Risk of Waiting Too Long To Propose

Humans are creatures that have various types when viewed in terms of character or life choices, and globally humans are created in pairs between men and women who have natural attractions and have existed since birth into the world. We can see this from the diversity of people who choose partners according to their respective criteria. Therefore, it is unsurprising that every human being can choose the partner they want.

Choosing a partner will, of course, be based on building a serious relationship, where when you get a suitable and suitable partner, the relationship can proceed in a more serious direction. But before that, society, in general, starts a severe relationship marked by a procession of proposals. Generally, men have various creative ideas in proposing plans to their partners.

This series of proposals is usually carried out using various methods. Some do it in simple ways, such as inviting their partner to enjoy a romantic dinner at a restaurant or giving simple gifts, and some are even willing to pay a hefty fee to visit a particular place to propose to their partner.

This proposal can be made with two large groups, namely in public or choosing to enjoy the moment together in private. In an application process, the couple will usually surprise with simple dramas designed to give a romantic impression to those who do it, and usually given a ring as a sign of love or binding a more serious relationship. A proposal is a form of someone’s seriousness in continuing the relationship. If you plan to propose to your partner, you should do it, mainly so that you and your partner can never forget these beautiful moments.

But what if you delay the application? What will happen, and how to react to it? In general, couples who delay too long will experience various problems in their relationship, usually caused by boredom or taking too long to start a new life. Many couples break up as a result of delaying the proposal.

What is it like to break up due to delaying the application? For that, we will discuss important points that can result from delaying the application, but before that, let’s understand more deeply why someone can break up.

Chapter 1

Why Do People Breakup?

As you know, breaking up is a severe disaster of a relationship, where you and your partner can no longer continue the relationship or plan a more serious relationship in the future. Many factors can influence. Internal and external factors will cause someone to experience obstacles, ending in the breakup of a relationship. So that it is better understood, let’s discuss it.

Internal factors

In simple terms, internal factors are an impact that can cause a person to end a relationship quickly and are usually influenced by factors within each partner. There are several examples of internal factors that often occur, including:

Bad communication

Every couple has a different character, so the ego may also be separate. Therefore communication is one of the essential factors that need attention. Sometimes, you may have heard of from relatives or friends who have experienced a breakup due to inadequate communication. Well, it’s hard to understand, and I always get carried away by emotions when discussing a problem. These are cases of broken relationships that often occur in every couple.

Long distance relationship

A relationship with a partner is, of course, complemented by a sense of love and affection, which results in a feeling of wanting always to be together. Still, work or educational factors can create a different distance in a relationship. This is also one of the reasons there are many breakups due to long distances, and many need help to stand the space, so they prefer to break up.

Emotions that are difficult to control

As with communication, emotion is also an expression of feelings that can change quickly. Many factors can affect a person’s emotionality, such as work, environment, finances, and so on, all of which can be bad for your love relationship if you can’t control it properly. Many couples choose to separate because the emotions of one of them are difficult to control, often even using harsh words or physical violence that is entirely unnecessary. This also includes internal factors that can cause a breakup between lovers.

External Factors

External factors are encouragement from the outside that causes a person to break off a relationship, such as family encouragement that does not approve of an association or encouragement from relatives who consider a relationship too long and its direction and purpose are not visible.

Parents blessing

Parental blessing is, of course, an essential factor that must exist in a relationship. Many cases cause a breakup due to obstruction of parental blessing. Some common conditions where parents cannot approve are religion, ethnicity, or the character of the partner you choose. That is incompatibility which makes the relationship can end and break up in the middle of the journey.


The following external factor is infidelity. Having a third party interfering in your relationship will have a terrible impact. Many cases of connections must be resolved due to infidelity. The background of this affair is straightforward, namely, never being satisfied with what one has. Lust is also a driving factor for infidelity among teenagers to adults.

Job demands

Examples of other external factors are job demands that require couples to be separated for a long time, such as ship captains or army soldiers who must leave to carry out their duties. The needs of this job will continue into long-distance relationships that can lead to infidelity and end in a breakup that shouldn’t have happened.

Apart from these two main factors, it would be best if you clarified your direction and goals to your partner so you don’t feel disappointed and you can have a strong relationship, all understanding, and good communication are the keys to a strong relationship. Behind these factors, neglect is essential when someone in a relationship delays deciding the next step in the relationship. This relates to the previous discussion regarding delaying applications for too long.

A postponed application will impact other factors, and this will become increasingly complicated to proceed with. Therefore, let’s enrich our understanding regarding the risks of waiting for an application for too long which often happens to every couple.

Chapter 2

10 Risks of Waiting Too Long To Propose

The main reason someone can break off a relationship is that it takes too long to wait for a partner to propose, so boredom arises and triggers an affair. To better understand the discussion regarding the risk of this relationship, let’s discuss it in detail.

1. Feel Resentful

Resentfulness is a natural trait that can happen to everyone, especially lovers in a relationship. When you and your partner delay your proposal, you will feel happy that the direction of the relationship could be more straightforward. Of course, everyone wants a clear and purposeful relationship, so it’s better if this horrible feeling is removed permanently by avoiding a relationship that is too long or postponing the proposal. Resentful will spread to many things. If your partner is unhappy, it will cause severe disappointment, which can make you lose the opportunity to start a better relationship.

2. Break Up

As we discussed earlier, the most considerable risk that can occur due to waiting too long for an application is the end of a relationship. this is why breaking up is a natural thing.

In avoiding a breakup, it’s a good idea to clarify the direction and purpose of a relationship, especially for those already at the ideal age for marriage. It’s best to describe whether there are faults or deficiencies in your partner and communicate well to avoid breaking up this relationship.

3. May Say No

The fear of rejection or “may say no” is the aftereffect of resentfulness. Your partner will be hesitant to continue the relationship if you delay your application for too long. This feeling of disappointment and hurt is what triggers your partner’s rejection. Your partner will feel the relationship can only be trusted after a short time for the proposal.

This rejection may be very painful for you, for considering everything before starting, or if you are very busy and don’t have time to propose, then find a simple way to express it, there are many simple methods you can do to save your relationship with your partner.

4. May Choose To Propose

When it comes to proposals, this series of processions do not have to be carried out with great fanfare or full of surprises. What is needed is to clarify the direction and purpose of the relationship. Or, if you don’t have time, ask several application service providers to prepare everything you need, so you don’t need to think about an application strategy or concept anymore.

Many application service providers are ready to help you find out how to carry out the application process, prepare some money and follow what is directed by them. Of course, this will take little time or interfere with your work activities. Involve the closest people and friends to help you in completing the application.

5. Cause Stress

Other possible aftereffects are psychological disturbances in the form of prolonged stress, relationships that don’t feel like they are going as expected, or a picture of the future that has been damaged due to waiting too long for an application that will trigger stress in your partner. So if you choose not to continue the relationship anymore, there are many cases that you may have heard of before where lovers experience stress due to delays in the application.

Stress will also impact daily activities, such as work, activities on campus, and so on. It will be disrupted if you and your partner experience a delay like this. Not only that, but stress will also trigger other dangerous diseases.

6. Delay In Starting A Family

As you know, we must improve our journey and career and build a harmonious family. All of that can be realized with the initial steps of dating or mutual commitment to a happy family in the future. But if you wait too long for the proposal, it will destroy the feelings and shadows of happiness in the future.

It is not surprising that many people marry when they are old. They are late in building a family due to delaying the application, so it ends with a breakup, then finding another partner and postponing the application again. This process unconsciously succeeds in making you delay starting a happy family so that you are getting older and unable to enjoy moments with your family anymore.

7. Find Someone Else

The ease with which a person changes partners is also caused by a relationship that needs to be based on clarity and delays in proposals by partners. So if you feel bored to continue, your mind is influenced to find a replacement for a new partner. When you get a new partner, of course, you have to start from scratch, build understanding, and start getting to know each other, which will take time.

Cheating will also occur because of an unpleasant relationship, and your partner will choose to have an affair. It is usually difficult for them to express their boredom with each other, so having an experience is the best way to do it, which is not a good thing to do. It will add a lot of pain to the heart due to the betrayal of love and other related items.

8. Money troubles

Money is an essential factor in continuing a relationship. With money, all plans can be carried out correctly. Likewise with the application plan, for some people, the application must be luxurious and attractive but always delayed due to these financial problems, which lead to an inharmonious relationship.

However, it should be understood that in an application process, you do not need to prepare large amounts of money because many ways can be done to help you carry out the application. Many simple methods are creative, and you can apply them. Even if the results are more perfect when compared to luxury, the most important thing is your success in creating romantic moments.

9. Excessive jealousy

For lovers, maybe jealousy is something that naturally happens and is usually caused by a strong sense of belonging to one another, but if jealousy is too much, then what will happen is the opposite, namely a breakdown in the relationship because they think no trust ends with the breakup of the relationship.

The jealousy factor can also impact you if you wait too long for an application. When your partner sees a friend or relative who has been proposed to, automatically excessive jealousy will quickly appear in his mind. The danger of extreme jealousy will not be excellent in a relationship, and trust is the primary key to a long-lasting and strong relationship.

10. You have unrealistic expectations.

When someone is in a relationship, of course, some hopes and desires are clearly illustrated in their imagination, such as having a friendly little family, living together in a beautiful house, and having cute children are some examples of the invention of someone who runs a relationship, all of these pictures will be beautiful if appropriately realized. Well, your partner can embody all those dreams perfectly if everything goes our way.

But that picture can be broken when you start to get bored waiting for clarity from a partner who hasn’t decided when to propose, the boredom of waiting breaks and erases the whole picture in one’s imagination. Even more dangerous is the emergence of trauma to starting a new relationship with a partner.

From these points, we can see that the risk of applying for too long will significantly impact various good things, namely health and good relationships to survival. Maybe you’ve heard of cases of suicide due to disappointment with a partner and various other factors.

All of that can happen due to waiting too long for an application, which damages the image of the future with the person you love. For this reason, avoiding these delays is a good idea to save the relationship and clarify the steps by establishing good communication with your partner. Plan a joint trip to get happy moments with your partner.

Chapter 3

Customizable last step

This discussion might help you provide an understanding to your partner if, indeed, your circumstances and conditions do not allow you to make an application. There are several factors you may be experiencing right now where events have not permitted you to carry out the application, such as if you need the right time to apply, health conditions to the best moment that has yet to be obtained.

You can calculate all of these factors and explain them complexly to your partner to avoid fights that can damage your relationship with your partner. Here are some tips you might apply to provide understanding to your partner.

Good communication

Communication is an essential factor that you should pay attention to. Most couples who experience relationship problems often occur due to a lack of good communication with their partners. It’s the same with your situation where you have yet to be able to apply to your partner. Make him understand by talking about it well, discussing interesting things and topics like this, and then starting the conversation with elegant love language.

Give gifts

Delaying an application does not mean you don’t want to do it; it’s just that waiting for the right moment and situation takes time. It will affect the impression you and your partner can get, just like wanting to apply to a good tourist spot, which requires a lot of money and moments. If your partner is concerned about it, you can give him a simple gift to help you talk about it in a calm mood.

You will get a good relationship when you and your partner understand each other. Every plan you want to carry out is, of course, not always easy to realize appropriately, it could have been planned, but there were obstacles. For that, build an excellent relationship to maintain a lasting and strong relationship.

Chapter 4

Can a lover's proposal be rejected?

This question may often come from some people who are not ready to start life or live a household life with their lover. Having a household relationship is undoubtedly more challenging than one might imagine. Many preparations need to be considered before determining the steps to get married. What if you want to refuse a proposal given by a lover? And what if the application is rejected?

Of course, you are free to determine what steps you want to choose, but if you are not ready to accept a proposal from a partner, then you should follow these tips to refuse an application without hurting your partner’s feelings.

  1. When your partner proposes but is not ready to accept it, explain in good language why you refused and what steps you want to take, such as focusing on your career first or continuing your education.
  2. Accept gifts given to appreciate your partner’s efforts and struggles; don’t hurt him by refusing gifts.
  3. If you need time to think or discuss with your family, ask your partner for a few days, and give certainty of answers with a time you can answer.
  4. If you feel unsuitable to continue the relationship with your partner, gently refuse to use kind words to protect your feelings. If you think that it is difficult for you to express it, then ask your parents or siblings to provide understanding to your partner.

A good relationship is where you get comfortable before accepting or rejecting an application, so make sure your comfort is a reference for choosing. It’s good not to look at someone from their physique or amount of wealth. Therefore, choose the proper steps to enjoy life in the future with your partner.


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