood to start the application program, and when your partner is enjoying the music, immediately take advantage of it by directly giving a ring or expressing your feelings, the music and an atmosphere that looks normal will make your partner even more surprised and happy to get the moment.

2. Billboard

Suppose you previously saw billboards as an advertising medium or information medium. Getting an interesting impression in carrying out a billboard planning proposal can also be an alternative for you. Display certain writing on street billboards that you may often pass with your partner, or ask someone else to help prepare the script on the billboard for a moment when you and your partner will give it. Ask your partner to talk about fun things to get the impression of emotion when you see the billboard that has been written and prepared.

3. Umbrellas

A rainy day proposal: If it’s raining on the day you plan to propose, use umbrellas as a playful prop. Write “Will you marry me?” on one umbrella and have it held up by a friend or family member as you propose.

4. Flash Mob

In practice, flash mobs can be carried out with the cooperation of extraordinary people you have prepared. Ask them to do exciting attractions such as dancing or other interests that can create a fun atmosphere. Take advantage of this moment to express your feelings to your partner. Because this requires good cooperation, you also have to ask experts to develop a plan for field execution.

5. Propose at a Concert

It is also one of the ways that many couples apply who want to propose a plan with their partner, collaborate with related parties in a concert, then invite their partner to enjoy the music, and suddenly they will surprise their partner in the form of singing or greeting from the musicians so that your partner will be amazed by you who are also ready to give a ring while holding both hands.

6. A Meet-and-Greet Proposal

Slightly different from the previous point, you can do this to your partner by inviting them to meet idols or artists they like, then with good cooperation by service providers with their artists, they will help surprise your partner in the form of greetings from their idols or singing memorable songs from idolized musicians, of course, this will be one of the historical moments. You and your partner will never forget it.

7. Propose at a Theater

For you or your partner who likes watching certain dramas or theaters, you can also offer one other alternative in planning a marriage proposal, ask for cooperation with the theater to make stories that relate to your partner so that it sharpens your emotions, even more, when you give a ring and express your feelings. to continue a more serious relationship.

8. Hire a Caricaturist

Working with an artist is one of the more romantic ways, just like a caricature artist who can be asked to work together to create a work of writing and images that can support and give a special message to your partner. This can be done in a public place, so applause from visitors will add an impression that is difficult to forget for a lifetime.

9. A Jumbotron Proposal

This Jumbotron is also very varied in that you can choose each variation as an alternative to carry out exciting idea proposals. You can ask experts to make writing or pictures on digital media boards like this Jumbotron to do writing that makes your partner happy while being paired with an engagement ring that will make him even more impressed with you.

10. An Airplane Announcement

Another unique way that is also often done is to cooperate with the airport, as you know that the airport has the facility of information conveyed by a voice from the airline, invite your partner to go somewhere or come to the airport, then carry out your proposal. After hearing a special greeting from the airport, this became interesting because every corner of the airport could listen to and give a standing ovation.

11. Propose During Times Square Ball Drop

Time Square is an attractive location to be used to submit a marriage proposal with your partner, and ball drop is one of the facilities available there, which is usually done to celebrate certain days or particular events, considering that this time square is a significant tourist area. And many visitors will certainly add an exciting impression that you and your partner will remember.

12. Propose at Her Work

What if your partner is an office worker or has another job making it difficult to propose wedding planning? Of course, you can also do it where your partner works, and you can do it while working on getting a more memorable moment, coming to his office with some flowers or paper with certain writings. So that your plan can run better, involve your friends and work partners so that it makes a more pleasant impression to remember.

13. Propose at a Trivia Game Night

For this one idea, you can say you don’t need to spend large amounts of money, visit certain bars or cafes, then invite your partner to take part in simple games and quizzes, create particular challenges that lead to your plan to express feelings, involve your friends your partner’s close friend to add nuance and provide memories that will always be cherished together.

14. Propose in a Botanical Garden

The following public place you can try is the botanical garden, which has a more harmonious and pleasant impression for planning a wedding. The more relaxed garden atmosphere will help add a romantic nuance to express your feelings to your partner.

15. A Culinary Class Proposal

Enjoying classy food at certain restaurants can also be applied. Invite your partner to enjoy a sumptuous meal at a restaurant, then carry out your plans to submit a wedding plan or proposal, and prepare a ring or other related object to be your weapon in expressing your feelings. Restaurant crowds are a challenge for you, so applause and prayers from other visitors can be found there. Capture the moment by making a video or photo together.

16. A Wizarding World of Harry Potter Proposal

Is your partner a connoisseur of the Harry Potter series? Then you can visit tourist attractions related to this film series, such as the Hogwarts castle bridge, one of the film’s characters. Give an impression that is hard to forget by visiting places your partner likes so that your moment with your partner becomes one of the best moments.

17. Propose at an Ice Skating Rink

Skating is a charming tourist spot. You and your partner can enjoy playing on ice using supporting tools while holding hands, and this can be used to provide a romantic marriage proposal or proposal. You can also involve fellow visitors who share certain writings or pictures to add a happier feel.

18. Fake an Emergency

Fake emergency calls are one of the exciting proposal ideas, and you can work with certain parties who will surprise your partner. In an inevitable panic, you immediately close the drama by giving a surprise in the form of an application ring or specific writing. Panic will turn into heartwarming happiness for your partner after getting a surprise proposal from you.

19. A Fake Movie Proposal

Films and cinemas are interesting proposal objects. Invite your partner to visit the cinema to watch certain movies, cooperate with the cinema, show videos of your intimacy with your partner so that he is enthralled, and include family and other relatives to make him happier. Capture the moment by making a video or photo together.

Chapter 2

Romantic Proposal Ideas

Taking advantage of the moment in submitting a wedding plan or proposal can be done in various ways. As discussed earlier, you can choose a place, such as a public area, to surprise your partner. Apart from that, several other types of Proposal Ideas utilize objects, products, or collaboration with certain parties to get a special moment. Here are some ideas that can be applied to propose to a partner romantically.

20. Recreate Favorite Romantic Trips

Romantic travel can be the first alternative and is often applied by various groups, and this is because, during a tour, you and your partner can get more extended time together, especially if the trip is made to the best places such as Paris or Bali which are a row of tourist destinations that visited a lot. You can take advantage of the opportunity to propose marriage plans to your partner by giving him a ring as a sign of the seriousness of the relationship.

21. Suspended Romance

Utilizing location and simple objects can also give a romantic impression in a complex way, for example, hanging writing on the bedroom window, or placing a photo of the two of you on a tree in front of the house or the entrance of the house, this is a reasonably simple method and doesn’t need to cost money. a lot. Make variations as attractive as possible to create a pleasant surprise for your partner.

22. Romantic Lyrics

As you know, lyrics are a series of words often used by musicians to create good songs, and you can also try this method to propose marriage plans to your partner. It doesn’t need to be good like a musician. Just arrange beautiful words according to what you and your partner expect, then give a touch of simple music to add a romantic feel. Or, if you need help getting your words together, take advantage of a lyricist or musician who is there to help you out.

23. Display Romantic Memories

A romantic impression doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and you can try this idea, namely by making a room or room display by displaying a few photos or pictures of the two of you, maybe when you are on vacation together you have photos, fill the room with memories of the two of you, then take advantage of the moment by giving an engagement ring to your partner, this will be very memorable and very romantic for your partner.

24. Scavenger Hunt

This idea looks more like a game of finding objects; you played this as a child. Simply put, you need to make some writing as a guide to direct your partner to find a thing or direct him to a room you have prepared. Put clues in certain places, then ask your partner to follow each clue. You have to wait in a room that may have been designed with a romantic interior so that when your partner arrives, he will be surprised to see you are in a position to give him a ring or express your feelings.

25. Candles

Candles are one thing that has many uses, especially in creating a romantic feel for each couple. You can use candles by placing them on a table with a red base and some decorations like fresh roses, then serving up some delicious food for the two of you to share. The golden yellow candlelight will make the atmosphere more calm and romantic. Take advantage of this moment to express love to your partner.

26. Spell It

Spelling names is an exciting way to do it. You can use various tools such as candles, lanterns, paper, and so on to form letters and spell your spouse’s names. Position this in a specific room or room when your partner sees it. Immediately remove the ring as a sign of your love and seriousness in continuing a more serious relationship.

27. Piano

As a classical musical instrument, the piano can be used as a tool that can help you propose a wedding planner to your partner, invite your partner to come to the theatre or music room that you have, and then play the romantic piano to impress your partner. Or if you can’t play the piano, work with musicians who are already experts in their field. Music is believed to stimulate the brain and mind so that with the pleasant strains of the piano, it will give a romantic impression that is hard to forget.

28. Display Photos

A photo is a sheet of memories that can be stored for a long time. Therefore a photo can be used as an alternative object that can be used to create a romantic impression in seeking to propose a wedding planner to a partner. You can do this by placing several photos together in your favorite room. By remembering the moment with your partner, your partner will feel pleasure. That’s when you take advantage of the moment by giving her a ring as proof of love for him.

29. Propose With a Message in a Bottle

Creating a romantic moment can be done by writing messages through objects often used by you or your partners, such as mineral bottles or other bottles that can be used as gifts for your partner, and asking service providers to write beautiful words on the bottle so that you can impress your partner and be ready to undergo a more serious relationship together.

30. Propose Using a Memento

In addition to bottles that you can make as a gift to your partner, you can also use other objects that have value for you and your partner, such as gifts or souvenirs when you visit a place, and then design them precisely with words that signify the seriousness of your relationship with your partner.

31. Stage a Photo shoot

Another, the more romantic way is to take advantage of the photo collection stage, if at the previous point, you could display photos in a room or room, then it’s a good idea to add a little variant by making a small stage filled with decorations for your photo collection with your partner, prepare the stage and bring your partner You can see a collection of photos together while enjoying the photos, you can immediately give the engagement ring while holding both hands.

32. Recreate Her Favorite Movie Scene

Is your partner a movie connoisseur? So this method is effective to try. Every movie lover has certain parts they like, and they even often repeat these scenes. You can make this one of the exciting proposal ideas, make a scene similar to the part of the movie you like, and you will get a romantic impression together while imitating the movie scene you want.

33. Hire a String Quartet

Like the piano, the String Quartet is a group of musicians who play the violin or cello together. This instrument is magnificent to listen to and has a strong romantic feel. Ask the string quartet musicians to help to play music specifically for you and your partner so that a romantic atmosphere naturally creates when you listen to it. Immediately take advantage of this moment to propose wedding planning to your partner.

Chapter 3

Private Proposal Ideas

Creating a momentum that will always be remembered is undoubtedly one of the main objectives of the process and execution of designing proposal ideas, especially for weddings. If you are thinking about other types and ideas to create the best moments with your partner, you can also carry out proposal ideas with a more intimate feel. There are several types of ideas that you can implement, including the following.

34. Private Chef

Take advantage of the moment by collaborating with expert chefs, which can be done in certain places. All you have to do is place an order with a private chef who is ready to provide the best dishes, so you can enjoy unique words in the form of food for two to get a quieter and more romantic atmosphere with your partner.

35. Private Dinner

If at the previous point, you could hire the services of a private chef, then you can also carry out this application proposal procession by renting a special place to enjoy dinner with your partner. Services like this are generally provided by large restaurants or tourist attractions ready to serve all kinds of food. The need for dinner with your partner is when you start giving proposals related to proposals or wedding plans that are romantic and hard to forget.

36. Art Gallery

Getting a moment with your partner will undoubtedly differ for each person, depending on each other’s interests and preferences. If you or your partner likes art, the art gallery is a suitable place to be used as a location to express your feelings to your partner. Rent a place or art gallery to get a more romantic moment with your partner.

37. Wine Tasting

Wine is often referred to as a special drink that can give a romantic impression to every couple. Enjoying wine together will provide a more suitable nuance for you to propose a wedding plan or proposal with your partner, choose a good location with a romantic feel to produce a more complex atmosphere with a partner.

38. Hotel Room

The development of the entertainment industry has succeeded in creating many impacts on its consumers, one of which is hotels which are now growing with a variety of attractive building designs and models. Each hotel room usually has various types of advantages. Utilizing hotel rooms makes this the best place to apply for a partner, take time for a vacation and enjoy the hotel’s beauty alone with your partner. After getting a moment together, propose planning a wedding with your partner.

39. Rooftop Proposal

One place that also has a private romantic feel is the rooftop. You can rent a place at a restaurant or luxury hotel with rooftop facilities, then order some food and drinks that can add a romantic feel to you and your partner. You can start a conversation about wedding plans or a romantic proposal by preparing a unique ring or food for your partner. You can capture the moment by taking photos or videos to keep these memories and remember them forever.

40. Private Limo

A limo is a luxury vehicle with a unique and luxurious interior design. You can use this to get a romantic moment with your partner and make your proposal more attractive. You can rent this car service for one night. This romantic nuance will allow you and your partner to enjoy a beautiful night together in a happy mood.

41. Garden Proposal

The procession of carrying out an application plan or submitting an application can also be obtained privately with your partner in a specific location, such as a garden that you can rent to get a better moment before submitting a proposal to your partner, a romantic feel can be more pronounced with a blend of natural plants and air temperature fresh.

42. Culinary Proposal

One form of effort to propose to a partner, culinary is one of the best. You can rent a place in a typical restaurant or visit a site that is believed to have the best culinary service. Rent a private home to add a romantic impression before you propose to your partner. Hiring several photographers or videographers to capture the moment is a good idea.

43. Rent Out an Art Gallery

Like the previous point, you can rent a building or art room with various arts such as carvings, paintings, etc. That way, you can propose to your partner more romantically coupled with classic or modern works of art as an attractive interior. Capture the moment by making a video or photo to remember it forever.

44. Propose at Her Favorite Spot

Of course, everyone has their favorite place or location, such as in certain buildings, areas of houses, or areas that have their aesthetic value. You can rent that place if it’s a public facility. When proposing to a partner, getting a romantic impression takes a small fee. Hire several photographers to capture your moment with the couple.

45. Propose at a Bookstore

If your partner likes books, the bookstore can be used as a place to apply, work with the shop and involve several people to surprise your partner. The bookstore will give a romantic impression to your partner.

46. Propose in Her Favorite City

One of the favorite destinations usually has memories or images of happiness for everyone. Visiting certain places or cities that are favorite places for couples will undoubtedly add a more romantic feel, so you can propose to your partner by visiting that place.

Chapter 4

Creative & Unique Proposal Ideas

After getting a reference for the place and procedure for implementing the best application to a partner, you need to understand some creative ideas that can be added as supporting components for better results, including the following.

47. Custom Song

Creativity can be obtained if you are careful in finding interesting things, and one of them is by creating a song or making your song with the theme of expressing your feelings to your partner. You can bring the song to add a romantic feel when applying. However, if you are not an expert in stringing words into a song, then it is better to ask for help from an expert, but still, the concept is based on your wishes. Of course, the results will be better.

48. Caricature Artist

In addition to songs or music that are used as creative ideas for proposing a partner, you can also try a variety of other arts, such as making a caricature with a romantic concept according to your needs, asking a caricature expert to channel your ideas into a good caricature art form, give it to your partner as a symbol of the proposal romantic and creative.

49. Using a Cool Ring Box

A ring is an object commonly used as a symbol to propose to a partner. To make this object more attractive, adding a nice packing box with romantic motifs is a good idea. You can order it custom from a service provider or make it yourself. Of course, this will further strengthen your romantic feelings for your partner.

50. Incorporate Holidays

As you have read before, holidays are the best way to surprise your partner in the form of a proposal, but you can use this idea as an addition because combining vacation time will make you spend more time with your partner. You can plan a more mature surprise and get results that match your expectations.

51. Painted Artwork

As with music or caricatures, painting can also be used as an alternative object to support the success of your proposal with your partner, work with reliable painting artists to share your image with your partner, and you can make it one of the supporting objects for romance or a proposal gift that will make your partner happy.

52. Picture Books

You can also apply other creative ideas by using picture books. Maybe this will be more interesting if the picture book has a story, such as the journey of your relationship with your partner, which is poured into the form of a picture book, at the end maybe you can write words of application to your partner You, you can also keep this picture book as a memento before continuing a more serious relationship.

53. Include Friends and Family

Involving family and friends will undoubtedly make the event more enjoyable. You can ask for the cooperation of your partner’s friends or family to carry out an idea to surprise your partner after you have successfully proposed to your partner. Happiness will be more complex when you are with family or friends -friends, do it in a place where your partner likes, cinema, restaurant, or workplace.

54. Include Children

Children are one of the unique gifts. Their children, younger siblings, and cousins have their charm, especially if you involve children in the application plan. Of course, it will be more complete and enjoyable. But you don’t have to involve your family, and you can also visit an orphanage or child shelter to obtain prayer and happiness together.

55. Incorporate Pets

Pets are much-loved creatures, and you may be one of those who like pets but are not limited to pets. You can also involve them in carrying out exciting and creative proposal plans, decorate your pets with beautiful objects, and then direct them to come to the couple. Make decorations that execute the clue you propose to the couple through the intermediary of a cute pet.

56. Escape Room Proposal

A pair of lovers will undoubtedly enjoy a more pleasant atmosphere when they are together, and you can try this idea by inviting your partner to play escape room. Enjoying simple games together will create a romantic feel. This moment can be used to apply, enjoy time together and continue with a creative and fun application process.

57. Pinterest Proposal

Pinterest is an online media that provides much information about a person. In this case, you can use this Pinterest media to find interesting things like what people, including partners, want. Find his favorite types, such as the image’s color and the types of photos or videos he sees often. Then you can make a creative product according to your pleasure, such as videos or photos stored on Pinterest media.

58. Disney

A character meet-and-greet proposal: Plan to meet and take a picture with your partner’s favorite Disney character, and have the character hold up a sign with your proposal message. Disneyland’s magical atmosphere and beloved characters will make for a memorable and special proposal experience for you and your partner.

59. Recreate A Music Video

Music videos can be classified as enjoyable entertainment products. For those who like to listen to music videos, of course, you have a favorite musician. Related videos will always accompany every music production, so you can find the right type of music video to remake according to your needs. With your plans to propose to your partner, look for music video references that can be converted as proposal gifts.

60. Propose Using Her Favorite Book

Giving a surprise to your partner as a marriage proposal can also be done by giving them a favorite item, such as reading books, novels, etc. Find books that relate to what you want to express as a gift to him. That way, your partner will quickly respond to the intent and purpose of giving the gift.

61. A Fortune Cookie Proposal

As previously discussed, food is one of the great products to be used as a gift for your proposal to your partner, and pastries are an innovative product. They can be shaped according to your wishes, so order pastries ready to provide services according to your needs, from shape, color, or additional variations of particular writing to add a romantic impression when given.

62. Propose With Her Favorite Flowers

The next creative object is undoubtedly no stranger. As an object that has a romantic and elegant feel, flowers are very suitable as gifts in your efforts to apply to your partner, and there are many types of flowers that you can get. Of course, make sure the flowers you choose are your partner’s favorite flowers. Include writing that has been arranged as much as possible to support the success of your application.

63. Propose Using Marquee Letters

Current technological developments have succeeded in creating various creative innovations from product manufacturers, one of which is these marquee letters, specially designed with beautiful motifs and shapes as needed. You can use this in marriage proposals, ordering service providers according to the writing and design you want, and giving it to your partner as a creative engagement gift.

64. Propose With a Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are pieces of pictures or photos that are random and can be reassembled according to their original shape; puzzles can be ordered with the image you want. Therefore puzzles are suitable as creative ideas for your marriage proposal with your partner, messages in the form of writing such as “will you marry me? ” or other languages that are often used in the application procession, or you can also make a puzzle design according to your photo with your partner.

65. Propose With a Custom Wine Label

This method is one of the ways many couples wish to apply. They deliberately order a wine label with the desired text or picture containing a message to their partner, usually made as attractive as possible in collaboration with the producer or restaurant waiter. When your partner reads the text, that is the right moment to express feelings to your partner.

66. Propose With a Cake

Just like the previous point, the cake is food that can be designed with various models and specific motifs. You can order it to give a special message to your partner about your wedding plans or proposal that you want to convey to your partner, and the cake can be decorated in such a way according to the color and writing you want.

67. Propose Over a Game of Chess

Talking about creative ideas, games can also help you propose a partner, one of which is this game of chess. Invite your partner to play this simple game by preparing a specific plan to give him a special surprise or use a ring or other object to support a romantic nuance that your partner will find hard to forget.

68. Gift the Ring as a Birthday Present

The right moment is, of course, an important factor supporting the success of your application, so apply at the right moment, such as when your partner’s birthday. Give an engagement ring with different nice words from the heart to make your partner happier at the moment of his birthday. Happy, capture the photo or video so it can be remembered forever.

69. Update Your Letter Board

Does your house have wall letters? If there is, it can be one of the innovative products to propose to a partner, do romantic writing and sincere expressions of love, then attach it to the wall lettering in your home, so when your partner reads it, it will be something very happy for him.

70. Film a Lip-Syncing Video

The digital era has indeed brought many changes. Video is one of the media products that are appearing a lot nowadays, one of the types is lip-syncing videos which you can use to express your proposal to your partner, make it with an exciting and creative concept and add words -words that will make him happy, send the video file to your partner and wait for the reaction from the results of your creative ideas in carrying out the best application plan.

Adventurous & Outdoor Proposal Ideas

Carrying out an application plan with your partner will undoubtedly be more interesting if you know the various types of methods and the application of creative ideas from each project. Here you can choose various places supporting the atmosphere when proposing a partner, which places are in nature or other open places. Let’s find out the types of proposal ideas with the following outdoor concepts to provide an understanding.

71. Skydiving

In a simple sense, you can apply the outdoor concept when doing this parachuting sport, where when you fly with your partner using a unique tool, you can take advantage of the moment by expressing your heart’s content while enjoying the natural scenery from a height, this will add a romantic feel and fun for you and your partner.

72. Photo Tour

As with other shooting concepts, you can tour a beautiful place with your partner, hire an expert photographer to capture the moment, and while enjoying it, you will get the right moment to propose to your partner and provide some gifts such as rings or special cakes. To support a romantic atmosphere with your partner.

73. In the Snow

As you know that snow is a stunning natural phenomenon, you can use the beauty of this phenomenon to propose to your partner, invite your partner to visit a snow attraction or around the yard where it is snowing, make a simple game together that can make the atmosphere warmer, and at that time immediately proceed with your application plan by giving a ring or other object.

74. Propose on a Hike

For those who like hiking, take advantage of this moment to apply with your partner. Invite your partner to an exciting hiking location to get moments and intimacy for both of you. After successfully getting to the place, prepare needs such as a ring as a gift application you want to carry out together, partner.

75. On Stage

If you have a high courage, applying for a partner on Stage is also enjoyable. Go to a specific music or performance stage, then work with the party to ask for time to propose to your partner on Stage. Applause from the visitors, of course, will add enthusiasm and share happiness.

76. Hot Air Balloon

The next place that is no less interesting is the hot air balloon, where you can rent a place to enjoy the beautiful scenery with your partner from a certain height; at that time, you can immediately propose to your partner so that the moment will always be remembered and hard to forget, don’t forget to capture it with a photo or shared videos.

77. Helicopter

One place that is no less interesting is the helicopter, and there are many helicopter service providers that you can rent to get romantic moments above the height with your partner. Apply on the helicopter while giving an engagement ring and several other supporting gifts to create a perfect impression at this happy moment.

78. Picnic

As with hiking, you can also apply by inviting a picnic partner to a beautiful place, enjoying the moment for the two of you while expressing your intention to get married or propose, and providing an engagement ring and beautiful words to communicate to your partner at the moment.

79. Beach Setup

Proposing at the beach can be a romantic and memorable way to pop the question. To make your proposal extra special, consider setting up a beach scene that reflects your love and commitment to each other. The natural beauty of the ocean and the sand will add an extra touch of romance to your proposal. Just be sure to plan and consider any safety precautions you may need to take, such as checking the weather forecast and packing plenty of water.

80. Sea Lion

As cute and obedient animals, sea lions can help you create happy moments. They can be hired to bring particular objects or write to your partner. These animals can be rented through parties that provide amusement parks and handlers who are already experts in giving orders to sea lions. When these animals bring writing, you can get happy moments with your partner.

81. Underwater

Recently, underwater tourism objects have become one of the most attractive tourist destinations, supported by beautiful underwater panoramas to keep a pleasant atmosphere. You can also apply for a partner under the sea to get a romantic feel. Your partner is happy to see the surprise you gave.

82. A Stargazing Proposal

For those passionate about astrology and other astronomy, take advantage of the opportunity to propose to your partner while enjoying the pleasant panorama of the stars and moon. Invite your partner to visit a beautiful place at night and create happy moments together.

83. Propose Under the Northern Lights

Have you ever heard of the northern lights? It is a natural phenomenon that can be obtained at certain moments, but to get it, you need time and money to get it. Apart from all that, this phenomenon will be incredible if you use it to propose to a partner, prepare costs and learn the right time to get this moment.

84. Propose in a Treehouse

A tree house is, of course, extraordinary because of its unique and elegant design, so you can use this place as a location to propose to your partner, rent a tree house which is widely available in various tourist spots, then prepare rings and other supporting objects to help you propose a partner with a tree house atmosphere beautiful and fantastic.

85. Propose in a Field of Flowers

A flower garden is a pleasant place, a variety of beautiful and colorful flower plants will help create a romantic atmosphere suitable as a place to propose to a partner. There are many flower garden attractions that you can visit with your partner, and you can rent several cameras to capture the moment so that it can be remembered forever.

86. Propose in the Rain

For some people, Rain is a pleasant atmosphere because it is calmer and more peaceful when you hear raindrops. This moment can be used to propose to a partner, prepare your engagement ring and invite your partner to enjoy the Rain together. When that is, immediately express your feelings to your partner and start planning for a better future.

87. Propose at a Lantern Festival

The lantern festival is believed to be very charming because you can enjoy the lovely sparkling lights with your partner. Take advantage of this lantern festival to propose to your partner. When the lovely skylight starts to add a romantic impression, immediately give a ring and invite your partner to take the relationship to a more severe level.

88. Propose During a Road Trip

Travel is fun, so you can take advantage of this moment to propose to a partner and invite your partner to enjoy a romantic trip together.

89. A Camping Proposal

Camping is excellent if you enjoy it in a happy mood, so it’s no wonder many couples take advantage of this moment to propose. Find the best place that you can go with your partner.

90. A Vineyard Proposal

As one of the plants with elegant taste and color, the vineyard is suitable as a place to propose to a partner. You can go to various existing vineyards to propose to your partner.

91. Propose in Front of a Waterfall

Nature provides various privileges, and one of them is a waterfall. You can use this calm and pleasant atmosphere to propose to your partner, visit a waterfall and take advantage of its beauty to propose to your partner.

92. Propose in a Corn Maze

A tourist spot with its beauty is the corn maze, where you can get a romantic moment with your partner and is a suitable location to propose to your partner.

93. Propose on a Love Lock Bridge

Paris is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Even this city is dubbed a romantic city with many of the best tourist destinations, such as padlock bridges. Many couples come to this place to do photo shoots and proposals, but if you are outside the city of Paris, then prepare some costs for the trip there.

Chapter 5

Elaborate Proposal Ideas

If you want to get a more difficult moment, namely by planning an application your partner can directly see, several alternative ideas can be used as a reference, including the following.

94. Fireworks

Fireworks are one of the best products to explain someone’s intentions and goals. Where fireworks can be designed to make writing the way you want, rent fireworks that can do writing like “will you marry me” intended for your partner, and provide costs to carry out this application plan.

95. Skywriting

Writing in the sky may not be something foreign to you. In some processions, many people use writing in the sky to surprise someone, you can shape this writing in the sky with smoke so that it is easy to read, but you need to pay an expert to prepare the writing needs in this sky.

96. Drone Display

Recently drones have become one of the most popular tools, the benefits of which are very diverse. They allow you to make displays for application needs and hire experts to run drones so your partner can be happy getting views from the drones that have been prepared.

97. Sand Sculpture

If you want a more straightforward method, you can use sand sculptures as a medium for carrying out the application process, work with sand sculpture artists who will help you make the desired model, and give this surprise to your partner as a form of deep love.

98. Corporate Fashion

For you and your partner who like fashion, this is a more straightforward way, where you can rent your partner’s favorite fashion place, after being there give a surprise with a fashion look that you like, it’s better to involve family or friends to add to your partner’s happiness.

99. Propose on a Boat

This method is also a fun application procession because you can rent a boat and enjoy the beauty of the ocean or river with your partner, give a surprising bond on the boat, and give a ring or something like that to support maximum results.

100. A Virtual Reality Proposal

This technological advancement is also interesting to try. A tool that can capture the screen clearly as if you were in this video will be beneficial in proposing a partner. Prepare a Virtual Reality video that is designed with all the supporting components in your application, and then this will be a wonderful surprise for your partner.

The moment of application is a critical moment, and it will be enjoyable if it is carried out according to an interesting concept. Suppose you are currently thinking about plans to propose to a partner. In that case, you can try the series of proposal ideas above and make them a reference, variations with various other exciting concepts.

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