1. First of all I would like to thanks to my fiancé Kevin for fulfilling my dreams and giving me such an memorable epic proposal in Paris. Thank you so much to Cengiz and Brad for capturing all those memories professionally. I love all the photos. I would like to also thanks to Chantelle for doing a great job coordinating with Kevin to make this epic and romantic proposal happened. Thank you.

    • Much appreciated Jane. You were the MVP of the entire proposal in so many ways. I was just impressed how you handled the cool temperatures, how utterly and completely immersed you were in the surprise Paris proposal, and how you wore your emotions on the proverbial sleeve. Thank you!

  2. Truly a wonderful experience … with an amazing couple. Kevin was so full of energy and enthusiasm. He wanted the day to be so special for Jane and that showed in everything that he said and did. It was a pleasure to collaborate with him and come up with an amazing concept that would melt Jane’s heart :-). It was one of the coldest days in Paris, but there was definitely heat from the love and chemistry between these two!

    • Yes, it was indeed icy cold, but Jane—who had just flown in from 38-degree Celsius Malaysia the day before—made things look like the weather was not a factor. Thank you for working on the extraordinary marriage proposal concept with Kevin and making things feel so effortless in the process

  3. Chapeau! Never quite saw a proposal like this one. Love the gentle winter morning light that perfectly captures the tenderness of this couple. Every bride-to-be would dream to be invited to a vernisage like this one, well done Chantelle! The close-ups at the Louvre are fantastic as well. Paris proposals don’t get better than this – cudos to Adagion Studio.

    • Thank you so much Amina for your heartfelt words. Yes, the winter light at sunrise is just magnificent … and seems to come up from right behind the Eiffel Tower (vs. more to the left in the summer months). And, yes, your congratulations to Chantelle are more than fully deserved. She spent so much time, love, and resources on making everything flow naturally and private (within a very public setting).

  4. Kevin’s proposal to Jane could not have been more perfect! The concept was ingenious, and every bit of it went exactly as planned, thanks to a great team and Kevin playing his role just right. It was SO emotional to be right there next to them playing music, seeing the look of surprise and the tears of joy on Jane’s face!!! Congrats once again, you two!

  5. I have not much more to add than What Amina Manta wrote.. yes, it’s for sure among the most creative and ” sensational” event i have ever seen.. This couple made their dream come true! Right in front of the unic and most iconic thing on earth.. the Eiffel Tower. Ça c’est Paris!
    Once in a life! Make it happen..
    Thanks To Cengiz and Chantelle and the team of professionnals that make it possible..

    Gregory DURA
    French Interior Designer

    • Thank you Greg for your heartfelt words. Yes, Ca c’est Paris the way the world imagines it in all its beauty and romance with the most iconic structure in the universe as their Paris proposal backdrop.

  6. What a beautiful day captured perfectly, every little smile, every little emotion. Everyone couldn’t have been more at ease and comfortable. No stress, just enjoying an incredible day in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

    • Thank you Brad. As always, you were so professional and easy to work with during the duration of the Paris proposal. You truly are made for the events space since you care so much, and always produce remarkable films that touch the heart. Here’s to many, many more collaborations in 2019 and beyond.

  7. We are so lucky!! To have found Adagion Studios. To have discovered Kiss Me In Paris. To have made friends with and worked with amazing talents like Chantelle, Cengiz, Brad, Adrian, Hugo, Lina and the amazing Ava Belle. This team of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen helped me to achieve what I only dreamed of which I could never have done alone. A truly epic and surprise Paris Proposal for the love of my life. I am truly grateful beyond words or measure. All of you are friends who go beyond the call of duty for those you work with. Thank you.

    • Thank you Kevin. What can I say: you changed the location on us only hours before the actual Paris proposal and you were so right. I know both locations would have been magical because what really made your surprise proposal stand out was the memorable proposal concept with your signs devoted to devotion … and how you took your time when you were on your knee. That was textbook indeed. Here’s to many more return visits to the City of Love for you both … and next time let us celebrate with a yummy Champagne over a good meal.

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